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  1. A'therys Appreciation Thread

    Ah yes, the long ago days before I became a politician.
  2. A'therys Appreciation Thread

    Hey @InsanibleLector remember how we first met? I murdered you and then stole all the resources of the town you were building because it wasn't a towny town yet? Those were the days.... And you still somehow gave me first in the book writing competition <3
  3. Yeah, its been a bit. Midterms then a spring break out of town have left my readers wanting! Fear not my friends, the next chapter has arrived and (maybe) another is soon on its way! As a note, the end chunks weren't feeling as great with the story so I'm gonna be going full narrative from here on out. Once more, I hope you enjoy all this next installment and the many more to come. Chapter 3: Together We Stand In a flash of violet and silver the ashen skies of the burning town faded into nothingness. The shimmering steel of Dorrod's finest was shrouded in shadow and a woman screamed in the distance, mourning her dead children. At last the nightmare ended and Helious found himself surrounded by his loyal men, Pilotus to his left and Dreyethel to his right.Helious looked around at the cavern he now found himself in, a well-lit architectual masterpiece by all measures. "Drey. Where in the world are we?" Helious murmured, his eyes following the intricate patterns carved into the yawning archways, ending in reliefs depicting the reign of Yolu and Dorrod. Dreyethel only smirked and nodded at a robed man trotting forward to greet them, his long grey beard nearly dragging on the marble flooring. "Ah yes," the man spoke, his voice wheezy and tired. "We were beginning to wonder when you lot would show up." Now he turned to Dreyethel and shook a wrinkled finger at him. "And you young man, you must've taken an awfully long time to convince them. Hmph. You told me it would be no time at all and yet you show up fifteen minutes late, everyone covered in blood and ash, by Yolu you-" "Old one, please, now is not the time. There is the meeting to be had, yes?" Dreyethel spoke softly, holding the elder's withered hand in his own. The old man glared at Helious and Pilotus who had this whole time been staring at this very strange figure. The old man spoke again. "Quite right, where did you find these halfwits anyway my dear boy, I say they are the most-" The babbling of the old man was soon lost as he trundled off towards an arch, hands waving wildly once more. Pilotus now looked at Dreyethel questioningly as the party began following the elder. "By Dorrod's almighty throne, who is that crazy geezer and where are we? I've never seen architecture such as this, not even in the Catacombs." Dreyethel turned to face Pilotus, a grin plastered across his face and a glint of mischief in his eyes. "Why Pilotus, that was our host, the eldest priest Denamger Lorekdar; and we are in his home, the illustrious town of Sentry, carved entirely by his own two hands." Pilotus stared at the ground for a moment where twinkling glowstone shone through clear crystal paneling before looking back at Dreyethel in utter disbelief. "No human has enough days in his life to carve a single room of this place and yet it stretches for miles. Surely you jest, or perhaps he had aid, though even the gods would be hard-pressed to construct this." Dreyethel chuckled and placed a hand on the enormous stone door that their host had just passed through. "His story is an interesting one, that's for sure. No time for it now though, the others await you and Helious within." Helious who had been warily eyeing the walls the whole walk now looked ahead to the stone portal. A gloved hand on his sword hilt and the sign of Dorrod emblazoned on his breastplate, he looked every part the paladin leader. His face hardened as he remembered the men slaughtered in Aywidh and with a heavy heart he stepped forward. "There's work to be done. Dreyethel, Pilotus, I am not strong enough to do this alone. There is a dark road ahead of me and Yolu does not shine her light on this path, if we are to be caught we will be tried for treason and executed. Do you all understand this?" The eyes of every paladin were fixed on their leader. Slowly, they drew their blades from their sheathes and held them aloft in the ancient Loghec salute. They would follow him to whatever end. buoyed by their fervor, Helious pushed open the door to reveal his fellow conspirators.
  4. Political Quizzes

