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    A Daggerlander hailing from the southern island of Sakrudos, a wimpy Douglas moved to the state of Harrow in the mainland to employ for work; he is currently ​laboring to clean the stables of mutant bunnies, oil the massive gears and washing blood and petrol off suits with lavender-scented lava detergent.

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  1. where've you been you sly dog? i'm having lots of mindless, brain-dead fun without you.

  2. Back from a massive reading marathon. Re-read all of the Discworld novels, the current Mistborn series, Dune, Warhammer novels, read new ones like Malazan, Song of Ice and Fire (forgive me, only watched the show, but imo books are way better), and for fun all the Magic Treehouse. Also a crap ton of embarrassing light novels and rational/pony fanfiction.

  3. Your banner frightens me.

  4. Inquisition Recruitment!

    The fact that a morbidly terrifying puppy is hunting down heretics and uses the word 'huggles' is making me even more scared of Vrovona. The Vrovonic government is genius at instilling fear.
  5. Mediated Nation Meeting.

    Why not we all just snort some Cyridon white magicks up our nostrils and wait till the meeting details are posted, then we can talk about vacation homes and what's relevant to this matter, mmkay?~
  6. A'therian Archives Have Launched

  7. The Trade Worker's Union of Ithero

    Would like to point out that even if there is a communist regime somehow; influence of this era will probably make it result in pseudo-communism+capitalism, which isn't bad and is quite beneficial if you manage it right. Then again, don't demonize communism that much. Personally from examples in history I think the unity they have is brilliant (except for the messy ones). Bad leadership and unfairness were prominent traits, and resulted in a lot of hardship, but those traits still are present today at a much lesser degree though. But doesn't mean communism is bad.
  8. Endergaunt / Forge

    Mostly towards the sake of canon and RP I assume. The Endergaunts are Priest's of Astor, and thus are like covert spies; so reproducing documents for the reason of either replicating important documents of a enemy nation, spread false info and I think even propaganda are kinda their RP role. The new system kinda is breaking the skill apart, but the copying on Endergaunt still keeps the original name, not labelled as a copy, possibly preserving the 'authenticity' of the document. And many copies can be made like that I think. I don't know much though bout, but I like the cool process of making your own printing press that comes with the skill:D~
  9. The Daggerlands States

    Where is Sakrudos though?
  10. One reason why I don't play tempest

    Tempest is worth playing even without that? I heard some bad stuff bout it.
  11. The Cannon

    Wow that's both insane and cool. Insanely cool.
  12. Cryomancer skills?

    Do you wanna build a snowmannnnn~ it doesn't have to be a snowmannnn~
  13. Cryomancer skills?

    Ah ok. Yeah its just something minor I've noticed with the Cryomancer's lack of utility skills, but thanks for the answer.
  14. An Update From Your Loremaster

    That's a lotta lore. Keep up the good work! Are certain events in the lore history like wars and such be added as well?
  15. Cryomancer skills?

    Cryomancer Skills: Lvl 1 (8): ArcanePulse, Defences, Disenchant, Enchant, FrostBreath, Inversion, Piggify, Potion Lvl 10-100 (9): IceBrand, Root, IceBarrier, Web, ArcaneOrb, VoidBlade, ManaPotion, FrostBite, Blizzard Compared to something else- Pyromancer Skills: Lvl 1 (8): ArcanePulse, Defences, Disenchant, Enchant, Fireball, Inversion, Piggify, Potion Lvl 10-100 (10): Meteor, Root, BurnBlink, BurningPresence, ManaPotion, LavaStride, Cauterize, FireVolley, BlazingSpeed, Pyroblast Is there a reason why Cryomancer has no skills unlocked at level 50? Thanks.

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