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    Head of the New Growth Party & Pithkeeper of The Daggerlands
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    Branden | Rhykker

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    Rhykker Shadowcloak
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    Rhykker Kastellon-Shadowcloak

    Hardly anything is known about this figure. He seemed to appear from nowhere after the collapse of Altharia. Kastellon's Patriarch, Leonus Kastellon's abduction occurred at the same time as this strange character showed up in Aloreh, and he then quickly assumed his role as the new patriarch. Could he be involved in the plot? Only time will tell.

    Now the Patriarch of a new Noble House by the name of House Shadowcloak, Rhykker has quickly risen in status since his exile from Altharia. Over time, the other Nobles grew to trust him more and more. With no Lector General in government at the time, he was quickly given the role.

    Many years later, with the Court turned against him, he lead his people to join The Daggerlands, relinquishing his status as Lector General of Aloreh for the protection, friendship, and democracy of the once Tyrant ruled lands.

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  1. ~ | Rʜʏᴋᴋᴇʀ's Jᴏᴜʀɴᴀʟ | ~ Tᴏᴘɪᴄ Oɴᴇ - A'ᴛʜᴇʀʏs Asᴄᴇɴᴅᴇᴅ Strange, isn't it? After... ALL this time... I still return to the place of my youth. This server? This place? It's a part of me, just as much so as any arm or leg on my body. Yet... if that's the case, where have I been all this time? Does anyone even remember me? Does it matter? These are all questions floating around in my mind, and in old rumor long grown stale. Yet, here I am... but, why now? Many probably remembered me. Nation head of this place, moderator of that, mayor of this and yada yada yada. Useless titles that meant nothing to me. This server? This place I grew up in. I was still just a little useless kid in, hell, middle school of all places when I joined up. This server, was my family, was my friends, was my go to place to forget the world and enjoy myself with others from other backgrounds entirely. My connection away from life. My well, sanctuary for lack of a better word. As time rolled on, I soon learned this place was just like any other. A'therys could be a haven of joy and entertainment, or a place of needless abuse and sorrow. We'd lose friends, and make new ones in the same week, and those of us who couldn't have enough, kept holding on through thick and thin, through every server event, through every forum post. We kept playing. There were players, numerous in number, who's whole entire goal was to ruin this thing we cherished so much. I learned quickly, that to keep together this server, I had to step up, for you, for my friends, and for me. A'therys isn't a unique scenario. Every gaming community is like this, though in all truth, this was the first that seemed to directly link and connect with the player-base in such a way. Everyone felt like they could become anything, and that every one was special in their own little ways, not so much like most modern communities, where you are lost in a sea of overachievers, or simply unimportant, masked in a cloud of disinterest by the very creators of their vast communities. There came a day, where the fun did end for me, not for the worst, but for the better, in my personal opinion. The day I was granted moderator status, and nation leader, was the official start to my time here in A'therys. My one true test of mettle and self worth. Arguably, I could say I did an astounding job, under the circumstances. Though truly, I believed I could do more, always improve, keep pushing myself further and further until I broke. I was a kid then, the day I left A'therys behind. A teen in high-school. I've learned a lot since then. It seems so long ago, that old version of me. Though honestly it wasn't that far in the past. I regret it, every day. To pursue my life goals, I had to give up the one thing that kept me sane all those years ago. I had to give