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  1. Atherys has lost a Friend

    Ice was the nicest kid I have ever met on Atherys and he never tried to start beef with anyone. He was a middle of the ground genuine kid who just wanted to have fun and it was honestly such a rarity at the time. He was always trying to see the nice in people, even me, a year or two back he wrote a post on the forums about how I wasn't a bad guy, about how I wasn't trying to destroy this server called "Embryn its high time". I can't put the pain I felt into words when I heard about this.. I think those words will really reverb throughout his group of friends. Please donate to the gofundme, and if you can't then spread it as far as you can, Funeral Expenses are actually crazy for those who have been through it and his family doesn't deserve to deal with financial struggles throughout a tragedy like this. I would give all the money in the world to get Ice back, I would give everything to get him back because he had a genuine positive impact on every person he spoke to. Especially me. To his silly laugh and all the times me and Malachi would mess with him for being Gabe from Good Luck Charlie, his garbage internet and terrific Warden plays Ice was a big part of everyones time at Atherys and even beyond.. I could go on forever but it would just kill me inside. As I'm tearing up while typing this I'd like to share some chat logs me and Ice had a few days after Vorske left Atherys which personally hit me hard. [9/4/2016 9:58:16 PM] Alex/Ice: yea [9/4/2016 9:58:19 PM] Alex/Ice: I get it [9/4/2016 9:58:38 PM] Embryn ~~ RIP Atherys.: I hope that I dont lose touch with all you *&%@* [9/4/2016 9:58:50 PM] Alex/Ice: lmao [9/4/2016 9:59:02 PM] Alex/Ice: theres still skype and ts so - [10/7/2016 4:05:19 PM] Embryn ~~ RIP Atherys.: and a meme dies [10/9/2016 2:11:02 PM] Alex/Ice: rip a meme Rest in Peace Buddy.
  2. Mounts/Pets

    KEEP IN MIND THE SERVER WILL HAVE TO GET RID OF ECHOPETS UNLESS ITS UPDATED TO 1.9 PROBLEM Currently all the pets are bugged. Mounting and running towards someone you're tracking will no matter what class you're playing, bug you out to where they only see you coming when it's already too late. It's not balanced at all that classes like Doomsayer, Bersersker, Sentinel, can mount and run as fast as a Rogue and almost get the same engage as one. Echopets is an old outdated plugin, the author (DSH105) has dropped support for it and someone else has updated it for 1.9. FIX(es) Look for updated pet plugin which fixes the issue. Look for new plugin and somehow log all the pet purchases from both the webstore and ingame. (SonarPet) Fix whatever is causing this bug to occur.
  3. FML 1.10 Already.

