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  1. Town has been Hijacked

    Yeh, thats what he said, +2 cents
  2. Conquest Timer

    Hey, just wanted to suggest a second timer in the regular world for conquest, since most people think its not working now, since the timer only activates in the PVE world. Which would be similar to the whatnation or whatclass annoucement which happens on a timer and would state how you need do /golevel, enter the portal and then /conquest to participate -Lost
  3. Free Ar-Selukk Town in A'ravhar!

    Name you plan on changing the town to: Luke Waters In game name: Ser_Franklin Plan for the town (must be detailed; pvp, rp, merchanting, etc. the more detailed the better!): The town itself would embody most of the aspects listed already, sincerely most great towns would do so. I would try and create an enviorment that allowed intelligent rp as well as safe merchanting where we would have capable warriors and soldiers to protect these interests be it from vrovonic vagabonds or selukkite bandits. Some Town lore (may find another tribe to join or work on some written stuff later): The land knows, it knows who lives and who dies, and who may settle its fertile land or perish on its shore. The tendrils of the Itheri Empire was far reaching and could break fleets with a flex of its might. To say it owned land and the riches of the high seas is an under estimation of its grandeour. Now to say that it didn't own land in the fiery desserts of ar selukk would be an incorrect presumption. The merchant fleet as well as the admiralty held many of the ports to which reaped the sandstone that made famous calastore and her sister cities. Luke Waters was just one of these places, a small city near the sea to which the itheri would ride into gather supplies and provide use of its many brothels. Though this was before the Second Calling when all made fortune from the gods and their delights. Once this hit the Itheri lost control of most of their ports holding only the closest of their territories. Luke Waters was in no fear though, it was small and unadorned providing enough money to provide work, but never enough to provide banditry enticement. As though with all good things, times took a sour and city states forged new pacts, denying entry through canal ways or border lands. Eventually Steryon being lost and the Marcolo Sea showing cruelty towards the merchant work. To say the least though Luke Waters is still a place of refuge among the imperious tribes and tempting mirages. Many Itheri Companies still run trade projects their pushing money down the coast following the gulf to scare pirates from coming too close to mainland. One of them being the East Ithero Company who has been set up to regiment the particular town, as with all former towns which still do not want to cut ties with the motherland. Whom provide labor in sand mines, jobs as sailors, or even shipbuilding which is a unique oppurtunity in such a dry country. About your character: Franklin Downsgrove is a Lancer to that of House Kane and blood brother to Adm. Zachary Kane. Franklin heads the dept. of East Ithero Company in Selukk, sitting as the steward of Luke Waters. Undertaking any Foreign Affairs position in the Nation as well as settling the disputes of fighting tribes to have a fair arbitrator. Franklin is a soldier in the itheri military, being from the salt of the earth he was not an officer but of the simple enlisted being promoted through sheer talent comparative to the old money of some families. He rose to the rank of seargent in a few years comparative to that of the old men who got the positions due to their service time. Now to why a soldier is working as an ambassador and merchant is not much of a peculiar story. Many a merchant ships leace soldiers from the itheri military to provide security on their ships as well as political protection if it so happens they get captured. Now in one of these same ships Adm. Kane and Sgt Downsgrove were placed. At the time Kane was just a merchant working for his father patriarch to the Kane fortune, one of the oldest and proudest of Itheri Families. Downsgrove was a Cpl and was doing alright. The story goes as this Kane was waiving to vagabonds near the nanderese border to alor when one shot an arrow, impecabbly aimed as well. Cpl Downsgrove luckily pushed the lad away giving him only a scar on his hand imbetween his thumb and forefinger. From that moment on they were inesperable and Zackary insisted Franklin be give a spot in his family as a lancer, giving him jobs he'd only trust to his best friend such as this. A job as an ambassador in a pratically war-torn country whom had some of the best warriors in all of atherys, that of the nanderese lancers, the galian assasins, or the sal-baari scouts. He needed an individual who could speak to warriors equally on the same foot and wouldn't be scared at the prospect of a fight and wasn't so hot-headed to start that fight, and that was the perfect picture example of Franklin. Note: Im this kid's bud and fully back him , he is smart and courteous, and a talented pvper so let'em have the chance to work in selukk!
  4. My address to the people of Aloreh.

