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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

Thank you for reading. -A'therys Administration


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  1. KOTL suspended

    Server population spikes for events. Consistent population however will require a change to the gameplay such as the proposed roll up to 1.11 or fixes to the issues such as the major lag of the past couple months.
  2. The Removal of Masteries Solution Page

    Rather than tedious location based changing, a solution on that is increasing the class change cooldown. It used to be 2 hours in late v2. If a player is guaranteed to be stuck as something for a couple hours, they will be less inclined to switch to something mid raid (for instance, swapping to a terramancer to force someone out of a house). Using that as an example, the player had better be ready to fight as a terramancer since changing back to a rogue is no longer an option.
  3. Sellt's Diary 2/23/2017

    Not everyone has paid the $10-$20 for a sign, nor is everyone capable of doing so.
  4. The Removal of Masteries

  5. The Removal of Masteries

    Nether island warps would be nice, since nations would have fun defending their particular portal. This would resolve something staff was hoping to use the NPC towns for (a pvp hotspot outside of the towns that were at the time more and more focused on no-pvp). Or, if there is not enough players to make nether island a challenge, the mob spawn rate could be cranked up to make it a risky proposition to use the nether for travel. Heroes will take its time to implement, since the system they were working on was voted out and had to be started over. (plus lets face it, classes are always changing and being nerfed/buffed to remove outliers). The unfortunate part of using the current heroes is that they are very singular in function. Namely, they do only one thing, and that can be quite boring. In earlier iterations of the server, classes had one or two additional skills outside of their role (such as most warriors having a minor heal) to make them more sustainable as a person's primary mastery. While this is contrary to the current idea of each hero being confined to one role for balance purposes; if a player is to spend a significant amount of time on a single class the class should be worth playing. I'm not saying make each class OP, but at the same time they shouldn't be so locked into a single playstyle that the class can only do one activity. This way, players would be more willing to spend time on one class, rather than requiring a large number of masteries to have fun.
  6. The Removal of Masteries

    Overall not the worst idea. But a few things would need to change on the server to accomodate the loss of the current system. As it stands it is super easy to switch classes at whim to perform a set action (for instance, swapping to terramancer during a rogue raid to earthquake a target out of a house, then switching right back to mountebank in order to kill them). While experienced players like the freedom of action this entails, the easy switch meta does devalue the individual class by making it completely interchangeable. A vast majority of players have conduit mastered due to the triple xp, mob events and such. With the loss of all these portals and teleports, the price of warps should lower. Sellt is very much against warp signs since he feels they negate the need to travel over the map. This is not entirely true. Without warps, raids will happen much less often. Players don't want to spend a half hour walking and swimming to wherever they need to go. After one or two failed attempted at taking on a prepared foreign town, they will give up. Plus, forcing players to go by boat causes much lag, since you cannot even see party members in boats while sailing. Instead, by decreasing the cost of warps, it will free up players to travel quickly to other nations THEN do all the walking Sellt wants in order to reach the target town/player. Any wiping of the class masteries should only happen when the heroes are done. Nobody would want to loose their current classes just to relevel the current ones over again.
  7. A National State of Emergency

    But u from selukk?
  8. Admin shop removal

    It was removed, lag issues from what I heard.
  9. Admin shop removal

    The removal of the admin shops is fine for nearly all resources are plentiful. The major exceptions I can think of are ice (since silk touch is rare) and leather. Farms of 10 don't give enough to sustain the armor demands of a pvp town. At present, do you guys have a plan to introduce leather into the economy in a way that it is neither too scarce nor too plentiful?
  10. Class Creation Contest!

    Server already has a bunch of acolytes and mages, is the heroes team looking for something for the other trees? Would be good to know so we don't spend a decent chunk of time dreaming up a class idea to have it rejected based on tree. @MisChiv
  11. Inquisition and the Imperial Host

    Excuse the formatting issues everyone, forums are acting up on me today. This screenshot is what its supposed to look like, lol.
  12. Inquisition and the Imperial Host

    The Return of the VrovonicInquisition After a long time of inactivity, the Vrovonic Inquisition will be returning to the world. If the Legion is Vrovona’s fist, then the Inquisition serves as its dagger. With sharp eyes, quick wits, and a passionate resolve to preserve Vrovona’s superior culture, this order will stop at nothing to achieve a vibrant and dominant position for their home nation. Whether you pale at the sight of blood, or revel in the glory of battle, the Inquisition has a place for you. Inquisitors and initiates serve to grow the interior of Vrovona and expand its cultural influence. But for those who want to fight in Vrovona’s name and glory then join……. ….THE IMPERIAL HOST! These elite warriors must: Be members of the Legion and draws all members exclusively from the military, Members must be at least legionnaire rank. Members must be proficient at PvP. A Tribune will oversee this unit and direct its operations under the guidance of the Pontifex. Duties: Act as personal guard for the Paragon when he travels abroad Act as ceremonial guard at nation events at the Paragon’s discretion. Attack and destroy foreign targets deemed heretical to Vrovona. (As determined by the Pontifex). The names of targets and the prices are given exclusively to members of the Host. Host members who reveal this information to the public and are discovered will be immediately ejected from the Host and branded a heretic. Host members will be paid a stipend for each successful kill and honor guard. For those who are loyal to Vrovona, but do not possess the disposition for the harsh life of a warrior. There is another way one can serve. The Inquisition is looking for initiates who will: Develop Vrovona into a vibrant and flourishing society. Officers arbitrating disputes and handling internal affairs. Members of the Host can act as members of the inquisition as well. The second tribune will head this department under the guidance of the Pontifex. Members generate ideas for the nation. Nation events Purposeful RP Nation Projects Initiates keep an eye out for potential dishonorable foreign influences. Foster retention by housing new recruits or training them. Tribunes: I am looking for two tribunes. These players must be loyal to Vrovona, possess a capability to lead, and are willing to work to grow our fine snowy land. PM applications to me on the forums @SirBaskomWelford Position 1: Tribune of the Inquisition. A high ranking judge of the Vrovonic courts. This loyal servant keeps his eyes and ears open for disloyalty and reports it to the Pontifex. Duties entail assisting new players in finding a home, and training them in the use of classes. The tribune shall also head the team for Vrovona’s interior that specializes in the generation of ideas for the nation’s growth. Position 2: Tribune of the Host. This fearless zealot leads the silent but deadly members of the Imperial Host. Duties entail protecting the Paragon, the physical embodiment of vrovona, and stamping out those persons deemed heretical influences. Must be a capable raid leader and competent warrior Sir Baskom Welford Pontifex of Vrovona @Chadrian @Ishaan @Nulgrum @Velkas @Ventri Penligo @WaterStriker @AM3 @Pita_Bread @Onyx_Reaper @HaedHutner @Sanders @ademola @Dan The Derp
  13. {Heroes} Class Skills Vote

    The initial idea behind the simplified rework was to get pvp more accessible to new players (non macro). But recent battles over the past four weeks proved that new players were able to join the server and start winning despite being on the current system.
  14. The Vrovonic Legion

    SirBaskomWelford Town: Draken-Thul Masteries: Mountebank, Lurker, Saboteur, Sylvanite, Terramancer, Cryomancer, Orphiant, Haruspex, Conduit, Urthkeep, Endergaunt, Doomsayer, Sentinel, Tactician, Beserker, Overlord. Preffered Classes: Haruspex, Berserker, Tactician, Mountebank, Sylvanite
  15. Macros Thread

    Jonathanbak has invite you to his party. Click (here) to accept

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