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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

Thank you for reading. -A'therys Administration


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  1. [WTB] Nation Flags & Official Banners

    I've also got plenty of different banners, so just ask if you'd like to see them sometime Gales.
  2. The Annexation of Roreg Logh

    Meanwhile, Golgorai-Asthas worshipers be like...
  3. Event 1 : The Reacting Ruins.

    Nice! Really glad to see that the Nether Island will be coming out. Been discussed and brought up by so many people for such a long time now.
  4. 1.11 Maintenance Midway Update

    Oooo, cheating once again. You're such a gold-digger Dan. Silliness aside, glad to hear things are going smoothly. Really excited for the update!
  5. Lady's Hand Keep Auction Results *Apologies for the long delay. Been really busy. I hope it hasn't caused any inconveniences.* Auctions: Duneman's Tunic- going for 2,000 yora to Tommo Alor Battlestaff- going for 750 yora to pmega2 Dreadnaught Plate Chest- going for 500 yora to lnShane Runestaff from the 1st Cycle- going for 100 yora to lnShane Daggerlander Longbow of Fire- going for 200 yora to Blizzad Battleaxe from the 3rd Cycle- going for 250 yora to By_The_Burnside Ghastly Staff- going for 150 yora to lnShane Mimicking Axe- going for 500 yora to lnShane Three Temporal Crosairs, Two Temporal Maces, and One Temporal Staff- going for a total of 1,500 (250 each) to lnShane xWartime's Head- going for 3,000 yora to lnShane Wither Skeleton Skull- going for 5,000 yora to lnShane Stack of Glowstone Blocks- going for 200 yora to lnShane Stack of Quartz Blocks- going for 200 yora to JynxInx Stack of Hardened Clay Blocks- going for 200 yora to JynxInx lnShane's Auction Chest(Boars Rage Boots, Scepter of Fire, Gilded War Axe, Stolen Pegleg, Silent Death, Arcane Trawl, Rugged Pickaxe, Snow Boots, Pickaxe, Blade, Spade, Halberd, Cleaver, Scoop, Trawl, Shears, Fishing Rod, Steryon Rum, Santa's Favorite Whiskey, Souvenir Vizier's Staff, Mechanical Sled, Loghec Reading Stone, Stack of New Years Fireworks, Stack of Firework Rockets, Stack of Enchanter's Dust, Stack of Quartz Blocks, and Stack of Leather)- going for a total of 3,000 yora to ultravioletpixie Winners can contact me in-game or on the forums @ThatGuy_777 to set-up the exchange. Please do not send yora in advance, schedule a meeting with me beforehand. *Special thanks to all those who helped contribute items to the auction. The yora and any remaining items will be appropriately delivered back to the respective players.* Also, the server will be down tomorrow (March 25th), so that is another thing to bear in mind.
  6. What're you on about, gales?

    That's wonderful Gales! Congratulations! Really is awesome to hear. I hope you have a splendid time on your travels and attain much prosperity!
  7. Splendiferous! Praise Veser, Naios, and Vrovona. Also, man, those truffles are a steal!
  8. Lore Characters turned into Hearthstone Cards!

    DanTheDerp 1 mana; 2:2 If you have a Solodav Ksavik in your deck, draw it then discard it.
  9. * Official Announcement: Ithero is now buying GOLD*

    Supply gold to Ithero today for a chance to win stoof. (Granted, you're likely to only get the Yora, but that's still kind of like winning something).
  10. [Dungeon] The Crescent Depths

    After 5 hours of set determination... @[email protected]
  11. The Removal of Masteries

    If heroes were to be properly balanced and there was an actual playerbase that could support this, then I could possibly agree with this. But otherwise, this just seems like it wouldn't be functional. With the playerbase as low as it is, many of these roles would be absent in the smaller sub-communities on A'therys. Plus, with a pre-existing knowledge of the classes and the meta, current players in these sub-communities would be more or less forced to be what's most useful (unless they'd be willing to live without said benefits), leading again to a higher ratio of those classes than others. Currently, there is no "requirement" for people to go certain classes. If such a situation were to occur, it would probably be in a organized fight where you are forced to cut people to make the numbers fair. That comes down to what they think is the most useful. With specialized classes, if someone else happens to have a class that's more useful in that situation, then the same rules apply. A lot of players choose the classes you mentioned, but that's because they're either more convenient or useful. Once new players know what the classes do in detail, more times than not, should they choose to start over as a new class, it would be something along the lines of conduit, mountebank, etc. In the end, I feel this just comes back to the state of the server again. Should the right measures be done to boost player activity, and the right steps taken to change and balance heroes, then I feel so many of the servers problems would just dissipate. I've only been on the server for as long as EVO, so I can't really say anything for V1 or V2. If anyone has anything to comment on my thoughts, it would be appreciated.
  12. One Last Festival Update Thingy And An Apology.

    Eh, we all have our less than memorable moments. It's no biggie. Thank you for "apolagizing" though.
  13. Nothing trumpets love quite like Bobs building a bridge across the ocean to see Maze (now known as MoltenCore_). Raiders have to find a way to bridge that gap in their heart too. <3

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