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    Magister | Minister | Sachem | Journalist | Librarian
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    Kaelaerys 'Kale' Direstone
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    Of unknown heritage, Kale grew up the Swamps of Rammat, under the tutelage of his adoptive father Robbret Dampskin. In adulthood, Kale adopted the surname Direstone and began to publish the newspaper 'the Independent Sentinel'. He later also became Sachem of Mistmarsh and Magister of Stonemere, having run on an independent (Stonemere Civic Union) ticket for both. Additionally, he is a librarian of the Crimson Quills.

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  1. I take it i missed a lot.

    1. Dannie


      YOU MISSED MINE AND RED'S BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. tfw you're still salty about the bs that is the M-E election

  3. petition to rename stonemere state since it has approximately 5 stone blocks

    1. Henneke von Kovar

      Henneke von Kovar

      @Xathas We're looking at you bud

    2. Xathas


      Y'all need a dictionary

      Mere: the smallest or slightest.
      "the merest hint of makeup"
    3. Sund_Wixius
  4. We're dealing with what is essentially a PvPer rebellion that is hella un-lore friendly, led by Gonzo.
  5. The Magisters. And, you know, those of us still loyal to the Daggerlands.
  6. Pirate Songs

    any song by this band https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alestorm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_nYgeYc90g&ab_channel=GabrielePirola <-- that is one of their best, imo
  7. Nice, website snow.

  8. The Second Iaeon Elections

    In case there was any confusion, I do not intent to run for the position of Minister of Internal Affairs again, only for the position of Magister of Stonemere, as I do not feel that I have enough free time to carry out the responsibilities of both positions.
  9. A New Beginning for Ithero :D

    On behalf of the State of Stonemere, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Town of Mistmarsh, I would like to formally congratulate the new High Lady Admiral on her appointment, and wish her the best of luck in guiding her nation through the formidable waters of time. I hope that this change in leadership will help relations between Ithero and the Daggerlands to grow further, and promote eternal peace. ~ Kale Direstone, Magister of Stonemere
  10. School/University?

    Minister of Education @RedishTiger should take a look at this. As Minister of Internal Affairs, I do stand by my election campaign promise to help integrate new members of our society, and a "Daggerlander University" would be perfect to this degree. Of course, the institution would also be useful for older players, as as you said it can teach RP and lore, some of which has gotten changed recently and so may not be known even by veterans. As you said, architecture, redstone engineering and combat should all also be taught. As for location, I think that is something that should be discussed with the entirety of the Daggerlander government and the entire population. Perhaps such a university would be deserving of an entire town (no more than 25/50 plots or so, I'd reckon) of it's own, with the MiniEdu or another upstanding individual such as @Foe at it's head. Regardless, if this issue is not discussed further here, I will make note to bring it up at the Sablemarch Summit, or - if I am unable to attend due to my busy schedule - I will ask the person sent in my stead to bring it up. ~ Kale Direstone; Magister of Stonemere, Minister of Internal Affairs, Sachem of Mistmarsh
  11. what a nice haircut from your last profile picture :) 

  12. #ootl what the hell are 'Cycles'

    1. Oricalcum
    2. Xathas


      The cycles are a mwans of keeping track. Each cycle's end is marked by a world changing event, some more extreme than others. For example, The Second Calling marks the end of the sixth cycle

      *means of tracking time in an age/era format


      Sorry, typing from mobile

  13. 4rDBBDw.png

    Praise be to Rammat...

  14. Active Daggerlander Town List

    Town Name: Mistmarsh Affiliated State and/or Location: Stonemere, on the Misty Lakes Mayor's Name and IGN: Kale Direstone (@Kakletron) Approximate Number of Active Players in Town: 1, due it being under construction.

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