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On September 30th the forums and the main website will go offline to you so that we can begin wiping stuff for A'therys Horizons. You have until then to save any content you have created. The entire site will be archived and stored but will not be public after the wipe SO SAVE WHAT YOU WANT NOW!

Thank you for reading. -A'therys Administration


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  1. * Official Announcement: A Fond Farewell*

    Lady Admiral, Your tenure has been one of distinction. From the beginning, you faced far more opposition than you ought to have. Your acquisition of power was met with disdain by those who didn't know you; to many, you were simply a quiet Ninjin native who had led a humble life on the server, your disinterest in glory considered a marked sign of weakness. Time after time, you withstood dismissal and undue rancor unflinchingly, staring down your opposition with grace. They only saw a doe-eyed girl whose ambitions far exceeded her humble standing. They had no idea what you were capable of, how incredible a person you are, or the extent to which you would go to see your nation succeed. Rather than meeting their derision with vitriol, fear, or resentment, you held fast. "Just wait." Amid a server driven by arrogance and empty promises, you let your actions speak for themselves. Others may have deafened their senses to your triumphs, but I have not. I have watched you every step of the way. When people recall your modest beginnings, there is little they have to say. By their measures, you were just a quiet player with no great legends to tell or deeds to boast. They didn't see what I saw. Though she be but little, she is fierce. You were the foundation upon which our town stood. Guided by only the desire to help, you worked tirelessly to supply us with all of our needs. You gave freely, without question. No newcomer went unnoticed. No player was turned away in their time of need. When we were raided, and the supplies you'd worked so hard for were taken, you didn't get angry or lash out. Instead, you sought compromise. You made friends of our enemies, and turned the tide that had dragged us under. Of all of us, it was you who thanklessly kept our town afloat, never seeking power or recognition. I remember. These deeds, so many years ago, set the stage for something greater. In all my time on A'therys, I have never known a more prudent, patient player. No matter what anyone said to you, how cruelly they belittled you, or what boundaries stood in your way- and they were many- you never let it shake you. In spite of all who said you couldn't do it, you managed not just to scrape by, but to flourish under the harshest of circumstances. Even when all others fell away, you endured. You ushered Ithero into a Golden Age, paralleled by none that came before you. Yours was not a term guided by ego, but by genuine love for this server and those who played on it. Pixie, I am so proud of you and all that you have achieved. I am ashamed of the indifference of my fellow staff members, who can't recognize what it is that they're losing, in letting go of you. I'm sorry that things ended this way. On their behalf- and on behalf of the countless players that you have kept on this server- thank you. Your boundless generosity and diligence was more than we deserved. It is without a doubt that I tell you this now: those who follow will stand on the shoulders of a giant. With ceaseless pride and admiration, King
  2. Hey I just joined, 0 people? Is it dead?

    GOT 'EM As staff and your new Selukkite Queen Regent, I support this claim.
  3. Friendly reminder that I am the prettiest by default
  4. A'therys Ascended Weekly Screenshot Competition #4

    Sorry for the delay, everyone. The Facebook page has been updated! You can now see all of your submissions in our album, Screenshot Competition, Week 4! Click here to check it out!
  5. Server Rules

    Updated - 16/02/2017 Clarified PvP Rule #6 by rewording some things and adding a Part B for illustration.
  6. PvP Survey Results Q&A Thread

    Me too! It completely removes human bias/error from the mix, which is great. We were planning to discuss this option a little further, so again, you'll be hearing about this soon.
  7. PvP Survey Results Q&A Thread

    This was a verbatim suggestion from one of the players in the community, not from staff. I don't personally like the idea of giving EXP for player kills, because 1) it seems like it's inevitably going to be abused for farming, and 2) I feel that the loot you'll scrape off people's bodies should be sufficient enough. However, I don't know where the rest of staff stands on this. I'm pretty sure that this won't be a thing, since it's very obviously abusable. I'll let you guys know when I know anything, unless @Sellt can give us direct confirmation now.
  8. PvP Survey Results Q&A Thread

