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A'therys Appreciation Thread

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I remember joining Petrium run by masternathan and treeboy and the third guy i can never remember his name. I was their chief architect and builder. After we moved underground I designed and built a large amount of new petrium. I remember going to nearby sanctum with those troublemakers lol. The  starting my own town nearby (the vale) and having fights on our towers and trading with exodus and courtney. Meeting lance and all the cool exodus peep. Hating cauli for ruining the one big raid roreg tried to do on valinta by hiding the aloreh defenders with invis potions while flying -.- I still hate aloreh haha. And seeing the great crossroads markets and all of the business. Hanging out with the aussies late at night. Talking to deav and hemp. Exploring other cities. Taking on chancellor of roreg. I miss the good ole days <3 great memories. Also they showed me league. 

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Ah, EastofNowhere... beaten only by WestofSomewhere.

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Best moments of mine in A'therys was when I could solo raid as a Troubadour and destroy everyone with my rotten potato. Also, when paladin could tank 15 people with a door. Shoutout to Wolfpack from old Pandos. And when I used to play Vagabond before t3's came out, everyone said it was shit, but they couldn't kill me.

Another sick memory, some kid at WOT (winds of these) the town, built a huge charlatan death tower from like 2k blocks in the sky. Would Death From Above from the top, and kill like 8 of us with it. Never laughed so hard in my life.

And good ole butterfly haven with their 11 million traps around the town

When we had an event at Valinta Carte where we kidnapped the admiral of ithero or someshit. They tried to come "rescue" em with like 40 people. And we won like a 20v40 cause op strats. Was pretty sick. (they were supposed to win) (but we secretly wanted to not let them :) )

In v1 where an admin took control over an alt account and gave it its own super op class and we had to hunt it down in a like a 1v15 and kill it.

Also when the enderdragon was release in Ithero and we chased it all the way to Aloreh and killed it.

And towards the end of evo or whatever, we figured out you could transfer passive skills over with Rhet I believe. You could give other classes undeath, spines, etc. Pretty dank 4/20 blaze it.

Also, when I built the server's first submarine at Pandos and kiddies would come from all around to see the giant wooden dildo in the ocean. Then I would kill them. :) 

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Id share some memories, some screenshots and stuff but I had an accident with my .minecraft folder... as you do... :/

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Posted (edited)

Oh, I can reminisce with the best of them.

-Getting my first death (ass kicked at the frozen lake outside the V2 Vrovona capital) thanks to the ever-lurking @Brady1233.

-Storytime with former Pyre Warden Lorense in the wizard tower near aforementioned lake in between nightly leveling sessions.

-The madness of the Nether Island, massive danger from both mobs and large raiding parties who would all log on the moment one of them got a whiff of a vulnerable leveling party.

-The nonstop combat of Gelvance, and that feeling when I mastered my first Tier 3 (Paladin) and could join in the fray against friend and foe.

-Becoming tired of the nonstop combat, red and yellow colors, and all that damn snow, and moving to Dorrod Muth to replace it with jungle trees and leaves that never despawn, damn them! But discovering a community that went beyond the segment of the server I knew, few though they may have been.

-Lurking underground, meeting some new dear friends, and raising a mutual dislike with others.

-Leading Roreg and desperately struggling to retain players, for months doing nothing but giving tours, startup supplies, and yora to every new face I saw. Got to be almost... therapeutic.

-CHIP OATLEYS, hallowed be thy name.

-Having to take a leave of absence and coming back to find the nation bursting with life, but every other nation dead. VICTORY!

Not to mention the countless fantastic large-scale battles that would pop up at random, the rare occasion when I ran into someone who was as thrilled with wandering the nations aimlessly as I was, and the thrill of being part of a world with an ever evolving story and power structure. Plus the rare times when I was able to show up at a nation member's town just in time to drive off a raiding party, defensive fighting was and is my absolute favorite. Probably because I feel most comfortable in tanky classes and therefore have difficulty hunting down others. xD

Some good times in the past. And maybe a few to come.

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I loved defending Inoh and make half the people that came there mad over our great moat

I also loved defending bandits end and screaming in ts

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