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  1. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    Hmm so let's see... It's clear to me that those interested in the economy have their main concern on inflation. My issue with inflation is that I felt the money was too restricted in V2 and Evo, so I never even tried to participate. I eventually just relied on Carol who worked her socks off to get the amount she did in the first place. So we need a system that you guys have stated regulates inflation and potentially spread wealth across all manner of players. I have thought about this carefully and I think I have a good resolution. Government funding was the quickest way to ascertain wealth throughout the different versions of A'therys. Unfortunately, that had truly depleted due to the fact that wealth was reduced across the different versions. A Monetary Policy to Control Inflation and Funds Very simple, it is controlled by staff. We are the Bank of A'therys independent of Governments, ran by the judgement of the economy team with the underlying content of the entirety of Justicars and Magistrates. All the government would have a massive amount of money within their national banks, but rather than looking at it independently, you have to imagine that all their money is controlled by the Bank of A'therys. For the sake of numbers lets say it starts off with 20,000,000 Yora (v1=30mil, v2=5mil, Evo=500k starting fund) but because of the regulation of the Bank of A'therys, this number is not real as governments are not really allowed to touch it, the amount is therefore really X and owned by the Bank of A'therys. Governments will be given directives from staff in order to control the money (for example, for the next month your national government can spend 1mil only as it see's fit). Other directives can be put on top of that, but for the sake of me explaining this, I will keep it simple. The Economy Team would continuously assess the environment of the economy. Government Fiscal Spending/ Policy For this part lets say I am the nation head of a nation (lmao). I believe I have an obligation to ensure the economy is thriving. Constant pressure is put on me from the economy team to ensure I do that. There is a simple way as Nation Head I can do this, that is to spend the entirety of the budget outlined in the Monetary Policy directive given to me by staff. They have told my budget total for this month is 1 million yora, I acknowledge this as being a large budget and I would likely put it to use as a starter budget for the nation. I have predetermined with my finance minister that I should give 120k to each of my subordinate government members to spend on their people and trading resources (Guild leaders/ Kings or Queens/ Minister). However, I want to ensure they spend that money and not hoard it (I have basically created a consumerist regime). So I create my own government fiscal policy/ directive: you will not get more funding from the government again until your 120k is spent on whatever you needed it for. My Financial minister will have regular meetups with the different subordinates to ensure their spending the entirety of their budget and what it is spent on e.g. coin sinks or to other players (preferably). I had 600k spend on my different subordinates, that means I have another 400k left to spend from this month's Monetary Fund. I decided that I will spend it on nation projects like Ice road, buying the materials and hiring out people from different parts of the nation to build it. And then when the assessment of the economy is made, the staff give me my next monetary fund along with their policy and directive; it could be more than my last budget, it could be less. I would also try to secure trade deals between nations, which has not been tested since v1. This would not affect other sources of income for my subordinates, usually, they would remain on the person rather than the town bank. We expect our government budgets to towns to remain inside their town bank so we can assess the spending; if so this may be required to be a rule for that sake. Other Sources of Income Quests and other sources of income would be taken into account by the Bank of A'therys. The economy team would work out how much a player can acquire from these quests or dungeons/ instances...etc. This would stabilize the amount that is given to governments. Pros - Government spending is secure, though the budget is never known, it would assure some kind of budget, unlike the past 3 versions. Indirectly it gives some governments a levy in power. - This system would likely result in wealth being shared out. The government may have to use consumerist regimes, these can even be enforced by the Bank of A'therys. - It does not interfere with trade and capping product prices. It solely focuses on the management of Yora alone. - Yora inflow would be easily monitored. - Gives a very good sense of control. Cons - Requires a lot of oversight from both governments and staff. - Relies on the fact that governments SHOULD care about the economy. But if a government doesn't then it is their loss; their internal economy would be stagnant. @Dani @Furia Kastellon @anyonelseinterested Also Furia my bad on insinuating you were communist, usually when I don't think someone agrees with my free market capitalist paradise ideology I immediately assume their left winged I'll learn from that now haha
  2. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    Ahh well, that's why Sellt makes these Dairy entries; everything that has been established and talked about thus far is usually put into a Sellt diary. Which we hope is periodic enough, but we cant give out news on things we are unsure about. As for the staff discussion stuff, that's sort of insinuating that I am not allowed to discuss anything or at least test my point of view with other players. Its a discussion, otherwise if it were set in stone it would be in an official post. The alternative would be for me to get an alt and type it up on there to avoid this o:
  3. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    My post was not directed towards anyone. I just wanted to voice my opinion. Dani was right saying I posted it in reference as a joke to the last bit but I stand behind the principles I outlined in the first bit. I don't think it's wise to have a preset system such as an admin shop which determines the price of a product indirectly of the purpose the shops were meant to serve. I will not get in the way of people wanting to make their own price lists as they have been done before, and price list tends to vary, though I wouldn't find it amusing if those price lists were taken by canon word for every single trader out there. Prices should always be dictated by bargaining power and what players believe their effort and resource values to them. If we preset the prices then we will begin to lose out on competition and bargaining power. We cannot stop people from bartering, you may find in the early days people will barter simply because they don't have yora, we cannot stop that. In v2 I had to barter a lot simply because I could not get yora because there was no accissible fund to it; because of situations like that we are reviewing the way in which yora comes into the economy very carefully. You see, if staff say dirt is worth between 0.30 yora -1.10 yora you would live your whole life believing that is law. It does not factor in the worth of what people gained the resources for. Even worse, think about the scenario staff would be having, would we have to chase up every ambiguous trade deal to find out if someone has been sold things unfairly. The more you establish regulations on things, the harder it becomes to sell those things. Whilst I accept your opinion, I can see that we are both on opposite sides of the economic spectrum. I believe in a free market dictated by what players believe the price of a product is worth, that creates bargaining power, and that determines the end price. If we eliminate that form of competition, we would be no better off than the past two iterations of A'therys economy. These prices would have to change constantly to understand the underlying economic and market conditions; that would be hard if it were all having to be constantly reviewed by staff when in actual fact every trade that operates determines the underlying conditions itself as a player takes in the factors it took to get that resources and determine their prices for it. We indirectly constricted the pricing of products on accident at the start of Evo with the Admin shops, and we saw the effect of that. I don't think we should make that mistake again. Yora stands as a separate subject as well and there is already much discussion amongst staff to determine this, factoring many lessons learned over the 3 iterations of this server. It's probably best I remind everyone that a single staff member doesn't jump wagon and pursue their ideas and ideologies as the final end product of A'therys, and this applies to things beyond the economy. My word on matters of the economy factors in little unless I'm on the economic team, of which I'm not. They are always kept in check by other staff members, and I believe we have a good mix of political and economic ideologies to lay out a decent path, and again learning lessons from the past 3 iterations. This is why we have a mix of people with different experiences and interests. At the end of the day, we want to make sure the economy is worth the time and effort put into it. We have proved that whether on purpose or by accident constricting the economy can be fatal. The less interference there is, the less likely things would become messed up. Remember this is a game, after all, it doesn't have to abide by the economics of real life, but I respect those who want to create that form of playstyle; that is why it's always worth having a merchants guild who can create an EU style non-tariff free trade or even an exclusive price sheet for its members. This server originally advertised itself in V1 as a 'player driven economy' not a staff-driven one.
  4. The End of an Era, The Door to a New Adventure