    On behalf of myself and the rest of staff, I thank you all for your participation and patience with the PvP rule changes. I know that this process has dragged on for a long time, but I want you to know that it took as long as it did because we wanted to ensure the fairest set of rules possible for all parties involved. We know that PvP can be messy. By clarifying our existing rules and tweaking others, we hoped to minimize room for bias in our judgments (as staff), and to promote a better environment for the whole community. While it's not possible to please everyone with these changes, it is important to note that we did make sure to follow the desires of the community, not our own. All of the new rules are the result of being voted in by a majority. Most rules are relatively unchanged, only differing in how clearly they are explained. The most notable changes are as follows: We have established that you must wait an amount of time in between raids. This was already an understood rule, but it was not formally noted in the rules before. Traps have been made legal, within limits. This includes lava traps. Nation Heads will determine whether or not they endorse nation killing. This means that, yes, nation killing might finally be legal in Ar-Selukk. (I'm looking at you, @Destruct!) We have expounded upon the Exploitation rule. It is more specific now, so there are fewer questions about what is and isn't considered to be exploiting. It also now includes other misuses of skills, which was another unspoken rule for staff. In addition to these changes, I would like to note that the cooldown for toggling PvP has been reduced from 12 hours to 6 hours. This means that if a traditionally PvP-on town needs to build, they can do what they need to and then get back to PvPing all within one day. Finally, I will address some questions/concerns/suggestions that I saw frequently throughout the survey. Please disregard inconsistencies with grammar, as most of the questions/suggestions are actually direct quotes from the surveys that I didn't bother revising. 1. Incentivizing PvP Ultimately, this is a job for nations, not staff. We will not enforce a server-wide tax on towns that don't want to have PvP on. However, we trust that you guys can come up with ways to encourage your fellow towns to participate more in PvP. After all, it is one of the most vital parts of the server. 2. Adding a new leveling world with PvP on where mobs give significantly more exp and killing players give 1000exp This will be the role of the Nether Island that Chrisblox and his team are currently developing. The area will present a high-risk/high-reward system where both PvP and mobs will be enabled, allowing skillful players to slay their competitors, snatch up some nice gear, and make out like bandits by the end of the day. Ideally, it will encourage players to either savvy-up on their PvP skills or consider hiring muscle for protection; both of which being beneficial to the livelihood of PvP on the server. 3. Look into a way of flagging players for PvP, meaning that they'll still be able to be attacked even in a no PvP zone if they have recently engaged in combat. We are considering ways to make this work, though I can't promise anything just yet. 4. When nations are in a period of "Nation War" they are allowed to raid as much as they would like - with moderation. Staff and Raid Leaders (must have a raid leader for each raid) must coordinate with one another to prevent any maltreatment or misunderstanding. I like the concept of this, but all things considered, I'm not sure it's a good idea to formally allow this. If anything, it already falls under the jurisdiction of "Town A and B may fight as much as they want, as long as it's consented by both sides." If both sides involved in the war decide that they want to allow non-stop raiding, then by all means go ahead; but this way, no one is forced into anything. 5. Reducing PvP toggle CD Most people voted to reduce the PvP toggle CD. Instead of removing the CD altogether or reducing it to something negligible, staff decided to enact a 6-hour CD. Why 6 hours, specifically? I think it was to discourage unnecessary PvP toggling, but I'm not 100% on that one. 6. Have Heroes Team Clarify what skills are "meant to be used for" because what staff see as a skills original design often differs from the actual design We generally agree with this statement. The updated rules should make things a little clearer, but in the future, I would like to glean more specifics from the Heroes Team. 7. Instead of removing Web in the PvE world, why not recode it so it works only on mobs when there? We had no intention of removing the skill from the PvE world, because we understand that it is an important part of class mechanics. We simply wanted to know if the community believed that intentional misuse of it in /golevel should be considered rule-breaking. Ideally, we would have the skill recoded so that it would only affect mobs in PvE, in order to take away the guesswork and the "he said/she said" stuff that goes with it--but unfortunately, this is impossible. Either the skill can be used on anything in PvE, or it can't be used at all. In light of this, we opted to keep the skill, with some protections in the rules. 8. Using Blood Bend and Position swap to put people in traps should be ok right? This is not considered to be an exploit, unless the people you're using those skills on are in no-PvP and you're moving them into the PvP trap.
  9. A Guide to Vrovona (Capital)

    Nice job, guys! This is great!
  10. A’therys Weekly Screenshot Competition #3

    All submissions have now been posted to our Facebook! Thank you guys again for your entries.
  11. A’therys Weekly Screenshot Competition #2

    All submissions have now been posted to our Facebook! Thank you guys again for your entries.
  12. A’therys Weekly Screenshot Competition #1

    All submissions have now been posted to our Facebook! Thank you guys again for your entries.
  13. A'therys Ascended Weekly Screenshot Competition #4

    Awww yeuh! Let's not get too saucy though ;D @Dan The Derp @Captain Sjielt @Lockuto @Lumiin @all our other Atherys power couples

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