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  1. Any development news?

    Rather silent it seems, however there was a lore update recently. Make sure to check back just in case though!
  2. A'therys Horizons

    there's also games with better RP mechanics
  3. A'therys Horizons

    So like we gonna banter or we gonna collectively think of ideas. I mean, is there any con to pulling PVP away from being centered on towns and more on a real area/objective?
  4. Speedruns

    tl;dr uhhh me play game
  5. The Past, Present and Future of Atherys PvP

    New post on the status? @MisChiv
  6. A'therys Horizons

    My main problem is that when people (mainly PvPers) hear suggestions or changes supporting the RP side of the server they seem to react in a way that seems like PvP is being absolutely destroyed. This should not be how it is. RP and PVP should be equally supported, and this does not mean that there is any less focus or attention to either side.
  7. A'therys Horizons

    What do you mean by RP aspects?
  8. A'therys Horizons

    This is the cusp of the problem; lack of effort. People have to put in work to make this server work. You don't put much work into a PVP faction server because players know what they are doing. You don't put much work into a RP only server either because players also know what they are there to do. This server is special in the fact that it was made to have both in mind, and the moment you want to specialize one group over the other WHILE calling it a PVP/RP server is the point where you fall back to every single major argument in the past. The staff are creating this server for both purposes and argument that is shouldn't be uproots the entire point of the server. Why have it be any different from a faction PVP server? Why have it be any different from an RP server? A'therys is the server that wants and should accomplish both of these.
  9. A'therys Horizons

    The idea that an system cannot be put in place to please both PVPers and RPers is a flawed point. This server is designed for both PVPers and RPers. Atherys has beautiful lore, a detailed map, and in-depth nation politics for this specific idea. It is quite blatantly obvious that some people only like one or the other. For a PVP/RP system to work, people need to understand that both can happen and should happen under their own right. I have much experience and enjoy both RP and PVP. Our lore team does just as many wonders as our PVP team. A'therys is a very special server indeed in the fact that it tries to accommodate and encompass both systems. TL;DR We should try our damned hardest to incorporate PVP and RP in this server as both systems have the same right to exist. I can think of some things, but I won't extrapolate too far past the idea: 1. An international war system. 2. Drawing the point of PVP past raiding and more to organized team fights or wars. 3. Having an Event team that helps make in-game events and other players start their own events. (This includes RP and PVP Events.) 4. Encourage player events in general.
  10. A'therys Horizons

    tbh it wasn't horrible with one day being nonPVP
  11. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    Because it's a new idea.
  12. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    That's literally the opposite opinion of the majority of the RPers on this thread.
  13. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    RP PVP already exists. This is simply a method to improve or make it a usable feature for RPers. Also, please get this ridiculous idea out of your head that this RP-PVP feature somehow replaces or is equal to minecraft PVP. Many RPers don't PVP and wouldn't do so anyways so how does adding this make the community smaller?
  14. Sellt’s Diary 07/06/2017

    I understand stand this thread hasn't gone anywhere in the past 15 messages, but adding this has zero effect on current PVP. Period. Nothing in the OP said anything about dismantling parts of PVP. It is quite literally just an addition for a side that most of its attention comes from the loremaster. So I do not understand the argument that adding this depreciates PVP because it does not cater to it. By that logic whenever heroes got an update on Atherys, it was evil because RPers got nothing out of it. You're honestly making a jack rabbit of yourself on this thread. 90% troll, 10% content. @lnShane I remember that fight, not a fun one. I don't agree with a decision to give up on organized PvP because of a single bad fight, seems kinda petty in all honesty, but I understand where the idea comes from. It can be confusing to leave all trust and call in a raid leader, leaving little autonomy for fight participants, but sometimes it can be necessary. I can say one thing knowingly. I think heroes was incompetent in training people because all these new things are just kind of thrown at new players. There is no tutorial for Heroes you can only learn by a. exploring, b. having someone teach you, and c. having prior knowledge of how these systems work. I don't know if anything can amend that in Horizons, but the only thing that I can think of now is nation members that have knowledge of PvP trying to train and help people in their nation become better at PvP if they so wish, and not just stick to their towns and long time friends.

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