    HERE IS WHAT THE 1.10 UPDATE IS FOR WHOEVER DOESN'T KNOW. Polar bears and Polar Bear Cubs New neutral animal, spawns in snow.. What a shocker. Magma Running across it will burn you, however sneaking across it will not. Red Nether Brick Blocks 6 sided seamless stone/log blocks Husk Zombie 80% of Zombies spawned aboveground in Desert, Desert Hills, and Desert M biomes will be Husks. If the Zombie does not have a view of the sky, it will always be a normal zombie, chicken jockey, baby zombie, or a zombie villager. Like normal Zombies, there is a 5% chance for baby husks to be spawned, and an additional 5% chance to spawn as a chicken jockey. Husks behave much the same as normal zombies do; however, they will not burn in sunlight. Additionally, they will apply the Hunger effect to any player it hits, Stray Skeleton 80% of Skeletons spawned in ice plains, ice mountains, and ice spikes biomes having a view of the sky will be Strays. Spiders spawned in said biomes have a chance of spawning with a Stray riding it. Strays behave much the same as normal skeletons do. However, they shoot tipped arrows that inflict slowness for 30 seconds on any target that it hits.
  4. @Edd I don't mind cracking down on flame but Atherys has struggled to hold anyone accountable (especially staff) and has become an extremely sensitive community overall. It's a re-occurring issue that staff either ignores peoples actions completely or draws way too close of a line. This line sways through bias, disagreement in opinion, and how the staff member is feeling on that particular day. I had a discussion earlier this week and I think many can agree that ATLEAST 2/5's of the staff team make daily decisions based off bias and disagreement in opinion rather than whether the person is breaking actual rules. There was a post I made 2 days ago regarding the selection of Alorehs new nation head, and the points were valid and solid yet the post was removed and considered childish due to it being a distasteful, bitter reality. The main expose-ish points being ******************TRIGGER WARNING****************** My disagreement in @MisChiv being Nation Head due to the time he had insider information on Nation head classes being implemented and worked towards making himself Nation head along with Redninja. My disagreement with @Galindaan Thewisy being nation head due to his very bad past being involved with the Aloreh Government and it's awful relationship with its people. I stated that if he was put into power and decided to do the same thing I'd step in and "rip him from power". ******************TRIGGER WARNING****************** This post wasn't in any way offensive yet was a distasteful reality about the two candidates but In my opinion was deleted because it completely destroyed the community's view that the new Nation head will create a tiny surge, and do good things for the server. TLDR; Crack down on flame, but don't allow staff to blatantly abuse in the name of it.
  5. So I've been pretty inactive on Atherys recently, pretty sure I haven't been on in about 3 weeks. I've had a few questions thrown my way about whether I'm quitting, whether someone can have the Pirate King position, etc.. I hadn't really come to a conclusion until this morning but I've had tons of conversations over the past few weeks with people about why I don't have the drive to play and I'll explain what it boils down to. There are so many reasons, but as I said I'm gonna dumb it down a bit. Loot Caches There was such a mystery and competitiveness to Atherys merchanting, almost to the point where it was only a few people selling and hundreds buying. People didn't know how to spend nor make money and it was becoming increasingly apparent that they were being discouraged by the lack of structure in Atherys trading. Hence things like the Auction, Admin shops, and Chest Shops are now in Atherys. The main issue I have with the loot caches is that it replaces real trading, mining , and crafting, and bundles it all into a single package. Stacked onto that how you can now TECHNICALLY purchase in-game items through the Atherys Store. Getting money on Atherys has sadly been reduced to mowing grannies lawn, throwing some cash at your screen and getting in-game rewards for it. It is my opinion that this ruins the sense of trade and the little economy that the server had is now completely ruined. If it was up to me, and if Atherys had the resources it would get a new, reworked Loot Cache system with UNIQUE items. Sadly, Atherys doesn't have resources and money to spend so my recommendation as it's been since day one is to remove the Loot Caches in its entirety. PvP I've been waiting for an ELO system to hit Atherys for around 2 years but we're pretty much stuck with the same structured player made PvP. Which because of recent events has in my opinion fell flat on its face. Players cannot be trusted to made their own PvP, and more over it becomes a job to get a quick 4v4. An ELO system combined with an arena setup would entice players to fight their equal or CLOSEST to equal. The Kill/Death system is a very, very silly idea due to the fact that DPS, Sustain-Damage players such as myself would be rocking a 6.0 KDA while Tanks and Healers would be MUCH LOWER while probably still doing just as good, if not better. The PvP on Atherys itself although in my opinion being the most Dynamic and fast paced ever, is wildly unbalanced at some points currently and I hope to see it get reworked and polished. EVO It is my view that EVO was meant to bring back the old players and create a strong foundation to build the community up slowly by using the old players to teach the new, sadly this did not work as it was