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  1. A'therys Horizons

    Don't you love arguing about the same topic about every month to people who clearly don't know what they're talking about and pretend they do?
  2. Store Credit?

    @HaedHutner is making a custom PvP plugin kinda inspired by heroes with concepts by the PvP team
  3. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    back in my day we got rare items from events and shit we ain't got no admin shopss
  4. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    @redninja685 take it from our side, we barely hear any news/info on the project, anything discussed here by a staff member on the forums might as well be the real thing.
  5. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    Wasn't stolen at all - sorry if I wasn't clear. It just gave exp on the death of a player, so, naturally, someone just made a script so that they die billions of times a second to abuse it.
  6. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    Ok back at home. As for Rogue raids and being fun for both parties - I suppose it depends on which side you're on and what the circumstances are. For example, If a party is rogue raiding a notorious PvP noob town - something like what was of Storms of Thesse, Salacia, that roreg town in a box I can't recall the name of, then those guys are gonna get peeved for about an hour about getting rogue raided because that's easy pickings. But, that's just at the start of the Rogue raid - once you get to the meat of the rogue raid - there's a lot of risk involved. If you're a part of a nation that's known for a high mob-mentality for these things like Ithero, you're going to get chased down for rogue raiding that noob town - and ultimately, probably killed if you aren't that great a rogue - there's still a lot of risk involved from beginning to end. In other circumstances though - like one PvP town rogue raiding another PvP town - there's a much greater risk, because, if you kill or TRY to kill one person for their gear you're gonna get driven out fast and probably, again, killed. I don't know about others - but I feel like yeah, there's something to be said about the motivation of "being amongst the best" and winning fights and being with your pals, but, all of that is only worth the journey if there's some thing you can get from it - whether that be loot, a place at the top of a meaningful leaderboard, a bounty, ect. Also, I think that you have to take everyone's motivations in to account - unless you won't have enough players. For example, In the later part of v2 as well as vEVO - our town had only one other PvP town we could essentially raid and that's it. All we had to raid were the Israeli bunch in the form of Pomme de Terre and Istabulero - we couldn't wait outside of non-PvP towns because there was no reason for anyone to ever leave their town. ever. It gets a bit boring when all you have to raid is about one town. I feel like a major cause of PvP just dying quite a bit was the introduction of warp signs. Warp signs just allowed people to never ever ever leave the comfort of a no-PvP zone if they didn't have to. They didn't need to leave it to go to the nation market, move their stuff from one place to another, ect. I'll be honest - it's rare that you have fight that people aren't gearing up, as it's much more worth your while to just have the gear you need on you. Yeah, it might be a minimal amount of gear in the form of a weapon, armor, and food - but it's still gear, and gear means loot. I also think there's also a risk for everybody involved in PvP- maybe even more on the side of the attacker. The attackers can successfully just kill a guy, but then the defenders come out in a group and kill the attackers and get their gear - including the gear of the guy the attackers had killed earlier. It really depends. But if you do get anything from this - and anybody can tell you this - is that THERE IS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS RISK IN PVP - on both sides. Oh, just though of something - I've had this happen to me once or twice. I sometimes go on these lone rogue raids by myself to just try and catch people off - sometimes people or geared or not, its whatever - I'm always geared. I've had it happen that I sneak up on an un-geared person to try and kill them while their doing whatever. It happens that they're a class like conduit or something with good crowd control - they either try to just run away and get in a house after CCing me or, I've had this happen, they CC me hard enough - and kill me - without any gear on. It happens. Honestly it depends on the loot - and player loot will always be a good source of loot and motivation. Answer to this is - it depends. Not going to answer about the roles of attacker/defender in PvP as I've already clarified. In my opinion, you're not all completely wrong - I do believe that with a lot of items in the economy - as there was in v1, people will take that little risk of going out to PvP AND they will feel that the reward they get from killing people is totally worth it and a good reward. More people would PvP if they don''t care as much about the losses and getting all the other person's gear if they do triumph. Keeping gear in general isn't great without a replacement, while, yeah, if you're just not good at your class or PvP or whatever you're going to lose your gear more often while the people who kill you will have a surplus - you're going to feel turned off, but, it's just about getting better. Diminishing the loot in terms of gear without a proper replacement that works is a large turnoff for current people that enjoy PvPing and you're just going to alienate the few that still intend to commit to the server in terms of PvP. Yeah I agree, you just respawn and whatever and go back, could be annoying, it's whatever - I've gotten used to it. They did however used to have money lost in v1 as well as heroes exp to the killer - but people abused the exp, dunno about the money lost.
  7. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    Thanks for clearing the air for now, I’ll write you a nice post about your questions/concerns and my view on them when I get home. (Cause I like arguing about PvP lol)
  8. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    Do you even know how PvP works, how rewards for PvP work, and how available those rewards are? From your post is seems as if you have a little grasp but that's it. Apparently also I'm now THE spokesperson for the entire archetype of PvP because I wanted to make a comment on someone's post. That's chill. If I want to be vocal about what I like to play, how I play it, and how I can make it better - apparently I'm presumptuous and selfish.
  9. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    In totality its more of the fact that item drops were the main reward of PvP, however, if that was replaced for like randomly spawned chests with random loot in that middle area you guys are creating which is always PvP on and by other means, it would be fine. Also, what Aller says that without fast travel people HAVE to travel goods around and stuff it would be better in general.
  10. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    Because the only motivation for PvPing is items dropped on death, and you'd be destroying that. I like to PvP mainly on your server, and if I'm not motivated to PvP, I'm not motivated to play. Also, don't take from one archetype of a server to give to another without proposing a replacement for what you took away or something equivalent. People who concentrate on that archetype will just be angry - no matter what archetype it is (RP, Trading, PvP, etc.). Merchanting and Trading has been mostly dead in recent iterations of A'therys, the only time I've seen it thrive was in V1 (where market towns thrived and there were MANY items available). People liked to hoard all their items and goods and things in recent iterations of A'therys - find a means or reason to make them circulate and trade or sell those hoarded goods and there's your solution. Yora was simply a number in recent A'therys, you didn't do much with it, and people that had a lot of Yora didn't spend it at all. If you have many people just keeping their assets that's not helping anything. Furthermore, If you make people keep their items on death you're just contributing to people hoarding goods (since people will just go PvP with what they're able to keep on death on them) and PvPers will only fight PvPers in PvP fights cause raiding towns on A'therys is a no-no cause people can just toggle PvP in their towns or just have it off all the time. If you want to make the Merchanting/Trading archetype aspects of the server better, don't mess with PvP rewards and ect. fix the "hoarding" problem first.
  11. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    Any items kept on death... I won't consider even playing the server.
  12. Fight Club

  13. seems as if the project is dead... no status updates, no nothing.

  14. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    Question: What is the mechanic going to be specifically, cause nobody has said at all in this whole thread what it's going to be. Like I said earlier in this thread, talking about the addition specifically would help people discuss the mechanic instead of spewing chaos. All the staff has said so far is that it's going to be for RP, completely optional, and that's about it.

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