    Firefox won't let me open it but I figure I should throw in my politics because meh why not. I'm disgustingly liberal socially, but I think that a democracy is one of the worst possible forms of government and we should have an oligarchy of experts instead. I'm generally cool with stuff unless human rights are infringed upon but my definition of human rights is probably a little broad and includes things like access to food, clean drinking water, basic + preventative healthcare etc. Think libertarian but without all the awful isolationist/tribalist crap, I like my public services.
  5. Hey all! The next installment in the Zirda Project series! It's a bit later than I would have liked but I was out of town a few days so I just now had a chance to finish editing. Here's the last chapter in case you missed it: Chapter 2: “From the Grave”/ “Every Ruler Must Be Supported” The two men stared in horror. Helious was the first to speak, his strong voice cutting through the sounds of the battle still raging around them. “You’re dead- no, you’re banished. The Ascendants themselves trapped you beneath the Urth.” A glimmer of silver twinkled in the eyes of Gwydion, reflecting the mind of the body’s new owner. “Yes, yes, yes, I get it, I was a little too much trouble last time.” Gwydion smirked and looked into the faces of Helious and Pilotus. “But worry not my dear friends, I have a new plan, one which I believe both of you shall enjoy.” Helious and Pilotus looked at each other for moment, fearing what Dreyethel would say next, and as Helious opened his mouth to speak, Pilotus cut in. “Drey, we have not known each other long but your reputation is black as ink, you’ve committed many terrible crimes and I want no part of your evil plans.” Pilotus drew a breath and Dreyethel spoke softly, his tongue flickering like a serpent. “However?” Pilotus took another deep breath and sighed. “However you are unmatched in strategy and we will not win in this battle without you. If there is any way that you would save us from these raiders we would be most grateful, and perhaps I would even be willing to listen to this plan of yours.” Helious stared coldly into Gwydion’s eyes, searching for his possessor. “Before that, I must be certain. What have you done to Gwydion, is he harmed?” The body of Gwydion shifted on his feet for a moment before Dreyethel’s voice was once more heard. “Well, it’s rather complicated. He’s still in here, making his own thoughts and opinions. I just have control over the body itself. He’s not terribly opposed to it you see, in fact, he was a willing vessel for me. He-“ “Enough with the explanation” Helious growled. “Prove to me that he’s unharmed, or we go no farther in this transaction. You’re no Jovnhast, any deal made I want on my own terms.” The shimmering in Gwydion’s eyes ceased for a moment, the pale glow faded from his skin. At last, as flames danced in the background and the ominous screams of dying men resounded through the village, Gwydion’s lips began to move. “It is alright, I have agreed to this. It is the best for my home, for my people, for Roreg Logh.” Gwydion’s boyish voice was heard clearly by both the elder and the paladin. Their creased foreheads relaxed and no sooner had Gwydion spoken, the silky voice of Dreyethel returned. “Now that this is taken care of, we must go, this battle is hopeless. Most of your acclaimed paladins are dead or currently dying. The raiders outnumber you ten to one, the best strategy is to retreat while we can.” Pilotus frowned and Helious stepped forward menacingly, but he knew that what Dreyethel spoke of was true. Dreyethel placed a comforting hand on Helious’ shoulder and lowered his voice so that Pilotus would not be able to hear. “I have a confession to make old friend, I am not entirely sure if my grand plan will work, but if we are to fix the current issues in Roreg we have no other choice.” Helious looked back to where Pilotus was calling the retreat and whispered back. “You are referring to the Solemnus are you not? I know he expelled you from your position of Auldur, but bringing him down hardly seems right.” “How many?” Dreyethel replied, hard eyes staring straight at Helious. “How many what?” Helious replied, confused. “How many of your paladins and innocent villagers died because he refused to send in soldiers? Because he refused to call down the blessings of Yolu and Dorrod?” Helious stood dumbstruck for a moment. “Did I tell you how Temaria fell? How when I fought against the Vrovonics and the Itheri and the Selukkites and the Alor and had only my men, that I had trained and watched as they grew into the renowned fighters they were; he sent nothing. I watched those same men fall like wheat to the scythe, their blood staining the roads as they brought down not twice, but thrice their number. I will not accept the weaknesses of this Solemnus any longer, he must be replaced, if not destroyed.” Helious swallowed hard and when he spoke, it was with the firmness and strength that he was known for, masking the feeling of foreboding that had infected his mind. “Very well my friend, cast your spell and let us be away, Pilotus has assembled all remaining paladins and they are ready to leave this gods-forsaken rock.” A truly strong leader is not simply strong within himself. He surrounds himself with strong subordinates that offer advice and support. Rulers who do not listen to what their subordinates have to say are quick to fall as not only do they blind themselves to new information, they treat their supporters with such disdain that they become supporters no longer. A powerful leader will always listen and always judge, he does not take advice blithely, but rather contemplates and decides whether or not it is good advice. If it is poor advice he does not rebuke the giver, but rather gives him his respect and an explanation for why he decided to not follow the advice. The true leader of the Loghec people will inherit both the judgment of Dorrod and the kindness of Yolu. He must have the Her patience to listen to his many advisors and lackeys, while also holding His wisdom in deciding his course of action. The ruler must be one that above all else uses his subordinates to their full potential and consistently encourages them to break their limits. If the ruler does all this, prosperity shall ensue.
  6. A Change of Plans