up A'therys Ascended. I put another in charge for my position, to help keep things moving forward as I was incapable of doing so myself, but no offense to that replacement, no one could fill such big boots so easily. It was a momentous task, and that burden I had created, I couldn't simply pass to another and expect it so easily taken. When I think back on it now, I wonder if it was all worth it. I managed to achieve a good fourth of my college goals, but the consequences of my actions meant that Aloreh would fall to it's knees, and crumble into dust, scattered by the wind. I wished I could have been there, to keep the motivation going, being that pillar that supported the community, but I couldn't, and many other life related issues arose that would further hinder a strong return. I returned, a few years later, as an assistant for the nation head of The Daggerlands. Long after my college work was done, I was met with barely a speck of what once was Aloreh, and I had no where else to turn but the next most active nation. After a few months of assisting him, the nation fell to me to run, but almost as soon as I had received it, the real world came back to bite my in the bum all over again. Needless to say, another scenario of pass and throw, ending in a failed catch, and I felt I was to blame. Hmm... perhaps the very reason why I write this entry is just so I can read the very thoughts running on the top of my mind, or maybe its to assure others I'm still here. But I can tell you, it isn't for pity, or boasting. It's an apology. To those I could not be there for, for those positions I was once charged to uphold and could not. For those who needed me, and I wasn't there. I truly am sorry. I have every right to not be, to say it wasn't my fault. That I did everything in my power to prevent the downfalls and keep the server running at full efficiency, at least in places I had control of to improve. But I don't feel like that's right, and that I must, at least, before I do anything further, ask for some form of forgiveness before things feel right again. However, whether you know me or not, or simply are a forum browser, and never played the game... whether you are a moderator or a common casual PC gamer. I return to A'therys, now... for one reason alone. I want to rebuild the community. I don't mean to say it's dead, not in the least. It's still here, full force, just waiting patiently for the release of A'therys Horizons, which I must admit, seems rather impressive. What I am saying is, for others to join us in our next adventure in a whole new chapter of our community, we need to be here, online. We need to be chatting again, playing together, fighting in arenas, selling goods, growing farms, or being the political scum a few of us know we are and run some nations. If we want the launch of Horizons to be the best success it can be, we need A'therys Ascended's end, to be strong, and a reminder of all that we did. I want to remember these last few months of this server, before it's gone for good. I want to run around, highlighting the grand builds of our great builders. I want to encourage friendly events and fun gatherings. Make memorable moments, share jokes. And ultimately, I want this community at it's peak, ready to take on that next challenge. I want to get the backbone of this server built up and ready, so when launch of Horizons is upon us, everything is ready to go. I know, I know... I'm saying "I want" a lot, like some spoiled child. But above all else, I want this community back and at it, like the good old days. Whether you are new or old, I want to meet you, I want to enjoy a fraction of my time with you, and I want to get to know as many of you as I can, before something happens one day, and I can't. Whether you are with me or not, doesn't matter, though I'd be ecstatic for you to join me for one last run of this server before it's all just a memory. The only reason I return now, of all times, of all places, is to get this community ready for what is to come. What say you?
  2. The Alor Tribune: The Veiled Outbreak

