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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

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  1. Best Raid Ever

  2. Age of un-balance

    I mean, I don't see a problem with this... Lol
  3. Treaty of the Golden Sun and the Mystic Sands

    Quite the contrary, the Legion will only step in to help the city-state of Nandar when Vrovonic trade interest is threatened, eg. whenever @Chronus Blazebringer needs us to help defend.
  4. Treaty of the Golden Sun and the Mystic Sands The Nandar Emirate of the Selukkite city-state of Nandar and the Empire of Vrovona will hereby cease all hostilities between both parties as they agree to sign a contractual non-aggression treaty that pledges to provide military support in exchange for arms and armour in the pursuit of peace and economic prosperity between their peoples. 1. The Nandar Emirate and the Empire of Vrovona are to remain neutral towards one another, all military actions and other unsolicited acts of violence are hereby deemed illegal in accordance with the signing of this treaty. ● The Nandar Emirate is comprised of all the inhabited settlements within the city-state Nandar in the nation of Ar-Selukk. Notable settlements in the region are, but not limited to, the cities of Valzanttar, Nandar, and Manora. Any changes concerning this list will fall under the responsibility of The Nandar Emirate for informing the Praetor of Foreign Affairs. ● The Empire of Vrovona is comprised of all the towns within the Vrovonic mainland and its territorial possessions. ● All outlawed towns and/or individuals are considered free game between both parties, since they do fall under the jurisdiction outline in this treaty. 2. Within the capital city of Vrovona, the Nandar Trade Union (NTU) will be allowed to exchange its current merchant stall in the International Merchants Building for one within the main market at no additional cost. ● The Empire of Vrovona will allow the NTU first bids in supplying any national funded projects. ● Both parties are free to trade goods and/or services to any third party that they desire during a war or conflict, even if that third party happens to be their rival. ● The Nandar Emirate will pay the Empire of Vrovona 8,000 yora per month for protection services offered by the Vrovonic Legion. ● The Empire of Vrovona will buy 13 sets of leather, iron, chain, gold, or diamond armor per month from the Trade Union at the discounted price of 15% per set and also receive the same price for any additional sets. ● The Nandar Emirate will buy one chest of brick per month from Vrovona at the discounted price of 15% and also receive the same price for additional amounts. 3. The Empire of Vrovona will make a building available for The Nandar Emirate to establish an embassy within the capital city of Vrovona. The Nandar Emirate will make land available for The Empire of Vrovona to establish an embassy within the city of Valzanttar. Signed: Empire of Vrovona: Cuyler Marinus, Praetor of Foreign Affairs @DjL0bot Ar-Selukk: Chronus Blazebringer, Dheran of the city state of Nandar, Emir of the Dar'Hariq tribe @Chronus Blazebringer
  5. [Hiring] Lore Writers

    I guess I'll tackle Trade & Commerce
  6. [Hiring] Lore Writers

    I'd like help write something on the culture subject
  7. Obtainable Silk-Touch

    Gotta call in some economists on this one: @Aston Vestrala @Chronus Blazebringer @BlueChaos
  8. *Obligatory American college/university tuition prices/debt comment*

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