    I like the idea but it might encounter some issues rp-wise. Assassins blend in, they act like townspeople to get closer to their mark etc. Pirates don't, you're next door neighbor isn't the quiet bookshop owner that you had no idea was an assassin, now he's the guy who gets into barfights and you saw him board a PIRATE SHIP to go raiding merchant vessels. I like the idea from a server standpoint because guilds are absolutely goddawful without the requisite server population, but I'm not sure it fits into any sort of lore/rp logic at all. If we're talkin real life history pirates didnt have an island per se like Steryon, they lived on a ship, or more modernly, they all live in a single village (Somalian fishermen group up to become pirates). Pirates are not independent entities like assassins, they are a massive crew that has incredible teamwork and has to to pilot a ship etc.
  7. Sellt's Diary 2/15/2017

    While I agree the actual plugin of the swear filter is terrible there needs to be a limit of swearing in the game and in the forums. It isn't to prevent "upsetting people" or "censorship", the real point is that as is proven on most sites, the broader the community base the better. Although your parents may not monitor what you do, plenty of kids' parents do and when they see F-bombs being dropped in what is supposed to be a friendly build/survival game then they stop supporting it. If you can't type out a sentence to express your emotions without swearing then you are one of those "kids".
  8. The Crusaders of Roreg Logh...

    IGN: Gwydion_Don Full RP name: Dreyethel Thoritte Town: Temaria Primary/Seondary Classes: (Executioner LOL) Adjudicator/Endergaunt Additional info about yourself: I'm not really a pvper, more of a- well almost- y'know something closer to- oh right, a politician
  9. Class Creation Contest!