    A little quick aren't we? I barely did anything yet. ;P
  3. Shadowcloaks... it's time.


    1. redninja685




  5. *This post has been updated to replace our beloved Magister Elect, with the newly Elected Magister Elect. Genedi Coldhaven of The Crucible Thank you truly for your service to the people of The Daggerlands through all these long seasons. And to your successor, may his leadership bring prosperity and growth to our fine Nation! Congratulations! Edwin Pickston of Harrow - @Edwin Pickston You have achieved the popular vote, and have won the election for the position of Magister Elect.
  6. Rhykker’s Monthly Schedule Some amongst you wanted definite dates, times, and schedules for my activity on A’therys. Welp, here it is! The times I posted available are all hours I’m not asleep or working. If you try to contact me outside of these hours, I will not respond until the next day or unless I’m on Break at work. I will attempt to adhere to this schedule to the best of my ability, but I will have “cheat days” or there may be emergency situations at work where I am working different hours or days, so don’t judge me too harshly if I’m not perfectly following it! I may also have personal family situations that may randomly occur, and I will not be available on most American Holidays, but I will attempt to forewarn about those situations in this post. I also didn’t include PvP XP Days, Sellt Chats, Nation Meetings, or Military Meetings as A’therys Hours Online. During these times I will either be on Teamspeak or Discord. Most likely not in game, save PvP XP Days. Week One - Sellt Chat & A’therys Week Two - PvP XP Week & A’therys Week Three - Military Meeting & A’therys Week Four - Nation Meeting & A’therys Week Five? - Game’s Nights & A’therys Grand Totals - Monthly A’therys Hours: 116 Hours Max Game’s Night Hours: 35 Hours Max Personal Hours: 55 Hours Max A’THERYS! WHY DO YOU TAKE OVER MY LIFE!
  7. Updated with GodofGales, Elected Magister of Cinderweald, and JynxInx, Elected Minister of Internal Affairs.
  8. The First Shadowcloak Elections | Results Are In! To make this short, sweet, and to the point. The Election results are in! Below I have the exact results of the vote, with voter choices hidden of course. However, our winners are… GodofGales - Magister of Cinderweald And JynxInx - Minister of Internal Affairs. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oBdCZusFB6Ya9L1syvNROhf3ZTblKHbxTSb6z09yU8o/edit?usp=sharing Thank you, all those who participated. This was a very successful election.
  9. The Society For New Growth Political Party Information and Registration Basic Information The Society For New Growth, or New Growth Party [NGP], is a political entity dedicated toward the ideals of national and economic self-sufficiency, agriculture, and the reclamation of the volcanic wastelands of The Daggerlands. Though similar in theory to the Reclamation Party, the NGP focuses use of modern technology to improve land fertilization, natural plant growth, and farmland infrastructure. Some in the NGP also encourage bending the will of the poisonous swamp lands on the southern and eastern coastline for human settlement and environmental safety. However, the Rammatites continue to counter their attempts to do just that, and instead, encourage the growth and spread of the deadly swamps of The Viper, Rammat. We tend to work closely with the Commonguard Party, since most of their proposals and strategies seem to mirror our own. However, many refuse to associate with the Reclamation Party, simply due to their opposing methods on how to reclaim the wastes with ancient magic, instead of modern technology. More information can be found here… https://atherys.com/forum/index.php?/canon-lore/nations/daggerlands/political-parties/new-growth-party The Head of The NGP This season, the elected Head of the New Growth Party is, Rhykker Shadowcloak - @Rhykker State: The Outmaw How To Join To join the Society For New Growth, or NGP, simply fill out the application below. You will only be accepted if all information is filled out correctly and accurately. In Game Name: RP Name: State: Town: Plans or Ideas: Additional Information [Optional]: A Reminder All political parties are strictly for RP use only. Any excessive use of these parties to cause national divides, harm player freedoms, or any similar issue, will be met with a swift removal of legitimacy. There can be Magisters with party ties, but that cannot prevent the nation from working together to improve and benefit the whole. I’m hoping to use these parties to add more color and dynamics to the typical national roleplay whilst adding more reasons to why the party members vote or act a certain way in future Dagger specific events. Have fun, and don’t take it too seriously. It's just a game after all! To the other Party Heads, I encourage you to make similar posts, as long as they similarly follow the Forum Lore of each party accurately, which can be found here!
  10. He/she is a running mate. In American elections the president doesn't make a vote for his VP. But I could have. I simply decided I needed help now and picked one instead however. The main reason for those two other vote options is that, if the playerbase does not see the candidate as worthy of the role or capable, they will be voted as either abstain (no opinion vote but count that I did vote), or leave vacancy (I do not trust or don't think this person has the qualifications to perform the role).
  11. I would. But its The Daggerlands. Everyone has to have their say.
  12. Shoot almost forgot, final deadline to vote is the 10th of March! <3
  13. The First Shadowcloak Elections | Time To Vote! As the title states, it’s finally time for democracy to shine within this fine nation. However, before we start, I’d like to apologize for the massive delay, but I fear it couldn’t have been helped. With this post, I revoke the temporary democratic pause and continue to encourage anyone and everyone to participate in the growth of our nation as well as give opinions, ideas, and thoughts on how to keep improving ourselves. However, we will still be under a State of Emergency until myself and the Magisters see fit to remove that National Status. The Ballot Ah, now that that’s over with, I’d like all of you to look through the list of candidates below and choose the one you most think deserves the job! If you do not see anyone fit for the position, you could always abstain, or vote to keep the position vacant for someone else to try for it later down the road. https://goo.gl/forms/6hqHPfIdbwcUGBw32 Positions Still Available
  14. *Edited for recruitment and adding joey to the post! Some ranks added as well but they are rough draft roles for the time being.

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