    +1 sounds like itheri probs right there
  5. The 5th Stronghold of Vrovona

    +1 Rose you are The Best
  6. Free Ar-Selukk Town in A'ravhar!

    Name you plan on changing the town to: Kane Manor In game name: LostHero_ Plan for the town (must be detailed; pvp, rp, merchanting, etc. the more detailed the better!): Merchanting, res me keed ( I'd like to use this as a way to aid ithero and selukk by co-connecting them in the form of a town) Would like to create a market and some cool builds Some tribe lore: The Kane Household is the richest family of ithero, holding land in almost every nation spreading work and plenty abroad. Using its power to coexist as its own almost nationless group (politically aligned to ithero) About your character: Zachary Kane is the current admiral of foreign affairs, richest merchant of ithero, and the patriarch of the kane family. (Does cool stuff) Is a benevolent leader, patiently aiding those in need and speculating new jobs for the community.
  7. Legatus Tournament

    For the rules under second event you said 200 per person, but then said to withdraw 300 investment
  8. The Itheri National Road

    +1 and do msg me
  9. Foreign Affairs Dept (Update)

    Hey Guys this is a quick update to what may ensue in the near future concerning the general name sake. First Im gonna ask around for ambassadors, if you want the job for any specific nation (including selukkite city states) reply to the post or msg me Im going to see about truces and allys, make war a little easier on the populace Going to help around for a lot of general other activities that may involve the nation Also were going to be putting up embassies so nation heads who see this (msg me) Hope to see everyone online -Admiral Kane (Lost)
  10. Offer your arms, Ithero needs you!

    Ok for the first part, this a game for most itheri rp isn't natural anyway that should be understood and consolidated (will not repeat again I've been here quite sometime and know about this fact) Secondary thing, yes we need to fix bonds, but you just said for almost a page and a half that it was only inoh's fault and I wanted to make clear their were many more factors then just inoh wanting to aid the naion. Now another note most of our people aren't different we just weren't well enough together to understand our mutual relationship and I believe a discussion could fix this up in a few hours.
  11. Offer your arms, Ithero needs you!

    The Fact Is I'm just coming in to this, but I feel this whole area of belief is a little conceited. For one thing Magmatic this is MC being a merchant and soldier at the same time is what makes the game great. Allowing for a universal way of playing without having to take the game too serious. As well I must note if you haven't been here long Ithero has never been a nation from my expierence as a "merchanting nation" ingame we've had good merchants don't get me wrong, but our goals have always been pvp and that reflects our older players (Aroth/Brady) to our buddy new guys (Sun/J0/etc). The fact is though I think this whole politics thing has taken away from the whole grand itheri military. Now I can't really say much on how players have hurt us (without affending people), but inactivity I believe is the bigger problem with the nation. I remember at the end of v2 we had a budding navy with new captains and corprals from CW, but without Brady or Aroth or *anyother* admiral taking the time to rp and work in chat we couldn't accomplish this. So now we have 3 people on at a time with 40 others and a lacking nation. So from now on pls don't say the blame falls on Claridge's or Inoh's back. but the nation as a whole cause, we as a people haven't been taking charge to help ourselves. What I'm trying to say a member of Inoh and a loyal Itheri pls don't be too hard on anyone I think we need to just untangle our breachs and work out a course of action over time. Secondary thing for the older players, Stop being so rude, newer players are learning and want to have fun (talking to you Brady/Dapi) just because someone wants to aspire to greater heights doesn't mean you can't be up their with them. Besides this though I hope to move forward (maybe like not raiding Inoh )
  12. Leaving the Nation of Ithero Politically

    Well GL to you my former commander *salutes* ps: *breaks bottle*
  13. SERVER DOWN, breaks my little heart...


    1. Dan The Derp

      Dan The Derp

      Well.. Did you sit one it? xD

  14. Vrovonic Legion | Salary Update

    As a curious non-Vrovonic how much is the typical pay of a legionaire?
  15. Exploiting "trapping"

    Hello this is a post on my concern of "trapping", where an individual will get stuck in a building and need to call a mod if the person wont let you /home or out. Now my problem is people with forcibly make there way inside to a building and when getting stuck will instantly call a mod on trapping, and the mod will let him out unknowing of what the current situation is (even if you still have the option of killing them). So what I'm asking is a clearer definition of the rule surrounding it and how mod/admins should act. -Cpl Kane

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