    OH NO NOT VADIMKAGALIY228 xDDD Yeah it's been a blast and its the end of one chapter, and I look forward to the new one!
  5. Screenshot Contest 29th August

    Thank you @Sanders for taking these pictures for me! Here is my submission, been working on the build this week My minecraft name is: redninja685 Best of luck to all c:
  6. Sometimes when I try to understand a person's motives, I play a little game. I assume the worst.

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      Perhaps I enjoy sparking insanity, or maybe I just simply want to make conversation...

      Who knows but I?

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      I, of course, assumed the worse. xD

    4. Rhykker
  7. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    We will try and layers are a major part of conquest we can't ignore, on top of that we will not be using heroes but likely a custom pvp plugin made in house.
  8. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    The freer the market the freer the people I don't believe that anything should dictate the price of an item unless it is the consumer, producer, and buyer bargaining power! NO SOCIALISM, NO COMMUNISM; FREE MARKETS FOR ALL; YOU CAN HAVE THE POWER BY DICTATING THE PRICE YOURSELF! THAT IS WHAT CREATES COMPETITION AND GETS YOU VALUE FOR MONEY! #conservatism #toryism #freemarkets #theresamay #fieldofwheatmemesfornaughtyteens
  9. Fight Club

  10. Starting a NewTown

    Hi tro o/

    I will always cherish the times we played hunger games together hahaha


    Awwwweh Dannie thanks you so much! I maybe older but I'll still continue to be madly childish for many years to come.... And probably more silly mistakes like those above

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