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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

Thank you for reading. -A'therys Administration

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  1. Goodbye

    Whelp, for those of you who don't know, atherys is dead. Good and truly dead, and due to certain things staff be doing, it ain't coming back. And at this point if it does manage to eek out a meager bit of life after what staff has planned, I don't want to be here anyways, and I imagine that won't be an uncommon sentiment. I imagine this post will get deleted or blocked for me daring to say something bad about staff, but I just thought I'd take this opportunity to say goodbye. It was a great run, and while I'm sad I never got to see atherys in its glory days, or finish a lot of my project, I really enjoyed my time in here. I will miss you all, and I hope we see eachother again. I know there are a couple alternative servers people have been joining, hopefully some of you will join those. And before I go, a message to staff. Your not dying because a lack of content. Your not dying because a lack of PvP, or bad plugins. Whats going on server side is more than enough if you were willing to work together to use them enjoyably. Whats killing you, is the wedge you drove between staff and players. No one on either side trusts eachother, and few even like eachother. Three things did this to you. Censorship, stubbornness, and more than anything else, secrecy. If you told people our plans for things, I'd you let them discuss them freely, and if you weren't too much of a mule to take advice, this server would have lasted a lot longer. Bit you didnt, and now your reaping what you sow. I know this will just be deleted and no one will really see it, but if nothing else, take my advice here. There is still a great community left here to be scavenged. Farewell Atherys.

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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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