intended. The servers launch in all fairness was chaotic. The release was delayed 3 weeks from it's promised date, where only town mayors had the chance to play. The trailer (which was to release in January) , Advertising, Custom dungeons, Overworld quests, Custom world bosses, and ironically an ELO-like system was either late or never added. A giant misstep also being that players who had not logged on a week into EVO were stripped of ALL their levels and town plots, which punished old players wishing to return. The Nation Head voting system has been underused and currently there is still many Nation Heads who are not playing their part and blatantly avoiding their role. I understand people have lives but when they can't play or otherwise do not want to it is time to step aside from commitments. I really do appreciate the time and effort the staff put in and understand it on all levels. I however think that some staff exist very clearly there for the power trip instead of being all around helpful and trying to give back to the server you love and enjoy. I personally think that some of the new additions to staff are bold moves and hopefully I'm wrong but I believe that there will be backlash and tons of mistakes. Most of the issues with staff simply come down to accountability, but I talk about that below so I'll cut this short. Community Mindset,Input and Accountability I know I'll get some replies saying I'm generalizing here, or made blanket statements so I would like to clarify that I'm only talking about certain people, not everyone on the server. The community mindset on Atherys is mixed but as someone who pays close attention to how people act and why there is a very clear concentration. There is a very, very crystal clear amount of people who play on Atherys just for drama. Not all drama is bad I will give them that, but I will say that 75% of the drama that they participate in and stir is awful for the server and it's community. Even myself just by making this thread get pulled into it at some degree. Simply mentioning them will give them a sick sense of happiness, if I wasn't trying to make some valid points and some clear pathways of redemption I'd be more than happy to point them out for you. This doesn't exclude any group of players on the server, and isn't exclusive to any groups on the server either. Everyone indulges in drama to some degree which is perfectly fine, but when your sole purpose for playing a game-server is to indulge in drama and stir up s*** it gets selfish. Not exclusive to just this type of person, but staff, players, helpers, etc are rarely held accountable for their actions. Cliques are so quick to make a case for their friends that it's nearly impossible to hold anyone accountable. People are simply too afraid and know that the result is a 30 minute argument with nothing happening or a long forum flame war with some narcissist who will run your conversation in circles till the thread gets locked. If you're not to the point and blunt like I normally am, you will get nowhere making progress in this environment. Many people hate me for it, but my attitude and the way I carry myself is almost necessary to dealing with your everyday sociopaths on Atherys. It's hard for me to create a direct pathway to fix this issue without pointing out specific names and making harsh statements so I will say that some of you players that crave and love drama should be the ones who are holding the crooked players accountable. So Am I quitting? Yes. As I said, I have thought about it for weeks and weeks and have decided that although I'm not completely gone from Atherys I will definitely not be considered active daily. For many, if not all of the reasons I've stated above I simply do not enjoy Atherys anymore, and in order to fix these issues I've at many points put my fun on the back burner which is not OK. If a few things get added here or there I'll definitely come give the server another chance and to some degree you can expect me to play if/when arena styled PvP is implemented. Are you stepping down from Pirate King? Who is going to get the position? Yes, and it is currently undecided who will get it. I'll probably speak to @Edd about creating a Google Forms for anyone who is willing to apply for the role and we'll sit down and review the applicants. I wanted to do great things with the pirates and I apologize to anyone I've let down or otherwise neglected in my inactivity. I'd like to personally thank everyone on this server who has participated in making this server a joy to be on, whether it's literally playing the server or just Overwatch/Tinychat/Arma/Teamspeak/CSGO/LoL n' chill it's been a joy. This isn't exclusive to just my current friends, but also past ones and staff members/players who have facilitated a fun environment. @Edd @MisChiv @McCloud @Vinny @Dannie @Velkas @JupiterRome @Ice @sirlars @Vnthy @Chadrian @Dan The Derp @Helious @Riftblade @LateNightAtherys @Saterra @Barnie @Jessica @Valaen @Brady @BlueChaos @Rexphter @Lightning13X @Imber_Raptu @dapiguy @Destruct @Billy @Gressy @Ish988 @SavenRav @Zoktobia @Pilotgone @Paladin Rhyne @Sanders @Sellt @BiduBR @Chronus Blazebringer @WindderArmy452XD @AM3 @Aroth2000 @Elite @mendobaj @Lucas11002200 @Zombie218 @ninox175 @Demongalez @PLPSAutomatic @SirBaskomWelford @Bink3Boy51 @carlthealien @[email protected] @Swyur Vierad @braves4465 @werwew19 @KingNate42 there is more of you, lots more and although we dont always see eye to eye I thank you for playing because it's been a hell of a ride. (dont kill me for not checking my grammar, gonna have to pull an Edd on this one) If this thread gets flamy feel free to lock it.
  6. What's the story behind your user-name?

