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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

Thank you for reading. -A'therys Administration


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  1. A'therys Horizons

    PvP becomes truly great on this server when there is a real sense of 'fighting for something'. The best PVP on this server has been during wars, events and the Summer Rime (and not just because I got to run around as an op op Cultist). RP and PvP Could come in hand in hand, however, both sides of the party are very unwilling to give the other a go. PvPers don't want to do some role-play because it feels silly and poncey to run around pretending to be something you aren't. RP'ers don't want to PvP because they don't want to put time into learning how to fight and are confused as to how to be an effective PvPer. Whilst this is a community mentality, it is up to the staff to try and put ladders in place to bridge this gap. Unfortunately, RP'ers aren't going to PvP unless they truly have to and vice versa for the Pvpers. My solution would be Making an RP character mandatory, then turning PvP on everywhere but introducing a rule in which you can only raid towns once a day.
  2. A'therys Horizons

    Running into no pvp once was fine, that was called a retreat. Running back out again is also fine, thats the re-engage on more equal terms, if you then run into no PVP again, it became a PvP hop and was against the rules.
  3. A'therys Horizons

    This needs to be heeded. If you're not going to take advice from the man who ran this community for half a decade, old mistakes are only going to be repeated. There was never a huge problem with forced pvp. Only a tiny handful of players 'quit' because of it. In reality, It was very, very easy to make your town a pain to raid or make yourself defensible enough to where you can get away. PvP in horizons is no where near as geared towards Ganking and roaming as it is towards large scale fighting and nation vs nation combat. Take that from the person making the damn things (With bink and Jupiter ofc). Shun PvP and this server gets pushed aside by servers with an already established RP community.
  4. Sellt’s Diary 09/06/2017

    How are you 3 years older than Jupiter but unable to use the proper "You're".
  5. Restrict Crop Growth to Certain Biomes

    Lord of the craft has it. It works in real time so if you log out with food and log in a week later, you'll have nothing to eat. The item is still there, but there is red text explaining it is mouldy and it wont let you eat it. If LOTC can track an average server pop of 40-80 players worth of food, I'm sure we can manage something similar. Edit: Also, it regulates itself due to people no longer being able to plant as much as they want. People might have a single chest of food worth in a town, but it'll be more efficient to have a small, rolling supply of food over wasting time making excess only for it to rot.
  6. Restrict Crop Growth to Certain Biomes

    The issue with food isn't that it is able to be mass produced, its that it is able to be kept indefinitely. If you spend time planting 1000 potato plants, and you gain say 3500 back, what use was it planting 1000 when you only ate 350 before the other 3150 went rotten? In Atherys and normal minecraft rn you plan 1000 potatoes once, then don't need to plant another field of crops for a month because you can live on your DCs of magically preserved potato. That was a really long winded way of saying more realism would make it more fun when it comes to this aspect of a 'survival' server.
  7. Restrict Crop Growth to Certain Biomes

    With a smaller, more modded server this is much more viable. Or give food a time limit before it goes rotten. Edit: People will meta game, set up a mass farm on another nation and just fast travel to it for all their crop needs.
  8. Sellt’s Diary 09/06/2017

  9. Did you know that the tradition of the bride wearing white was meant to be a symbolic promise from the bride's father that she was in fact a virgin? I found this out like a year ago and it's always been a funny little fact.
  10. Hey I managed to get my account back.

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      Oh.. you should have just asked.

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      Tbh I haven't had much reason to log in. Forums haven't been as appealing as of late.

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      Were they ever appealing tho?

  11. Starting a NewTown

    Will you be joining Selukk again?
  12. Looking for a builder for a project!

    Hit up Razrivon or whatever his IGN is now. He's awesome at this kind of build!
  13. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    It doesn't need to affect me, if I think it's a waste of time, why would I support resources being put into it? And if I disagree with something, I'm naturally going to bash it. What kind of argument is "This is awesome but I don't want it"? The RP community has always been the smaller aspect of the server. There is two reasons for this. RP'ers tend to be reserved and clique'y. they distrust anyone who isn't in their circle and don't do much interacting with the rest of the populous. Of course this isn't all RP'ers, but in my almost 5 years on this server this has summed up most I have met. The second reason is, frankly, we are outclassed by Lord Of The Craft. Why join a half-assed RP/PvP server when there is a dedicated RP server that is just as easily accessible? I don't want to bash Atherys but trying to lean towards an RP heavy server (which has been happening ever since Edd stepped down, whether it be intentional or not) only ends in a dead server. Atherys was most successful in terms of a sustained playerbase in the days where it was a PvP server with interesting backstory and other enjoyable elements like town building and community. We offered a vastly enriched PvP experience. What does Atherys do now that other servers don't? It's RP side is trumped by LoTC because they have more lore, focus and the player base for it and we're trumped by Herocraft on the pvp half because the people who log onto that all want to pvp and don't have to deal with clashes on conflict. Saying there doesn't have to be an RP/PvP debate is like asking someone if they want tea or coffee, then giving them a mix of both together. At the moment Atherys is a compromise of 2 major components, and until it is settled on what one focus it wants, it's going to be outclassed by more specialised servers such as the aforementioned LoTC and HC. It's not a positive view of the server, but its a realistic one.
  14. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    You're telling me that in the 4 year lifespan of an RP/PVP server, not a single person thought of this before now? And then suddenly when it's suggested every RP'er (of which a tiny minority actually log in) goes "oh my god what a new and original idea we love it and must have it!"?
  15. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    Explain why no-one has ever made or suggested one then. Either the 'majority (over 50% of them) are really lazy in procuring things that they want, or you're bluffing.

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