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Found 16 results

  1. Economic Depression

    Hey guys, so I was just looking through 3 capitals and shops and I am very concerned for the future of the economy. With few people high cost of warp signs and basically zero shops... this doesnt bode well. Ive been trying to set up business but am waiting for the problems to fix. Thoughts?
  2. [WTB] Nation Flags & Official Banners

    Hey, everyone! I'm currently setting up a starter town, and a building in said town is currently being purposed as a "Hall of Nations"- an area for new players to explore all the different nations. While I would love to repopulate The Daggerlands, a good starter town must acknowledge that the server needs more than a single-nation operating starter town. Unbalance is no fun. The Hall of Nations will showcase each nation, and include their flag. Additionally, there is a flagpole for every nation outside the building. I am searching for at least five flag banners from each nation, and an additional six banners with the A'therys logo. I would greatly appreciate donations as I am showing off other nations than my home, but a small fee is acceptable. Thanks! Currently: Ar-Selukk: 1/5 Aloreh: 0/5 Ithero: 5/5 Roreg Logh: 0/5 The Daggerlands: 11/5 Vrovona: 5/5 A'therys Banner: 0/6
  3. Renting a shop

    Hey! So per the treaty our countries have entered and held up faithfully, it encourages trade. I'd love to try and rent a stall in one of your markets. Thanks!
  4. New Merchant Business!!

    Hello! I am proud to present a new fledgling company! We will be providing all things nautical, with a major focus on food rather than blocks. Based in majestic Summerhall, these Itheri fisheries provide only the highest quality, farm raised, non-gmo seafood. Come try our famous Itheri Chowder and Fish Oil Tea will clean you out from port to stern. So look to a market near you for the Summerhall Fisheries name! Remember, if it ain't Summerhall it's poison, not poisson!
  5. New merchant inquiry

    Hey guys! Im going to start a merchant business soon and was wondering if there a niche that needs to be filled. Specific items or commodities that need purveyors. Tell me what YOU want to see in a merchant's wares!
  6. Pricing Consultant Needed

    So I am planning to sell some things at the upcoming Llan Ruth Festival, and I need a bit of help making sure I price things fairly. I'm not very merchant-savvy and don't know the value of practically anything. If anyone would be interested in letting me PM them a list of the items I will be selling and letting me know fair market prices for said items, that'd be awesome
  7. Llan Ruth First Festival Saturday, January 28th, 2017 More details will be coming soon, but the beautiful city of Llan Ruth, located near Roreg Logh, will be holding it's annual First Festival and Market Day on Sat, Jan 28th. Times will be announced. This notice is to let you know that stalls and shops will be available for merchants from all nations to set up for the bustling crowds that are expected to attend the festival. The merchant trade will be growing quickly in this once lost city. Be among the first to rent a stall or shop. Prices will be announced soon. Most locations will be available for long term rental. Some stalls will be available to rent the week prior to and the day of the festival. So, whether you're a fulltime merchant or would like to try your hand at it for the first time, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. Follow this post for more upcoming information soon .
  8. A'Ravhar Clay Trade!

    ~o.O.o~ The a'Ravhar Clay Trade Currently selling regular hardened clay
  9. The Outmaw Trade Coalition

    Created to fill the ever growing demand for trade within A’therys, the Outmaw Trade Coalition was founded, originally, to encourage economic exchange within The Daggerlands, as well as supply the mainland with resources only the recently annexed Daggerlander State of Outmaw, could provide. However, the original creators had other ideas in mind. Soon, ideas sparked on how to best provide for the nations and the merchants themselves. Could the company expand to other lands? Could we provide steady income to the Nation banks of those foreign realms? Possible, but we wouldn’t know until we tried. With the help of @Athyna, @Saven, @Chronus Blazebringer, and a few of my fellow Outmaw Islanders, the idea to jump into one of the many important aspects of A'therys came to my mind, with great interest I might add. So with the help of my partners, and you of course, should you be interested in either joining us or participating in performing commerce through us, we have decided to create a company with a much broader vision in mind. Though our goal is a simple one, it’ll of course need a bit of ironing out before it's perfect. Unify merchants of many backgrounds and trades to provide a wide variety of goods to the A’therian playerbase. Compete with other markets to provide exclusive deals on goods, but also keep our merchants happy with the pay. Assist in the growth of new starter towns by providing donations of resources or yora. Provide an easy method for merchants to barter through a billboard-like contract system. Finally, a small portion of our income will be donated back to the National bank of the customer to then be used on National events, projects, trade, you name it. I’m certain we have a long way to go before all the goals, or future goals, will be met on a regular basis, but with the right dedication and effort, nothing is impossible to achieve. The Outmaw Trade Coalition: Price Sheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OQpLCtvNV7pfeulrdS5xk976VT8deU0kKxf43SDB2Wo/edit?usp=sharing *This will be improved upon as orders and prices shift the economy. Any questions on goods or prices not yet shown can be discussed with @Rhykker. The Outmaw Trade Coalition: Order Form https://goo.gl/forms/QdDKJl0i1oCkvTO02 New Merchants or Tradesmen are welcomed! I take pride in not taking a cut of the profits for myself or my own personal gain. Instead, I believe in the saying, “Effort is its own reward.” The goal of the coalition is to provide income to the active merchant and not to any one leader of the company. Consider it a community of merchants who not only work for their own money, but also provide assistance and growth within their own national communities through their efforts. If joining us interests you in any way, please PM @Rhykker and I will set you up with the necessary tools to get started.
  10. Nandar Trade Union - Sale