    I've gone by many names on Atherys, almost 1/2 of them have little to no meaning. Tenacity was because it fits my all around hard-to-let-go mentality of anything. @Edd Embryn sounded "RP" enough and was to trick mods and staff into liking me and gaining a staff position or a high in-game rank among the community in early-mid V2. This fell flat due to Xray, Accounting Hacking, among many other douchey things. RunWhileYouCan was because I was a Doomsayer main at the time with @VinnyThePooh @Vinny and @Jpenguin Tachanka isn't technically MY name it's a name @LateNightAtherys found because hes a USSR and Communist junkie. If you're interested it what it really means https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tachanka . DoubleMintDave comes straight from the chan. The rest really had no origin and was just random.
  7. funny thing

    Was just watching video on YouTubes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tZQr0-3D70 5:07-5:09 made me frantically search for my Atherys window.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRChz-OYi9o Those teams are unfair as hell and total bs? NOPE. Roreg, Daggerlands and friends probably lose.. YUP. Event be competitive with the current teams? NOPE. These teams need changed? YUP.
  9. Making A'therys Great Again

    People don't confront the real issues and make vague paste bins like this. I could make a video or document pointing out all the issues but surely I'd probably be banned as it would rustle MANY jimmies.
  10. Canopy Carnage Video

    You guys give no credit to a group of new players and players that primarily don't PvP and claim that the fight was "47 seconds". (conveniently you cut the videos down when we were still fighting and hunting ur stragglers) You guys really are acting like cocky children and quite frankly it pisses me off that you can give 0 credit to people who are trying SUPER hard to be able to actually fight you guys. Literally makes me genuinely angry to see that you guys cannot put aside your petty differences and admit that you got demolished the first fight, had horrible positioning, and absolutely AWFUL decision making. You're like the League of Legends and CS:GO players that rather than admitting to a mistake and taking it on the chin you'd rather call hacks or blame it on Teemo being satan.
  11. Canopy Carnage Video

    AM3, you, destruct atleast.
  12. Canopy Carnage Video

    Before I say this I just want to clearly state, I mean no flame or anger by posting this. I just want to correct it for anyone who wasn't present. The first fight was not 30 seconds for those that are interested. It was just as long if not longer than the first fight except they got bursted, killed and retreated to the coast. No hate/flame, but don't lie about the duration of the fight for the sake of not uploading losses and mistakes. Beyond that you weren't summoning "someone" you summoned 2-3 people back to you (that died in the previous "30 second" fight), and had people switch classes. No one wants to upload mistakes and losses, and I'm not hating on either of you for it but don't give bogus reasons like that and at least give some credit to us for fighting a group for the outsiders who don't understand THE TWO BIGGEST, BADDEST PVP TOWNS (TZ, and Harv/Vro) on Atherys currently. Great fights though, waited two weeks for this event and was almostttt worth it. Thanks to you guys for participating and thanks to Roreg for putting their best foot forward in what was essentially David v Goliath. Huge thanks to @Chadrian @Jessica @Dannie for managing, and planning the event. and @MisChiv @Helios @sirlars and all associates for participating.
  13. The Pirates Tender

    Roreg wins. All rules and regulations in the thread apply now.
  14. The Pirates Tender

    Bidding ends in 30 minutes.
  15. The Pirates Tender

    Heads up, bidding ends tomorrow before the canopy carnage event.

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