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  1. "Every seaman is not only a navigator, but a merchant and also a soldier"

    1. Dannie


      I always get the wrong end of the stick...

  2. [OLD] The Updated Pirate Code [TranceXhumaN's Reign]

    The rum seems to always be gone...
  3. [OLD] The Updated Pirate Code [TranceXhumaN's Reign]

    Mate the servers been down X3
  4. [OLD] The Updated Pirate Code [TranceXhumaN's Reign]

    You better have used Marcus
  5. [OLD] The Updated Pirate Code [TranceXhumaN's Reign]

    Yes my RP pirate name is Marcus Valdaren! ^^ Trance is a good name BTW!! D: X3
  6. The Pirate Code The Marcolo Brigands Ahoy mateys! It is with great pleasure that I present to you, The Pirate Code. This document contains everything you need to know as a member of The Marcolo Brigands, whether it is rules, lore, guides, lists or rosters, It is all here... If you have any questions about anything within Steryon or have suggestions for The Pirate Code, you are most welcome to message TranceXhumaN either on the forums or ingame. About The Marcolo Brigands A quick summary of who The Marcolo Brigands are The Marcolo Brigands is an organization that primarily focuses on PvP. Back in V1 of Atherys the guild was known as Valinta Carte, but with the release of V2 the name was changed to Marcolo Brigands and the town name to Steryon. The Pirate Law Basic town rules that everybody should know Repetitive violation of these rules will result in banishment from The Marcolo Brigands and sometimes even a ban on A’therys Ascended depending on the circumstances. 1. As a member of The Marcolo Brigands it is expected of you to follow the orders that you have been given to by your superiors. If you disagree with an order or a judgement contact a captain/high captain. It is expected that you NEVER lie or hide information from a captain/high captain. 2. As a member of The Marcolo Brigands it is expected of you not to give away any valuable information about neither The Marcolo Brigands nor its members. 3. As a member of The Marcolo Brigands it is expected of you to treat your fellow pirates with respect. If this is disobeyed via members talking behind peoples backs as well as further harassment it can result in removal from the town depending on the circumstances. 4. As a member of The Marcolo Brigands it is expected of you to NEVER steal from your fellow pirates. If anything has been stolen from you report it to a Captain/High Captain or Pirate King. 5. As a member of The Marcolo Brigands you are expected to get online on a fairly regular basis. After 30 days of inactivity you will be removed from the town. If you know that you’re going to be inactive for a while please report it to a captain or above. To Apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UIxaKmnCj7RTh0HpTDw5QDdW0jEDbXvXhkToXPVSvVk/viewform If you have any issues please message me (TranceXhumaN) ingame, on the forums, or teamspeak and I'll get it sorted.
  7. Project: Nandar

    Be glad the ducks haven't shown up at your town yet.... X3
  8. We need to get drunk.. and fast... LOL

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Dan The Derp
    3. Aronbear


      instead of getting drunk, you should get on skype... and fast... LOL

    4. HaedHutner
  9. Ithero Nation Head Change Up.

    I'm well known around Ithero and well liked by most members of the nation but I'm not really into the nation politics. I love Ithero a lot and I hope the nation can find a turning point and become active and as strong as it once was.. I'm currently working on a living district in Inoh_Village for new members and hopefully within time I can gain a town full of active members. I do not believe that Ithero needs change. It just needs towns willing to house new members and introduce them to the server. ~Trance
  10. Welcome to DuckVale!

    Too many ducks... why not a panda statue?
  11. The New Map With Markers.

    I can already see where my home shall be! :3 Can't wait~
  12. I can't wait for the new map to come out! :3

    1. Dr_Bosch


      Same. So much to explore, so much more to see. :)

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