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A'therian Archives Have Launched

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Well, it's finally here. Officially, at any rate, apparently we weren't trying all that hard to keep it locked down before yesterday. Because last night is when I threw the switch and sent the A'therian Archives live from the forums. Thanks so much to @Nathan for his help on the coding side! Inside, you'll find the world of A'therys, with a lot of knowledge and a few secrets. Later today, once I've added the page won by our top donator @Sellt, I'll have 160 pages up there for you. That's significantly more than before, particularly since I culled a lot of pages before adding new. Now, since we're talking about what's better about this new implementation, let's break it down:

  1. Better Categories! You all care about your nations most, so navigation is primarily centered around them.
  2. Better Navigation! So much easier to use, just click the page you care about in standard drill-down menu fashion.
  3. Better Mobile! Yep, the thing auto-formats to smaller screens, just like the site. Try it on your phone, it's a really nice experience.
  4. Official Cities! I've had people asking me about this one for literal years. I'm sure you care more about your own towns, but here these are.
  5. Site Integration! My personal favorite, the whole thing is displayed without you ever leaving the website. Looks nice, plays nice, no mess.

I'm sure there's more but those five things are what spring to mind at the moment. To go see it for yourself, you can either click the big "A'therian Archives" menu button up there, or you can hover over it then click the "Official Lore" button that pops up, either one works. I hope you enjoy!


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1 hour ago, Rynelf said:

Why not use already existing towns for the cities? Their names, at least.

"Ah yes, welcome to the shining jewel of Aloreh, a favorite of Thesse beloved, the mighty Pomme de Terre!"

That should answer that question pretty easily. I'm not gonna cherrypick towns and risk the wrath of the spurned residents of other cities. I've also got no interest in writing a realistic history for a town and steamrolling whatever the players had for it. Better to just make more cities. Besides, nations are huge, what's the harm.


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5 minutes ago, OccidentalAnvil said:

"Ah yes, welcome to the shining jewel of Aloreh, a favorite of Thesse beloved, the mighty Pomme de Terre!"

That should answer that question pretty easily. I'm not gonna cherrypick towns and risk the wrath of the spurned residents of other cities. I've also got no interest in writing a realistic history for a town and steamrolling whatever the players had for it. Better to just make more cities. Besides, nations are huge, what's the harm.


I suppose the better question ask would be: Is there any chance of getting in game towns onto the wiki? I think you mentioned this a while ago as part of AAA. (Which I imagine we'll be hearing something about soon...)

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16 minutes ago, Nulwraith said:

So is it safe to assume that the lore on the mushroom island is the same as it was in the previous editions? 

It is safe to assume two things: First, if it's not in the official wiki, there's no guarantee I consider it canon. Second, the official wiki is always being updated and added to. I left out the old mushroom isle for the same reason I left out a lot of other things in the update, not because I never intend to add it back but because it'll take some effort to do right and I have other plans that are more pressing. You will notice, for example, that Qhugat'ayu-oru and the Netherworld have no pages at present. This is not because I retconned them, that is very much not the case. It is instead because they were woefully inaccurate or inadequate in their present state, and require some serious work to bring into line. That said, there are things I left out on purpose, which will not be seen again in the official archives. Some of it, I may release soon onto the Player Lore site, just so it's not wasted.


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1 hour ago, OccidentalAnvil said:

Check out the page on Sal-Ba'ari. They are the kajrohim capital after all.


Yeah, I read that page after posting. :) Are there going to be pages about the creatures of A'therys eventually (like there were in the old lore), or are those gone permanently? 

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8 hours ago, vintners said:

Yeah, I read that page after posting. :) Are there going to be pages about the creatures of A'therys eventually (like there were in the old lore), or are those gone permanently? 

Likely gone permanently. They'll get mentioned in other pages. Nothing's final though, so who knows.


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4 hours ago, Galindaan Thewisy said:

I feel like that isn't canonical X D

Neither is the map. You can't go see the nations "on the other side of the world," the Daggerlands is not two islands, neither is Roreg Logh, etc. It's a Minecraft representation. There's a good many things I won't be kowtowing to on the server, and nitpicking geography is one of them. I'll throw in compass directions and all that which are currently correct because it's easy to change, but I'm not going to try and explain why there's a giant strait between Aloreh and Roreg Logh. lol Or any of the other major points of contention. Let's just pretend that somewhere in between the trek from Tireneas to the Loghec border you gotta take a boat ride and I forgot to mention it. :D


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2 hours ago, Nulgrum said:

The Bravnikh lore is so accurate to in-game in every way that it is scary..almost like you have been watching us all this time :|

Or, someone listened to me once long ago when I first made them, and it's trickled down. ;) These things have a funny way of working out!