  10. Hello all, Lantern Dreyethel here! For those of you that aren’t aware I’m currently double majoring in History and Creative Writing in uni. What this means for you, is that recently I was inspired to write a little series regarding Roreg’s history from the end of V2 to about now in Evo. I’m using this series to practice some of my writing skills for both creative and historical writing, as I’m seeking to emulate Machiavelli’s The Prince, a political treatise, while interweaving a fictional narrative. Without further ado, please enjoy and give me some feedback! Chapter 1: “Under Fire” / “Every Ruler Must Command” A fireball arced into a nearby rooftop, bursting harmlessly onto the stone structure. A group of armored men huddled beneath, waiting for the bombardment to cease. The structure they hid under was one of many in Aywidh, a tiny island town on the farthest outskirts of Roreg. This settlment was fairly old, a long-abandoned outpost that had recently been reclaimed by the Paladins of Yolu, a Loghec fighting force. Much of the village was constructed from stone, wood being scarce on the islands. One man from the group, his armor battered and dented yet still somehow gleaming, stood upon a chair to look out the archer slit, viewing the sea from which the raiders came. The waves lapped against their sturdy wooden ships, the flag of Coranto flying from their masts. After a time, the explosions outside quieted and all that could be heard were the paladins, shifting restlessly in their steel carapaces. The officer on the chair spoke, facing the soldiers below him, his voice strong and clear. “Fellow Loghecs, Yolu’s blessing upon you!” The men raised their heads and stared at him uncomfortably, exhaustion etched in dark creases on their faces, eyes shrouded in fear and pain. “Every day we have been assaulted by these foul raiders and every day we have repelled them. By the might of sword and shield and Yolu’s grace, we have defended our homes time and time again!” The weariness fled from the faces of the gathered men as they looked to their leader fervently. “Now is the time we strike, now is the time we wrack ruin upon them, now is the time for glory to be had and honor to be won! Men of Roreg, let us send these evil attackers to Dorrod’s arms so that they may face their requiem!” The leader finished his speech and soon the war cries of his soldiers drowned all sounds as they hollered and beat their shields. “Chaaaaaaaarrrrrrge!” The men formed their battle lines and charged to the crumbling town walls, replacing the gaps in the stone with flesh and steel. Soon the battle began and all that could be heard were the shrieks of metal on metal and the screams of dying men. Helious Toharus Calon stepped down from the chair to face those that had remained behind at his behest. “Pilotus, what news of Gwydion?” A stern-faced elderly man shook his head slowly, his white hair dancing in the light sea breeze. “It is not good. He has yet to awaken and he weakens by the day. Do his contraptions still work?” Helious’ face scrunched up as he brooded over the matter. At last, he responded. “Yes, gods know we wouldn’t be around if not for his mechanisms, he’s an engineering genius.” “But?” Pilotus inquired, looking into his companion’s eyes. “But some are starting to fail; the constant battles are taking their toll on them, and a few have been destroyed by artillery fire.” “Things look grim old friend” Murmured Pilotus, absentmindedly stroking his long scraggly beard as he looked to the ground. Helious smiled and shook his head, his hand resting on Pilotus’ shoulder. “My dear friend, things have looked grim for months now. When Temaria fell, Coranto went unopposed, the raids went from once a week to an everyday occurrence. Gwydion’s traps and defensive systems were not meant for such heavy use, it’s a miracle they’ve lasted even this long.” Helious sighed and began to pace around the room, talking more quickly. “If the government would support us then perhaps we could have reinforcements but that moron of a Solemnus refuses to take any action! My paladins are left to die on this useless rock in the ocean and the best defense we have is a twenty-something year old engineer who has now mysteriously fallen ill! Utterly ridiculous, I-“ Helious’ rant, which had now devolved into shouting, suddenly stopped as he looked out the door. A man approached the building, unarmored and unarmed, swaying gently in the wind. His green eyes glowed strangely, pulsating with light and color. “Gwydion, is that Gwydion…?” Pilotus trailed off, his jaw slack as he gaped in disbelief. The strange man extended his hand in a gesture of friendship. “He was once Gwydion, but now he is mine. I have not seen you both since I was imprisoned all those months ago. Fear not my friends, it is I, Dreyethel.” A strong ruler must inspire and command. If he cannot pull his men from the depths of dark thoughts and temptation, then he shall soon lose his seat of power. It is not in the might of the sword that a man rules but with the might of his voice. A man’s inspiration stems from the strength of his commander and as a ruler you are the greatest commander of all. It is with poise and confidence that justice is delivered and so it must hold true for when your men are delivered from the injustice of their enemies. Your words goad your men into action, to fight and seek victory in their fighting. The greatest of rulers are known for this. The Vrovonics follow their commander, the Alor their Orator Prince. Thus the Loghecs should follow a man who confers unto the them the greatest gifts in language and history. Just as the Orator Prince calls upon the Alor with the blessing of Thesse so must the ruler of Loghecs call upon both Yolu and Dorrod, the spear and shield that girds the hearts of every Loghec and grants them victory in life and peace in death. We are a people of death and the dead, we do not fear the blackness beyond our minds when we fall in battle, so our commander need not worry about this. He must worry about the fear of pain, that his men shall be wounded in battle, that they shall feel the bite of a Vrovonic axe or the sharp sting of Selukkite arrows. The ruler commands his troops to remember, for they must remember that the Urth protects them and hold them to its bosom, that their armor of steel is born from the Urth and that the Urth protects its own. We are children of the Urth and thus we are protected. The ruler commands not only his men but the Urth as well; for the ruler commands not only the respect of his army but the respect of the faithful. The ruler is a commander first and foremost. All things stem from this truth.
  11. Active towns list of the Barrows of Roreg Logh

    Temaria Pvp/Rp Lore: Long and tedious, to be posted at a later date Ddrattlagh Town is mostly built so builders wouldnt have much to do, we really take all kinds though "Temaria, the town for outcasts"
  12. The best agent in the field

    He mentioned me I'm honored
  13. Pirate Songs

    never change Sund
  14. I Really Like Pizza

    I remember you (and you probably remember me),so uh, sorry for some things, I hope you hop on some time you were really solid in rp and helping out new players
  15. Player Run Conquest

    Not sure how long you been around my dude, but this has been posted in one form or another about every 6 months and started back in V1, 5 years ago. TLDR version, its basically not possible or too technically intensive for staff to devote time to making it. It also would require a buttload of custom code and towny already hates us.

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