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    A middle-aged fellow hailing from Vrovona, who for some time was an Elder of the Mage's Guild. He currently resides in Fort Razryv, Vrovona, where he practices his Candles magic and spends his days tilling the ground.

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  1. I may have lost $500 dollars in this election... But I can't say I'm not pleased with the results. 

  2. Rubious Lanterns

    This old picture seems to sum up the reputation we had:
  3. You'd need to get someone to summon you into place, but yeah. Should work fine.
  4. Hey Vrobros

    From your mortal perspective, perhaps. Vrovona has always towered over the rest in triumph. Even the glorious name of the nation drives away the minor Spirits in sheer terror, and causes the weak of men to fall. Though there were times when the nation was down, we rested comfortably in the knowledge that some day Vrovona will return, bringing us back to a time when all under the Sun was truly in the Vrovonic Empire. So, sit tight while you can, and enjoy your creature-comforts. For some day, milk-drinkers like you will be put to work, involuntarily serving in labor camps to the glory of Vrovona.
  5. Hey Vrobros

    Vrovona has always been stronger than the rest.
  6. Don't lose Heart Aloreh!

    At least you went well-prepared.
  7. The Elemental Breakfast Guardians

    That picture brings true and unbridled terror to my heart.
  8. I read this really neat memorial to those who died in World War II the other day, and just thought I'd share it with you lot. It's quite powerful.

    "They shall grow not old
    As we that are left grow old
    Age shall not weary them
    Nor the years condemn
    At the going down of the sun
    And in the morning
    We will remember them"


  9. A new Butler arrives

    I hear Vrovonic Mail-Order Butlers takes at least a week.
  10. Admin Shop??

    It's outside the main city, behind the stables.
  11. An Update From Your Loremaster

    The world we play on isn't the same world in the lore, per say. Continents are in different places, certain landmasses aren't in the map, and a lot of things in the lore cannot be accommodated by the Minecraft's mechanics. There's also a difference in various political things and what have you, nation boundaries, what nations actually exist/have broken up, etc.. For all intensive purposes though, we still roleplay as if the world in the lore is the same as the world in Minecraft.
  12. An Update From Your Loremaster

    From what I understand, there is no lore relevance behind the switch from v2 to Evo. That, and the system being used for dates and time is currently being redone.
  13. Found something unusual while mining...

    Maybe it's a little baby strovorach =3
  14. Plaguebearer buff

    I would doubt that, considering that it's a source of leather and because it can be sold to some player shops. Someone could just buy up all the rotten flesh they wanted to... Or they could take a trip to their town's farms and harvest twice as much. It really doesn't seem to be a big deal. Perhaps even a bad thing, as that rotten flesh will, instead of going in to make leather, become food.
  15. Plaguebearer buff

    Considering how easy food is to get normally, I don't see why it would be. Unless I'm missing something.

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