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  1. Leaked Horizons combat

    I did not have PVP relations with that zombie...
  2. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    I quite like your post here for the most part! I completely agree with the freedom of the market prices. While I think in real life certain regulations are necessary, you and many others have pointed out that A'therys is just a game. It's core purpose is to be fun. Chronus and I both spent a while trying to get rid of the arbitrary restrictions on the price of goods, aka admin shops. I would not want those repeated at the start either, and I don't think we will need to. We're gonna have to find that perfect distribution of the goods and materials people need and make them actually obtainable through work, which will in itself set prices. The one thing that we do however need to control is inflation. I know you are not personally concerned with this but I believe an uncontrollable inflation rate is what ruined a lot of the fun of Evo early on. We had infinite money flowing in from useless items and not enough flowing out. This can make the game too easy, which does ruin the fun for everyone! Not just directly by making players less likely to log on and play, but by forcing others to adjust to how easy money is to gain (making it less valuable). All of a sudden there's no point in trading (seriously, did anyone actually play as a trader all throughout Evo?), there's no point paying players with it when they can just get tons more on their own through less work, there's no point farming/working when it's laughably easy to buy survival goods, etc. It's just something I think we need to monitor for a while. Within a month or two we should be able to recognize patterns and adjust coin sinks/sources accordingly. The final thing is to encourage circulation of money and we can do that by making basic survival more costly (I can see you giggling gleefully at the thought of taxing the poor) and restrictive to certain people. A lot of these ideas we had floating around even in Evo but there was little point in applying them to an already broken system without hope of putting a dent in the problems.
  3. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    I didn't mention chest shops, I said admin shops As for @redninja685 he didn't intend for it to be intended towards anything, I asked him about it when he posted it and he was just joking in his usual manner. I do agree that oversight is necessary, we're looking into the econ stuff at the moment.
  4. A'therys Horizons

    I see the point both you and @DarkAtlantean are trying to make, and again, it would totally be true for all previous versions of A'therys. Compromise has sometimes (well, pretty often) made both sides unhappy. And for some things, like certain PvP ideas, there is a clear imbalance of who that affects, mostly PvPers negatively. For others it has been the other way around. But in some ways, we're trying to make those decisions no longer needed. We won't have to choose between one or the other, and that's not because we're choosing a "middle ground" but because we are revamping the way those things work entirely. It would be easier if I could give examples but my hands are tied until closer to launch.
  5. A'therys Horizons

    I get that, and it's a valid point. No group should feel entitled to being catered to. What we want to create is something that is a third direction. We've got a few ways we are doing this, that will over time become revealed. (Not sure how much I can reveal at this stage so I won't.) Rest assured that we're always having the same discussion ourselves and asking what the best outcome for the future of Atherys is. The posts I hid were ones that were personal spats, not ones that contributed to the discussion (I left a few posts by Jupiter for example).
  6. A'therys Horizons

    I will be hiding posts unrelated to the actual Horizons discussion from this point on and also previous deraily posts. In regards to the PvP vs RP issue, it is one that is valid if you are talking about an old version of Atherys. HOWEVER. Horizons will not be built on the same framework as previous iterations. We no longer will be a server catering to two split communities. Rest assured at this stage we have a specific plan to offer a unique gameplay experience that we haven't previously explored. We didn't choose one side or the other, we didn't need to. None of our choices are made based on who we can beg to come back. What we plan on offering should be more than enough for anyone to enjoy and appreciate for what it is: NEW. Do not assume things will be like they were before. They won't be the same PvP experiences. They won't be the same towns. The same communities. It is a blank slate, an opportunity to discover what we have planned. We've learned from many previous mistakes and tweaked others. But we also don't need to force ourselves to solve a problem that we don't plan on creating in the first place. Thanks.
  7. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    I have considered it and I don't believe a full inventory keep on death would be worth the potential increase in trade as you've described it. Remember that towns will be more encouraged to retain and create communities for new players - second hand goods will not be useless on a personal level. You can always give hand-me-down's to your townies. There also needs to be a bit of immediate gratification to PvP - picking up one or two potentially good pieces of gear is a good incentive for organized pvp. As much as the other methods we have planned encourage this too, players like the thrill of risk. I believe choosing 3 items not to drop is a good balance - here's why. Say you have 4 great pieces of armor and a good sword. That's 5 items. Choosing which 3 to keep gives a tactical element to fight preparation. You can choose your helmet, your god-tier chestplate, and your unique dungeon sword. But that leaves your boots and your leggings at risk of being dropped. Do you choose your weaker gear for those slots then, and lower your chance of winning the fight? Do you go all out and potentially lose them? Maybe you carry a scroll of capital teleportation, which you've worked hard for. You've suddenly got a slot less for combat. But you do lose the fight, and now you've lost 2 (or more) great items. Damn. But you've still kept the items most important to you, they've taken some damage, but more importantly they've been USED. And now you have a reason to go back to the dungeon or conquest point to grind for replacements. That is a factor that you don't want to discourage. Getting 5 god tier items removes your desire to ever go back to the Shattered Lands for at least a month or so, which we don't want. The other thing to remember is that without item drop on death, players can use this to transport large quantities of items - fill your inventory thousands of blocks away, hop into a a lava pit, bam, instant transportation. Of course that is a minor concern that can be eliminated by tweaking. But I still strongly think a balance that forces you to choose checks all the boxes.
  8. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    To some extent there must be risk, otherwise there is no circulation of rare items beyond regular trading, and that can often not happen. One of my econ proposals is a system where you select 3 items not to drop on death, and the rest are fair game - if this is possible it still forces you to make a choice, and take a loss if you do die. But it mitigates the whole "stick rare items into a chest and never look at them again" problem.
  9. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    When admin shops were proposed, the idea was to have a guaranteed source of items at an outrageous rate. In other words, if you REALLY needed an item, you could pay out of your nose to get it. However, the price would be so high that you're probably best off looking for a player who is selling it. The price for selling to the shop on the other hand was to be pennies compared to the real worth of that item. You would literally have to want to lose money by selling to the shops instead of to other players. On paper this was going to encourage all but the most common items being publicly traded and markets to spring up, having a vast price range for each item to compete with each other in. Unfortunately, the idea was rushed and whoever set up shops took this to mean all items needed a super small range of prices that gave good sale prices and cheap buy prices. This ruined any semblance of competition and markets became pointless. Within weeks people had amassed tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of yora. Comparatively, in v2 we had months and months before those thresholds were hit. The million yora mark wasn't broken until near the end of v2. We attempted to fix this by removing admin shops but the damage had already been done. I hope that we avoid the use of admin shops in Horizons and instead introduce a healthy way of obtaining each item. Having numerous other ways to introduce money into the economy on top of this should strike a nice balance. The exact details haven't been hammered out yet, but that's what I'm hoping for and I know Chronus is as well. As for towns, there will be unique ways of obtaining deeds and different ways of upkeep, details of which will come later. Finally, we have discussed something similar to your last point about money drops but those are just ideas on paper at this point.
  10. Sellt’s Diary 08/15/2017

