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    • Atherys Horizons Staff Meeting 2 | 14/10/2018 | 8PM BST   Members Present: Dani, HaedHunter, Naomi, Raxiam, redninja, lolcifer, Sellt, Tristan, Rynelf, Ruddy.             Meeting documented by redninja685   Economy Dani has been in discussions and works about putting together a working economy concerning income, coins sinks, and taxes. We need to be able to control the economy in a way we never have before, unlike the plugins we had in the past which did not make it dynamic.   Dani along with Haed and various others have been putting together a practical system for the economy. Money sources + money sink manager. Along with natural inflation over time. Point of opinion - Dani is mainly concerned about inflation as he had pointed out in older version in A’therys that everyone had lots of money but nothing to spend it on, and this was never addressed. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1A4rlWhdqKiiinnA1m7Tukr_9taOUpwaGtEusxQX55Gs/edit?usp=sharing   Dani is trying to make the economy challenging, having a ‘grindingness concept’ without making it seem overbearing.   Satan - What part of gameplay will be included in the grinding access. Dani responded saying that for a new person it is simple to just get started and keep going, you have to work towards having a luxury/ comfortable lifestyle.   Raxiam - Admin shops were a bad thing for the player economy and it destroyed them.   Haed - Pointed out that the point of grinding was not clear. In professions you will not be able to craft everything in the game, you have to train to be able to craft something. The other way of obtaining it is by buying it from someone.   A discussion occurred between many people in the meeting that concerned clarification on taxation and incentivization. A major concern arose that players sound like they would be punished for working around a smart way around it.       A regular inflow of cash and a regular outflow of cash. Income from mobs and quests,   Nations will get a form of income as this is an important money source for players. Nation banks are both a source and sink.   Next Weeks Topics Hyperinflation - reasons why it is bad. Should money be dropped on death?   Meeting ended at 21:15
    • I could start putting out some kind of dev log, though most of it would be jargon. Recently I've been working on the documentation for quest scripting: https://atherys.com/docs. Edit: As well as keeping a VS Code extension updated: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=AtherysHorizons.atheryscode  
    • Yeah I totally get that, when I was on the heroes team we ran into incompatibility issues all the time so I know how that goes. Even if you can’t give people significant change logs, it’s good to stay out in front of a community as an owner/dev team and maybe show them something small or large you’re working on. It’ll build up a trust and bond with your community that you can’t get otherwise. 
    • Quest systems do not vary that much from game to game. Dialog between players and NPCs does not change based on core mechanics, nor do basic quest objectives. It is easy to add support for other plugins and mechanics once there is a base down. You are always welcome to see our progress over at the GitHub repo. The actual quests have not been started on. We sometimes bounce between plugins if we tire of working on one for a long time.  
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A’therys Horizons is an upcoming Minecraft Modded RPG Server, a world truly unique with many experiences for Roleplayers, Pvpers, Builders & Merchants alike.

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