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  1. Duck Invasion/Hunt

    Whoever can post a picture with the most duck meat in here in the next week will get the silk pick.
  2. The Monas Roth Summit

    do magisters need to do the speaker enrolment form? do magisters need to do the speaker enrolment form?
  3. Duck Invasion/Hunt

    Duck Hunt Greetings fellow traveller, Lately reports have been coming in of ducks invading the swamps to the South East of Monas Roth. These ducks are a danger to the eco system and have been seen stealing valuables of nearby towns. To get rid of this "duck problem" we are looking for strong warriors to go and "kill" these ducks out in the swamps. Rumors are also coming in that ducks are crossing the ocean to others nations. (The ducks are spread out in the south east of the main island of the daggerlands. They are all carrying a chest on there back and within you will find a duck meat and maybe some other spoils. Collect these duck meats for some sweet prizes.) First prize: Silk Touch Pickaxe
  4. Active Daggerlander Town List

    Town Name: Tergaron Affiliated State and/or Location: Fracture top of the island. Mayor's Name and IGN: Nero/Nero_hornley Approximate Number of Active Players in Town: 1,5
  5. Monas Roth

    a few things to ask and note 1) What if i already own a house in monas? 2) most of the stalls around the tower are used for the market. so most of these are unuseable.
  6. Player Heads

    im sure people still battle there own townies once in a while :p. But id like to have the player heads back so i can start the collection over.
  7. Player Heads

    That would be to much since people could just be killing there own town people to farm easy money then.
  8. Election for Minister of Foreign Affairs

    thats kinda a weird question as how would it come to that. The people vote for those things so how will there be something they all disagree on?
  9. [Event] Daggerlands Civil War Day 1

    you probably know this but dont go to close to monas to have fights. Monas is covered in no-pvp zones
  10. Heroes Community Input #2 | Leveling

    I only dislike one thing to level and that are those pesky rats. Because those thing are unhittable in grass.
  11. Application for Running for Elections

    You see he only split the minister that i put together because there was no reason for us to have a minister of internal affairs since there were so low amounts of people. Now with the addition of more towns it makes much more sense to split that minister up again.
  12. Tbh the positions now are more like they used to be since i practicly erased a few before to accomedate the fact that the daggerlands didnt have that many players and it was stupid just to have so much positions unfilled. Now that there are bigger towns in the daggerlands it makes sense for die to split those minister positions again.
  13. 16 Personalities

    well its right on most parts
  14. Heroes Patch 2.1 Discussion

    is it normal that the burningpresence of doomsayer doesnt protect you anymore against lava damage?

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