    1. Not quite sure, but there will be a reduced ocean size as has been requested before. The nations are still fairly large. 2. 5 to choose from, and one unplayable nation. 3. There are a few concept ideas floating around, but the Econ staff will be working on that soon. Ideas and suggestions are welcome at this stage. 4. There is a literal duck block. @Dannie gone wild.
  11. Like raxiam said, Aloreh won't be a nation, and you should take a look at the new style overviews to figure out what you plan to do! I recommend taking some of those ideas, playing around with the CQR mod on the official build server, and applying them to a new style. Good to see you're planning for the future and excited about Horizons though
  12. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    Correct me if I'm wrong but did we not for a short period of time have a /roll command that would roll a 20 sided dice? There are arguments to be made on both sides and I understand the hesitation of some people. Looking at LOTC, their RP system is mandatory. Does that detract from actual PvP? Most certainly. I know a lot of our PvP community would not or does not enjoy that server because of it. The purpose of the lore, the universe, the story of A'therys is to provide players with a consistent setting for their imagination to take over - we as a server provide the scene, you are the actors. At a base level, PvPers are also RPing - the formation of towns, buildings, raids, etc contributes to that story. The question then is, is an alternative system to PvP detrimental to PvP overall? If we do it in a similar manner to LOTC, yes, yes it it. I say this as someone who has always leaned towards the RP side of the community more. The way they do their system essentially makes it more difficult for RPers to actually fight than it is for them to RP fight. So many circumstances have to be fulfilled for players to actually be able to attack each other using combat mechanics, and this detracts from PvP. RPing a fight is easier in that system. If we made such a system here, RPers would find the alternate PvP system easier than an actual combat system - encouraging them not to actually PvP out of convenience. But that isn't what is being suggested here. What is being suggested here is simply a framework where we (or someone) explains an optional, non-binding system for combat. One that isn't default, one that doesn't take preference to picking up a diamond sword and bashing someone's face in. If its done in a way that the more natural of the two combat systems is still to actually fight, this wouldn't take away from PvP at all. Can that be done? I don't know, it's not something I have the time to play around with. If anyone in the community wants it, they can take the initiative to do it. I don't want a mandatory RP framework. I don't want a mandatory PvP framework. I don't want a server where members of either group feel like they have to RP/PvP a specific way. A'therys has always been the middle ground between LOTC and a server like Herocraft. You have the choice to engage in either side or both side. Or none at all. Mandatory systems for any aspect are silly if not done right, and that's why we don't generally do that beyond a page or two of server rules.
  13. Selukkite Horizon meeting

    I may actually not be around this Sunday, or for the next 3 weeks actually. I'll be checking in with sporadic internet connection, but I'll be back the first week of July. I'll let you guys know my thoughts in the nation chats But everyone should come!
  14. Donations For Horizons

    Your concerns are fair! I'd also want to know where my money is going no matter how much I care about any project. Unlike the Heroes team, which was generally kept separate from the staff team, the Horizons project is lead by the staff with oversight into pretty much everything we do. While I'm not aware of anything to do with Heroes donations, you can look at the list of things Sellt posted to see what the Horizons donations will go to. The process of moving to a new version does involve losing our previous work and purchases, and shutting the store down now is our way of showing to you that we aren't going to be taking money for no reason. There are many months ahead in Evo for you to enjoy your previous purchases. When the time comes, we will not be porting over titles, plots, etc. This was mentioned in the Sellt chat if not the official post. I know not everyone was present at the Sellt chat, but rest assured regular updates will be coming as the process moves along. Lots of work to be done, but also lots of opportunities to showcase what we're working on - if you like what you see/hear from these, then feel free to donate. Or don't, that is alright too! Your presence is enough contribution to the well-being of the server
  15. Nah I've always liked Omega Iota as a name. Gives like, early Yugioh vibes. Also, Raz, it's just Dani nav-Vercin now.

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