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[New Series] A'therys Unplugged | Episode 1

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In this new series, on A'therys Unplugged we talk about MythicArtifacts an add-on for MythicMobs and what it means for you!

Please Share This Around! :)


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Now I must collect them all!!!


It's really cool to see the items with all the effects like this. I love the idea of fun new loot. Keep it coming Xathas!

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  • Our picks

    • MORE Purge Details
      • 2 replies
    • Hi guys. 

      When we do our purge on saturday I think it would be a good idea if we had a mashup of footage to upload to the youtube channel. If you are able to, record as much content (as much action footage) as possible and send it to me on skype: sandyspan1. I'll edit it and then upload it.

      Thank you in advance. 
    • Today (Sunday) starting at noon EST, an /event join will be available for the Voiceless Chambers and the Crescent Depths.

      Both will be open join for the duration of the day, allowing you twice hours to complete the challenges within.

      The Crescent Depths will contain it's usual treasures.

      The Voiceless Chambers, in addition to it's usual Arcane Cookie treat, will contain a loot chest containing a copy of the unique item Imrantian Tunic, a rare leather chest piece rewarded during the opening of The Crescent Depths, and gear rewarded during The Rise of the Nether.

      Arm yourself for The Purge with your last chance to acquire these treasures!
    • Hello Atherys! 

      I'm back from holiday! (which, btw. was fantastic! literally!, Orcs, Magic, Undead, Elfs and War!)

      • 55 replies
    • Good afternoon everyone!

      Our map maker DarthEnigma (@TrueDarthEnigma) has been hard at work with a prototype version for the Gennaian Islands. Please see below for the planet minecraft link where you will be able to download the world. 


      This world is obviously available publically, therefore it can be used however you wish. These islands are also a prototype so probably will not be used in the final Horizons map.

      Thank you for reading.

      -Staff Team
      • 2 replies

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