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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

Thank you for reading. -A'therys Administration


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  1. New A'therys Economy Survey

    Yeah idk why it did that, should work now
  2. New A'therys Economy Survey

    Hello everyone! On behalf of the Economy Team, we would really appreciate players to fill out this survey on the state of our economy. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScb7bWHZ3-_ji9vzbikLcc7pPpLa4ggOjLdTXryKKhAwV-q9Q/viewform Again, thank you for your time!
  3. The Cult of Patrons

    ~o.O.o~ We righteous Selukkites, we know that the sands claim many things for their own. There is however, one constant in the ever-shifting dunes. I am talking of course, of our unwavering faith in Sav-Synav. As the newly appointed High Priestess of Sav-Synav and Leader of the Cult of Patrons, I, Akila yav-Tajar, call for the unity of all villages in our beloved Ar-Selukk in holy worship of Sav-Synav. Today we prepare to spread our faith in Sav-Synav under the High Priestess Raviyna av-Kulthanz, the daughter of our holy father, through any means necessary. Signed, High Priestess Akila yav-Tajar ======================================= Hierarchy Tree —————————————————————— Our High Priestess Raviyna av-Kulthanz High Priestess of Sav-Synav Akila yav-Tajar —————————————————————— Town- Temple of Sal Ba’ari Leader: Caliph Omega tav-iota Town- a’Ravhar Leader: Caliph Saahir yav-Sarav —————————————————————— @MisChiv , @redninja685 , @Scickar -We will be holding weekly meetings, in which laws will be made for villages who worship under the Cult of the Patrons. -Also, tributes will be made to the Cult from villages who follow. -More will be planned at a later time and during future meetings. -The title [Caliph] will be granted to the leader chosen -If your town is interested in joining the Cult of Patrons, please comment down below to be approved with the following answered: Town Name: Potential leader that will represent your town (ign and rp name): Why you believe your town is qualified to spread the word of Sav-Synav:
  4. Bringing back the Auction House!

    No, just the minimum of 100y. My bad, worded that weird.
  5. Warriors, We Need YOU!

    To add onto this, for any other people who joins and helps I will pay you upon joining. Can't be the reward mischiv is handing out but it does go for other pvpers (Also please don't just join to accept the reward.. )
  6. Warriors, We Need YOU!

    ~o.O.o~ Calling to arms, all warriors whom think themselves worthy! I am requesting help from those in the community with particular expertise with PvP. A weird statement coming from me, I know. But I am actively searching for a specific individual who would be able to lead the defense and raids of our town; new and established player alike. If you are interested, please leave a comment or PM me on the forums! THANK YOU! (btw looking for peeps to join the town)
  7. About Meeee!

  8. About Meeee!

    Hey guys! Thought since I became a mod a couple days ago I'd write a little about me bullet list thingy --Atherys Related-- Atherys Join Date: Feb 21st 2013 First town: Altharia - Aloreh (v1) First player encounter: @Wolfessmoon , @Aller , @kingjlawson24 First time killed: v1, first day I joined killed by mrbear and mrcat Current town: a'Ravhar, my baby Favorite nation: AR-SELUKK Pvp, rp, merchanting?: Merchanting @redninja685 is not pretty --IRL-- Name: Carolina, WOAH it's not carol Pets: Dog named Lizzy :3 Major: Public Health, hoping to go into Pre-med physicians assistant (nurse) or occupational therapy/ physical therapy Hobbies: Graphic design, drawing/painting, photography Sports: I play lacrosse Professional Sports Teams: Yankees, Rangers, and Jets WOOO Favorite food: Potatoes, anything with potatoes or a BLT Favorite drink: Dr.Pepper or strawberry kiwi snapple Favorite icecream flavor: Cookie dough or salted caramel Car: Jeep :D!! I ran out of questions, but I hope people have learned stupid facts about me I really hope to get to know everyone who plays better so feel free to answer any of these questions down below Can't wait to help out on the server this year!
  9. Grats on mod Akila Akbar!!

    1. AkilaTajar


      Thanks Ishaan :)

      Thanks Ishaan :)

  10. Great Idea! In my opinion, for the colored wool to wool or colored clay to clay, there should be another ingredient that brings it back to the original state. ex: Orange wool to white wool would require a piece of bone meal in the recipe OR Orange harden clay to normal harden clay would require x material (I'm not too sure).
  11. A New Code for Salty Seadogs

    This looks great Wolfy!
  12. Fendel? Who?

    Fendel the gosh cuddles, get it right.
  13. ~o.O.o~ The A'Ravhar Auction House Event! Welcome all! I will be hosting an auction house event on Saturday the 21st of January at 6pm EST, at the A'Ravhar Auction House. I have several available chests to players to auction their items! Contact me if interested in a chest to auction your items so I can summon you during this coming week! How it works: -A sign shop in house lobby will be selling written books. In the written book **TITLE ONLY** , you write the amount you are bidding on that chest and sign the book, placing it in the chest above the chest with the items. -Bidding increments of 100y will only be accepted. Do not bid in increments any lower. -The player who is selling the items starts the minimum bid price. This price will be present on the chest. -The book in the bid chest with the highest bid will win what is in the contents of the chest -If no one bids on a chest of items, the items will go back to their owner. -If someone does win the chest by bidding the highest, the owner of those items will receive the money. All chests are donation chests, so people can only put items inside and not take out, therefore bid wisely! Again, contact me on the forums if you have any questions or if you see me online to bring your items over to our first event!
  14. An actual auction plugin

    Or you can make your own books like I have been doing
  15. An actual auction plugin

    Not that hard to create. Actually pretty smooth. I'm willing to share my way of doing it. And not everything has to be automated, its what made v1 fun

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