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    • By HateGonzo · Posted

      So where your problem comes from is ragging with these classes every time. People who PvP as a necessity in the server in the past have litteraly picked classes that require little to no weapons and came out naked just annihilating people while looking either defenseless or worthless for a killing. So that their foes would have to use mana, potions and cooldowns to defend themselves from a naked person usually opening up a chance for their more non useless allies to kill or vanquish their foe.

      The way its fixed is by requiring them to wear something when doing it like a fishing rod however then it isn't a fist fighting class. Take it from a dude who played Urthkeep on here for a few different iterations of the class. And in all the different iterations i.e. (The first one had no armor) (second had iron armor) (third wore leather) it always in most cases when it shows up in smaller groups ends up naked rushing. I like the idea myself have always liked hand to hand combat being a fan of martial arts however it consistenly doesn't work unless they can scale your damage back due to missing armor pieces which I know is possible through heroes(doesn't matter anymore) it seriously as a game concept cannot happen.   Note: As a side piece to this other types of classes have this problem. Historically: V1: Tempest, Magus, PostNerf Dorrod, Moon and Baphus V2/V3:Urthkeep, Haruspex, Endergaunt, Rhetoricians, Balladeers, PreBuff Pyros, Pre-nerf Sylvanite and Demilune, and Tempest.

      Note all the classes that got fixed that say pre or post buff or neft have one thing in common with that buff or nerf. The latter of that buff or nerf caused the class to have a higher or lower armor set making the armor almost need be or almost useless.
    • By Zephyrx · Posted

      It has been brought to my attention that I forgot we had no more classes and its more of a skill tree... This still does not change my idea in the slightest if anything this gives more customization by choice of player. I would enjoy this as an option for progression with pros and cons as I stated above:
      Toggle-able Buffs: Fists/unarmed damage Increase while wearing less armour/maxed at no armour. scales with the tiers of armour material. (leather, diamond, gold, iron, steel etc)

      Training should initially start with using armour as a weighted object... example: diamond armour would allow less damage with fists however would give a buff to training this skill in the long term (more bonuses possible achievements/quest/task to unlock certain feats that would go along the skill tree). Training for other physical abilities could include underwater combat where the room is underwater and the mobs guard the air pockets etc with a maze/dungeon to get out of and sorts. Possible need to be underwater with no air bubbles to actually strike the final blow to make things interesting/hard/challenge? Also give special Weighted armour to be worn during quest/task training for this skill (has debuffs such as slow yourself down when worn) task will not complete/check without it so wear it while grinding.

      There should be a ton of grind that comes before/during/after its unlocked to further refine the skill and to unlock different tier/stages that would make this style unique in its branch of the skill tree. (Grinding such as kill this many of this creature using fists make the numbers go up each time exponentially etc).

      Debatable due to issues: Training might include weight fighting/sprinting with heavy objects in inventory or worn (place weight value on all items to train stamina/strength? or to unlock certain skills and/or finish a quest) Basically You wear a certain chain body and it slows you by 80% and your expected to survive in a certain player vs mob experience and move certain distance from point a to point b with nothing but that chain body on your person for a quest to unlock the ability. Make it hard to achieve but rewarding afterword? Like an instance for a quest.

      I have to note that any buff/debuff that this enables would need to be toggle-able and have a cool-down while out of combat to toggle on or off. I find this system to be fair to what this unarmed/boxing skill implies. This skill implies the selected hand slot in use be empty.
      I would like a skill tree to support several branches for this style to give bonuses to it does not have to be called boxing/unarmed heck with that name give it something unique that fits the theme. There could be a training session that the minecraft player undertakes to be able to physically hold their breath underwater for longer duration with no help from magic and for a lesser degree than magic. Same with swiming, falling, jumping, sprinting, etc. There would be a limit and to balance things out i'd note it would be a lesser passive buff if unlocked and maybe there would be a stamina bar besides mana to measure this sort of feat? (is that possible to place stamina in right beside mana for certain skills/actions?) At any case i'm sure if they have a mana/energy system for abilities/actions it would not be too hard to duplicate it and call it something  else unique etc etc.

      If possible I would like stealth to be an option for this skill tree and compatible with these skills.

      I will continue to edit when I gather more ideas... Feel free to add on.
    • By Zephyrx · Posted

      I suggest: a pathway in the skill tree similar to a monk that utilizes unarmed combat (fists with nothing in hand) to gain damage bonus etc. I always liked mcmmo for that purpose and i would not think it to be too hard to mimic something similar but yet with our own twists. Just please make it happen. Also one ability i thought up would be: wall scaling; the ability to climb walls like a spider (maybe it drains mana so make a limit?)

      I would also like to note that this path has a toggle-able buff when enabled does not typically use any armour (or gets penalty scaling up to diamond for max debuff for each piece)
      I enjoy grinding without weapons and I hope people might find this interesting. If can make this happen that would be epic imo.
      Think of this class as an extremely Light weight dexterous boxer or martial artist. And if there is no more room for new classes please please PLEASE put unarmed combat in somewhere in an existing class. TY

      Other description(s) that likely should fit this would fall under the catagory of: Unarmed Rogue, Monk, Grappler, Fighter, Martial Artist, Brawler, Etc...
      If I had to put some stats: Strength+Dexterity  Would be the leading stats then Constitution
      Traits Would include: stealthy, Theif, Surivial, Hightened Senses/the ability to pinpoint using their senses: (they have hearing/smell/eyesight advantage) Would also be beast friendly (able to tame companions/summon easier with a whistle call etc) These are all just ideas feel free to discuss all this and let me everyone know what the community thinks. Also, if most/all this is already in the works then please let me know I'll be happy. And Lasty If this has not been thought up yet could we get more ideas below or possible fixes/solutions for any issues that may arise? TYVM
    • By Atregen · Posted

      What were the sins that Von the Timekeeper committed, that caused Llyrrh to take action against him? It'd be nice to have a short tale explain what happened.
    • By Yordan Shadowcloak · Posted

      Always will be coolbjboy for me xx  
    • By Brady1233 · Posted

      It’s funny because this would 100% be considered lore. 
    • By Vidi_Aquam · Posted

      Hmm... maybe something about the religious rituals and holidays of each nation?
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