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  1. Secret Santa gifts open

    The conclusion to the Secret Santa Event. All of the gifts around the tree in Monas Roth will be opened to their proper recipients. Chests will remain around for a few days after so you can claim your gifts in case you're not able to make it right away. Happy holidays!
  2. So..  Apparently not enough people voted for snek

  3. #SmallStaff

  4. Notice on Name Changes

    Currently on the server there is a glitch where changing your name will remove all Yora from your account. To prevent loss from this, let a staff member or trusted friend that you will be changing your name and send them your Yora first. Once the change is complete they can send it back and all is well! That's all, have fun
  5. Small DownTime

    Josh is australian for kiwi
  6. #Blame Jess

    Damn it, Barnie! Always breaking the things.. #BlameBarnie. It's a tradition!
  7. Nation Meeting Time

    Meeting will be on Saturday at 10:00 PM GMT May have to be cut short, unfortunately, but it will be plenty of time to get the important points across.
  8. Nation Meeting Time

    Go for it lol It would be like sneaking into a fisher price conference, its product is targeting a totally different audience and boring details on marketing.
  9. Nation Meeting Time

    Sorry no, this won't concern other nations yet and is completely internal for now.
  10. Nation Meeting Time

    Greetings, everyone! It seems it's about time for another nation meeting, we need anyone interested in attending to vote on a time. Roreg only, of course. Voting ends Monday, the 14th, and the official date will be announced. I've been speaking with Raxiam a bit, he has some concerns I need to speak about and want to do so in a public setting. Going to involve the entire nation and clear up any misconceptions that may be going around and allow others to voice themselves on anything they see to be an issue. For future reference of everyone, Roreg or not, it's much faster and easier on everyone to come speak with me directly as soon as any problems arise that involve me. Don't let the red name scare you, there are never any repercussions for showing concerns with an issue.
  11. Loghec Nation Meeting

    Maybe I will if I have some spare time, though the meeting seems pointless to me according to the current agenda. It only goes over things we talked about in the first meeting, things I have addressed already like government and filling Auldur positions. Again, the Auldura were chosen by myself as people I trusted to do well, or at least until a more suitable option was found. Unfortunately, I've seen few show interest in helping the nation beyond what benefits themselves, so I can't pick any more. People are too quiet and reclusive. The entire point of the priesthood I tried starting up was to bring the people together and have more players in leadership positions, "power to the people," as it was asked for in the first meeting. People lost interest though and nobody signed up, so there's no way to vote for positions there. I'd have assigned leaders to it myself instantly, but last time I did that with the Auldura people complained So for the time being, Roreg will officially remain neutral and the government will not be changing at all.
  12. Loghec Nation Meeting

    I will not be attending a meeting called without my approval or given any information on prior to planning. You should have asked me before if you wanted a nation meeting, communication is key.

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