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    • By Xathas
      So everyone's heard me note this for awhile. Either as "canon-friendly characters", or similar terms. This post is here to clarify my plans for those who wish to utilize the system. Please note that this system is intended for those who wish to delve their characters into the world and be shaped by it. They are held to a higher standard than traditional "hop in the game and just roleplay", akin to those familiar with the intended purpose of the old Nation Head roleplay characters in older renditions of A'therys.
      Choosing not to utilize this system does not affect the "My Timeline" feature Sellt plans to initiate, nor your ability to use it. In fact, the two systems cross-section in several cases, and you may see similarities in the plans for both. With introductions aside, I now present a brief summary on Player Characters.
      Player Characters
      A player character is a player-made character that has been approved as canon-friendly. These characters may be found in the official A’therys Wiki, and will be denoted with a header stub that they are an active player character, rather than a canon story NPC.
      How Do I Make One?
      A player-character is created via a “player character approval” form, submitted and approved by the Loremaster + 1 Lantern; or 3 Lanterns
      Any player-character must meet the following criteria to be approved as canon-friendly :
      All characters must be OC [Original Characters] Do not bend or port characters from other stories. A character ripped directly from their original source will result in a 1 month suspension of future applications. A player may only have one Player-Character; and may not have an additional on an alternate minecraft account. A player using an alternate account who is caught doing so will have both player characters revoked from further updates in the Wiki. Well-written background IE: Avoiding Mary-Sues. Naming convention matches their nationality. Not having a Daidamese character named Bob Smith In addition - will not accept player-characters from eastern nationalities (Alor, etc.) Player will be given a [[Destiny]] Choose either a ‘Past Haunt’, ‘Present Situation’ or ‘Cryptic Future’ These will likely be a lot of generic ones; with some tailored in with the character's nation Example of a "present" one  : "You have recently been inundated by odd looks, curses, and the occasional challenge to a duel." So say the player might decide that a notorious bandit looks like them, and they are paying for his mistakes; and they develop their roleplay initially around that. An example of a nation specific one: Daidama: "Your cousin is a member of the Justices, and wants you to join." Maybe they decide that they sought this cousin for aid; and his aid has a price; the price being "join up with the justices" Examples of “Cryptic Futures” The black messenger will fall.
        Beware the one who loves you most.
        Miracles do happen, as you shall see.
        There is very little that cannot be undone.
        Examples of “Past Haunts” Your father was a respected officer, and he saw to it that you had every opportunity to follow in his footsteps.
        No longer able to cope with the horrors she has seen, your lovely younger sister has retreated into a world that exists only within her mind.
        Long ago you were beaten badly at what you do best. Worse yet, the person who showed you up was a good friend of yours.

      In the end, Destinies are a Rorschach Test type deal; it's vague enough to be a situation - but open ended enough to be interpreted in a lot of creative ways.
      Sounds Great! What do I do once I have a player-character?
      Once your player character is in the wiki; you may archive your activities in roleplay; and write up a summary of your events in an “Update Report”
      An update report is posted on the forum, and approved by 2 Lanterns.
        Update Reports should be written either as a summary of events which can be transcribed into a wiki article, or written in paragraph form by the player wishing to update.
        All update reports for a Player Character will be on a specific forum topic denoted to that Player Character; ensuring that all their updates are in one location.
        Update Reports are subject to the following criteria : Any mentioned interaction with another Player Character must have either written consent from the other player; or proof of said action (Screenshot, tabbychat log, etc.) Any claims of titles or achievements must be confirmed : either by witness or via the My Story feature on their profile. Mentions of non-canon names (IE: town of Alabasta) may be removed from updates, depending on name and copyright infridngement.
        Approved update reports will be added to the player-character’s wiki entry!  
      Okay, so what are the benefits?
      Your story goes into the Wiki as an entry; which includes Linking Names. As a canon-friendly character, actions in Storyline Events are noted and updated. To any that server as nation head, this includes notation of the position. Plus: You get this nifty side-bar!
    • By Xathas
      Added History of Daidama to the Wiki. It can also be accessed by clicking the Daidama icon from the lorelanding.  
      - History of Daidama conceptualization by @GodOfGales, original draft written by @Xathas, assisted with edits from @Dani, @Razrivon, and @RuddyF
  • Our picks

    • A'therys Evo Returns (Plugins and Player Data Included!)
      Hello everyone, new and old! 

      As you may or may not have heard, we have brought back a functional build of A'therys Evo onto the server. We've noticed that a lot of people have been wanting a taste of the A'therys experience and having a place in-game to relive some of your favourite memories will go a long way towards achieving that. 
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    • December 24, 2018

      So with the website returning to it's dark theme, we've made a bunch of improvements to the lorelanding!

      Added a MAP to the lorelanding!

      This map (see below for all 5 playable nations lit up) will light up a nation when you hover over it; and allow you to click into it to go to the nation's overview page!


      Original Map Artistic Render by @cicetil

      Overlay graphics and new HoriRule [the nifty divider in the lore sections] by @Xathas

      Coding by @Rynelf (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript!)
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    • December 22, 2018

      Small Governmental Update put in today!

      Added Government of the Gennaian Isles

      Governmental Concepts originally by @Xathas

      Very long-winded Isles Chat with @Foe, @Tristan_vr, @raxiam, @Dani, and @redninja685 . Fortunately there were no casualties. 🤯

      Compiled by Xathas; Edits and Revisions by @Foe
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    • Wiki Entry Wednesday - January 10, 2018
      It's that time of week again!

      Today we explore the city risen from seafoam, Glasscastle.

      Added the cty of Glasscastle to Atvoria

      Original draft by @Xathas

      Critiques and edits by @RuddyF , @Rynelf , and @Kmartinator
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    • Wiki Entry Wednesday: January 3, 2018
      Happy New Year, and Wiki-Entry Wednesday!

      This week marks a return to new nation info, specifically: Dalkun-Tir

      Added Technology of Dalkun-Tir to the Wiki

      Original draft by @Dani

      Second draft by @Xathas

      Critiques and edits by @Dani , @Foe , and @Kmartinator


      Added Marao's Fall to the Wiki

      Original draft by @Xathas

      Critiques and edits by @RuddyF , @Foe , and @Kmartinator
      • 0 replies

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