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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

Thank you for reading. -A'therys Administration


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  1. Works Authored by the Gods

    If you've got a copy ingame, I'd love to get my hands on it! Does this single plate still exist? I'd be very interested in seeing it. Seems the kind of thing Fiend_of_Atherys would hoard, wonder what old gasfiend is up to nowadays.
  2. Works Authored by the Gods

    You know what they say about history, and forgetting it. You wouldn't want future generations of Daggerlanders to start to speculate that Golgy's rule wasn't quite as bad as all the old farts say, would you? =P Besides, some of those creations could be useful. If you remove the rust and human-suffering components, at least.
  3. Works Authored by the Gods

    Hello, all! I'm making this post to inquire upon the existence of certain books and stories, those written by or simply attributed to our former (and current) celestial overlords. These works include: The Veil of Sleep, a book of poetry by Yolu detailing her teachings. The Book of Careful Practice, a set of plans left over from the brutal reign of Golgorai-Asthas, the God of Rust, and rumored to have been found in the ruins of his forge following his demise. Any of the additional poems from The Question of Water, the tome of song and poetry by the whimsical god Sav-Synav The Song of the Eclipse, a series of Hymns that stem from the twingods Veser and Naios and rumored to be in the possession of the Itheri priesthood. The Cycle of the Sun, an account of the glorious crusade of Vrovona across the vast Cosmic Mesh and A'therys alike Though I would dearly cherish any of these, I'm most interested in The Veil of Sleep. I'd like to know if anyone (officially written or player-made) has copies of that or any of these stories. Though I'm more than able to throw together what I need from my own imagination, I felt it best to check with the community at large first. Thanks
  4. hello

    Oh hey there. BTW this is the 9001st post in this forum section.
  5. Vrovona's Dark Secret...

    Nope. Empty words on paper.
  6. Vrovona's Dark Secret...

    The errant claims of madmen atop wooden boxes give you no purchase over the majesty of the depths.
  7. Vrovona's Dark Secret...

    Likely due to leftover Wendingos that the Vrovonics failed to cull. Couldn't be Shol cultists. No, we Loghecs have them completely under control. No issues here. What were we talking about again? *Whistles innocently
  8. A'therys Appreciation Thread

    Oh, I can reminisce with the best of them. -Getting my first death (ass kicked at the frozen lake outside the V2 Vrovona capital) thanks to the ever-lurking @Brady1233. -Storytime with former Pyre Warden Lorense in the wizard tower near aforementioned lake in between nightly leveling sessions. -The madness of the Nether Island, massive danger from both mobs and large raiding parties who would all log on the moment one of them got a whiff of a vulnerable leveling party. -The nonstop combat of Gelvance, and that feeling when I mastered my first Tier 3 (Paladin) and could join in the fray against friend and foe. -Becoming tired of the nonstop combat, red and yellow colors, and all that damn snow, and moving to Dorrod Muth to replace it with jungle trees and leaves that never despawn, damn them! But discovering a community that went beyond the segment of the server I knew, few though they may have been. -Lurking underground, meeting some new dear friends, and raising a mutual dislike with others. -Leading Roreg and desperately struggling to retain players, for months doing nothing but giving tours, startup supplies, and yora to every new face I saw. Got to be almost... therapeutic. -CHIP OATLEYS, hallowed be thy name. -Having to take a leave of absence and coming back to find the nation bursting with life, but every other nation dead. VICTORY! Not to mention the countless fantastic large-scale battles that would pop up at random, the rare occasion when I ran into someone who was as thrilled with wandering the nations aimlessly as I was, and the thrill of being part of a world with an ever evolving story and power structure. Plus the rare times when I was able to show up at a nation member's town just in time to drive off a raiding party, defensive fighting was and is my absolute favorite. Probably because I feel most comfortable in tanky classes and therefore have difficulty hunting down others. Some good times in the past. And maybe a few to come.
  9. Hi

    Hello hello! Welcome back to the server of champions, my friend. =D If you're here in the logh with us, give me a shout out when you see me online; I can fill ya in on all that's happened in recent history.
  10. Whats Going On Roreg.

    Here's what's up with Roreg, Vorske. We've still got people; trickling back in after the update, some not back yet but still in our skype chats and active; however, I'm the only one of the government who seems to exist at the moment. I'm alright with acting as de-facto apophon, as I already have been without the title of course, as I'm the only one left. I don't know of anyone who'd make a good replacement leader quite yet, but I can wait and see who rises up.
  11. Celebrating 5 Years on Atherys~

    Ah, I remember you. The drunken apophon never forgets. Welcome back. =P
  12. The Artifact; Risen Once Again From The Depths

    Don't be ridiculous, you can't break or fix or get rid of or not want The Artifact, it is above such petty actions.
  13. The Artifact; Risen Once Again From The Depths

    Worry not; it's encased in enchanted crystal. It will not hold forever, that's true; but for the time being, doubtless the mortals won't feel any negative effects. Though, considering what happened to my underworld contacts after they'd brought it to me... ah, it is of no consequence.
  14. The Artifact; Risen Once Again From The Depths

    THEN YOUR EYES WERE DECEIVED! But if you truly doubt. Come see The Artifact for yourself on Sunday.
  15. The Artifact; Risen Once Again From The Depths


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