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  1. forums are back up


    1. Dannie


      woot unn limitid stawrage

  2. Forums update

    Update: forums should be stable for any help you can msg me on here or via email [email protected]
  3. Forums update

    So forums should be up and working as of now! Reminder to everyone to clear the browser's cache as it will still cause issues
  4. Hehe, Vnthy was here :D

  5. The Test Server

    i will be hosting the test server, and we have a plan so if you wish to help pay for it we can chat about it
  6. A'therys Bot [TS]

    Pointing out @Jessica i have a tag!
  7. Heroes Patch 2.2.1 - Many Fixes.

    Thing is that bows work of normal Minecraft Mechanics, until heroes itself fixes it we cant fix it
  8. Heroes Patch 2.2.1 - Many Fixes.

    This Patch will be Going in Today at 12 PM est!
  9. Dannie waz 'ere :D 

  10. FML 1.10 Already.

    Yea but back than jess wasn't admin, and jess dose a lot of work ask @Edd

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