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  1. Aloreh Banner Creation Contest!

  2. Greetings Aloreh! A New Era!!!

    1. When we held a party for the staff which turned into a cake eating contest 2. Repetitive, the day to day grind for classes. 3. I have taken part in alorehs internal affairs. 4. I've worked on an rp character who is a humble farmer/hunter (still WIP). 5. I have fought as a pyromancer and as a conduit.
  3. A'therys Bot [TS]

    Kansas-carry on my wayward son TheFatRat-unity mgmt-kids nico vega-beast royal deluxe-i'm a wanted man the white stripes-seven nation army the white stripes-icky thump journey-don't stop believing the all-american rejects-gives you hell johhny cash-gods gonna cut you down whiplash soundtrack-no two words whiplash soundtrack-when i wake louis armstrong-what a wonderful world louis armstrong-mack the knife stevie wonder-superstition stevie wonder-sir duke stevie wonder-matserblaster stevie wonder-isn't she lovely cage the elephant-sweetie little jean cage the elephant-too late to say goodbye cage the elephant-cold cold cold cage the elephant-trouble cage the elephant-come a little closer cage the elephant-telescope cage the elephant-shake me down cage the elephant-in one ear WHAM!-careless whisper KONGOS-hey i don't know boston-more than a feeling artic monkeys-arrabella artic monkeys-R U mine artic monkeys-do i wanna know animals-house of the rising sun the rolling stones-paint it black the rolling stones-sympathy for the devil kid rock- all summer long lynyrd skynyrd-sweet home alabama
  4. A'therys Bot [TS]

    aint no rest for the wicked-cage the elephant jimmy hendrickc- all along the watchtower the heavy- short change hero toto-africa leonard cohen-hallelujah eminem-like toy soldiers (would be best to do a censcored version) eminem-when i'm gone (should not contain more than 5 swear words) foo fighters-the pretender Just some suggestions
  5. The Island State of Dracorvus

    i always loved how atherys can derail threads to continue the tradition: "WHAT IS LOVE???"
  6. The Island State of Dracorvus

    we kinda do, we will be involved with aloreh but we will not participate in the orator court but that does not neccesarily mean we follow all of alorehs commands and laws.
  7. yes!! good grades.
    time for 24/7 gaming!

  8. The Alor Tribune - A House Secedes From The Nation!

    well as i said,it's not afficial yet . and we asked not to go posting things like this and creating drama before it was official.
  9. The Alor Tribune - A House Secedes From The Nation!

    *gasp* it was an anonimous vote we wanted to avoid any drama that would eventually happen and our votes in the court were usually not counted because we decide our vote democraticly. @Marcus Sumnter I know this is probably gonna start some drama but we are doing what is best for ourselves and starting an independant democratic group on our island. Also,it isn't really up to you to post this.If we wanted to publicly anounce it before we officiually happened we would have posted something about it.
  10. Aloreh needs you!

    why do we never need redstoen
  11. Aloreh Election Results

    grats jonieboy
  12. Rhykker Shadowcloak

    I liked the old story better with the dialogues and gaia and the shadow, it had no information about shadowcloak though so still,great peace and a greay origin for house shadowcloak
  13. aloreh community event

    sadly,the link does not work so you will have to message me if you do have any ideas sorry guys im terrible...
  14. aloreh community event

    I'm sorry the post was not gramaticaly correct,I'm kinda new to this whole thing.I will proofread any official post i make from now on btw xMjay i do not own my own town i live in Trachonos if you really wanna join though you can msg rhykker shadowcloak (if you can not find it,he is a mod so you can find hime on the staff list) and ask him
  15. aloreh community event

    Greetings inhabitants of Aloreh, since the internal affairs department is already functioning we wanted to do something,basicly we wanna organise an event since the link did not work i will just take messages,sorry guys im not proffesional (note:this event is not a server event but it is just for the inhabitants of Aloreh)

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