    2 Day Sale! Save yourself some time and trouble and let us provide you with fine quality Oak Logs! No chopping, no repairing axes, no hauling of heavy loads for you! Let the associates at the Nandar Trade Union take care of it for you! We'll deliver your purchases to your desired location! 25% Off through Thursday, place your order today!! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Eu4OaQ9_x3u-oi_GVu9edyqKk0ztR-2Bmt6nxSjA_u8 As always, thank you for your business. And as always, it is our pleasure to serve you!
  11. Nandar Trade Union

    The Nandar Trade Union ~An A’therys Internationally Renowned Mercantile Company~ You are in dire need of supplies. You’ve found very little Yora in your savings. You can barely afford a sniffle from Sablemarch merchants. Quickly, you scan a catalog, and find an ad for the “Nandar Trade Union,” a company that operates on an international scale- at an internationally affordable price. You cheer with glee, as you quickly gather your money and head to the nearest postal office to send your order. The Nandar Trade Union is a company that sells internationally. Led by Ravyhn Blackiron (Ravyhn), many merchants from many nationalities handle orders, simple to complex, in an extremely timely manner and professional fashion. Known for a broad array of services, The Nandar Trade Union is absolutly sure to have in stock what you need- at a price you can afford. And they deliver! Item Catalog & Price List https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QXRP-PcCn6vy9XUN5zB8J9ewNm97o7HAXC2cSiOx5Pw/edit?usp=sharing Order Form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Eu4OaQ9_x3u-oi_GVu9edyqKk0ztR-2Bmt6nxSjA_u8/edit Subsidiaries Iaeon International Horticulture A Subsidiary of the Nandar Trade Union In Deep Hope to be in business with you soon, Minister Ravyhn Blackiron Co-Minister Guy Trisevens Co-Minister Jaylee Cerulean
  12. It's getting to be that time of year! The Holidays are upon us, and it's time for a little relaxing with friends and family. Here at the Nandar Trade Union, we're looking forward to doing just that! But first, we've decided to have a sale of some items that will be needed for those new projects your town has in mind for next year!! It's the perfect time to stock up at a discounted price!!! And it's our way of thanking you for a wonderful year!! You'll not only have your supplies ready to go, but you'll be starting out the year knowing that you've already made great economic decisions! Starting today, and through the end of Monday, December 26th, place your orders for Smooth Stone at the low price of 17y per stack! Order a Single Chest for 459y or a Double Chest for 918y Orders will be delivered by Sunday, January 1st, just in time for those new town builds!! Item Catalog & Price List https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QXRP-PcCn6vy9XUN5zB8J9ewNm97o7HAXC2cSiOx5Pw/edit?usp=sharing Order Form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Eu4OaQ9_x3u-oi_GVu9edyqKk0ztR-2Bmt6nxSjA_u8/edit We at the Nandar Trade Union look forward to serving you! And watch in the coming week for more sale items! Minister Ravyhn Blackiron Co-Minister Guy Trisevens Co-Minister Jaylee Cerulean
  13. Celldon Trading Co.

    Welcome to the Official page of the Celldon Trading Company The Celldon Trading Co. Is based out of the town Celldon located in Aloreh, we are a new town and company. We will trade with anyone no matter of nation alliances. In this thread you will find staff list, order form, and any information. Staff: Owner: Ghost8797 Co-Owner: mcwayne123 Order Form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdOf47DMvxKit-aZVHR9ENARcx5HwT4XKTWPsSTLmKhhE_wQA/viewform Information: We sell building supplies, and food as of now, as we go along the list of products will expand to armor, weapons etc. Yes we are new, yes there is another trading company out there, yes its been out longer, just please give ours a chance If you want to come visit we are located on the North east side of Aloreh on the shore line, just south east of where Ithilien was Town cords in case you don't do well with landmarks are X:9668 Y:81 Z:12335 If you have any questions ask here or pm Ghost8797 or mcwayne123 on the site or in game. Delivery method up to customer Thank you for choosing Celldon Trading Co. We hope to see you again
  14. The Principality of Valzanttar

    reserved, new glorious thread coming soon. Index: Culture Legal System Nobility Diplomacy Religion Trade
  15. Music Discs

    I'm buying a collection of Music Discs. So far I have "11" and "mall". PM me in-game (Dan_The_Derp) or PM me on the forums.

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