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TotM | Harvikir | March

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It's the beginning of the month again, which means its time to announce our March winners!

Congratulations to @Velkas and everyone from..


.. for winning Town of the Month in the overall category!


Harvikir is a known to be one of the biggest driving forces of PvP across A'therys, striving to uphold honour and respect in the community, as well as have some of the most gorgeous builds you can find in game!


Here's a few quotes grabbed from people within the community:

"I always see players from Harvikir around doing things together and out in the community! They seem to be an integral part of their nation and the server!" - El Jefe

"The Harvikir community is awesome! They represent their nation in every event I come across and I can see the trust their government and the Pyre Warden has in them, which is very promising! They also help look after me and my 'significant other' here in a'Ravhar! Which is quite fortunate cause we are very incompetent... Their town looks spectacular and truly breath taking, and though it was a horrific incident, I enjoyed being dragged into their cave, being tortured and fed to their yeti. c:" - Selukkite Fan Boy

"Since my "significant other," as he forces me to call him, is diagnosed with severe incompetence, I ALWAYS depend on Harvikir. Velkas and the rest of Harvikir delivers discipline when PvPing to ensure a positive experience, are tremendous help to all new players, and are outstanding builders. I've known Velkas for almost 3 years, and if any town deserved the spotlight, it's definitely his. But Mike, you're still bad." - Cactus Queen

"Best looking Vrovonic town I've seen in EVO!" - Some Guy

UztKzfh.jpgJust one of the features found in Harvikir! Look at those statues!


Here's what Velkas and a few other players from Harvikir have to say about their town:


1. What are your town's aspirations and major goals for the future?

Harvikir as it stands has become a powerful town due to the experienced players within it, and the communication and teamwork we bring to the battlefield. However, Harvikir does not recruit new players regularly, which is something we look to change in the near future. Once we are able to house the new players and have adequate supplies and people to train them, we will begin recruitment. Another major goal of Harvikir's is to continue to uphold the Vrovonic standard, and stay true to our nations beliefs. The last goal for Harvikir would be to encourage players in my town to try out other aspects of the server, you never know how much you might like writing some RP, starting a business in A'therys, or helping build up your town. Overall, we are all looking to see our town and nation grow and become better in every way possible.


2. What things do you find yourself and your residents participating in the most?

Almost every single citizen of Harvikir actively participates in PvP, however many of us enjoy other aspects of the server as well. We have merchants in the town, RPers, and a few builders. Everyone in Harvikir pitches in somehow, be it through combat, building, making money, or helping out new players. 

3. What would you like to say or establish about Harvikir that you may not have had the chance to do so before?

If you message some of us, especially myself, I'll talk to you for a bit (Just gonna reiterate I said some of us). I have actually made a few friends by killing them. Most of us over here are pretty chill, and will talk to you about almost anything over /msg or teamspeak.


4. What's it like to be a part of Harvikir?

"Being in Harvikir is like having having another family. Everyone in this town has fun with each other, even when we are yelling at each other, whether we are trying to break in Velkas' house or getting ready to defend in a raid. It is always fun to be on with everyone in the town with it being a nice environment that makes it fun to play on the server." ~@Gressy

"Harvikir is a close knit group of friends, we have a lot of fun together, and then there's @Ish988" ~@Pita_Bread

5. What are your favourite thing(s) about your town's community?

"One of my favourite things about Harvikir's community is that everyone has each other's back. Whether is be getting revenge on someone who had just came up behind you and blasted you down with arrows or giving out some money to buy a new dank pig mount. We all have our roles in the town and we all try to do our best at fulfilling those roles. I also like that we are all looking to grow the town and build on what we have, like improving our PvP skills and getting some sick builds actually built in game." ~@Gressy




For those interested here are some quick links to their recruitment and town information pages:

None at the moment, but this will be updated as posts are made! :)


Once again, congrats to all the people of Harvikir for your hard work and involvement within the A'therys community!

I hope to see continued great work from you all! :)


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Harvikir has meant a lot to me. I came back to the server after an absence from v2 in hopes that I can come back to a community that was fun like in v1. Not many people remembered me except for 2 guys name Velkas (Who I didn't know was ManiiaC_Miichael from the og pirates) and Nulgrum (another og pirate). He welcomed me in and I didn't know what I was in for. People, who was once my enemies all the way back in v1 are now my comrades and it was a unique feeling. I'm proud of this town and I'm happy to be a part of them with new found brothers in Mikey @Velkas Grethy, @Gressy, and old ones like Shibo @Shibonator. I hope we continue to be a big part of the community. 



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4 minutes ago, Chadrian said:

Harvikir has meant a lot to me. I came back to the server after an absence from v2 in hopes that I can come back to a community that was fun like in v1. Not many people remembered me except for 1 guy name Velkas (Who I didn't know was ManiiaC_Miichael from the og pirates). He welcomed me in and I didn't know what I was in for. People, who was once my enemies all the way back in v1 are now my comrades and it was a unique feeling. I'm proud of this town and I'm happy to be a part of them with new found brothers in Mikey @Velkas Grethy, @Gressy, and old ones like Shibo @Shibonator. I hope we continue to be a big part of the community. 



Then there is me, your favorite out of all <3


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I cannot express my thanks for this in words. 

I am immensely grateful for the honor of town of the month, and for being able to be the mayor of this town full of amazing individuals, and Magni. 

I have to express my thanks to

@Pita_Bread for being the guy who is willing to play healer, providing a single chest of baked potatoes, all day, everyday. @Chadrian for bullying me for my old username, and encouraging me to do more things around town, because I get lazy.

Without these two, Harvikir would still be a few houses, and that is about it. They brought all of the builds into fruition on the server, doing them in an insane amount of time. Not to mention collecting all the supplies for it to (Like 20 DC's of Stone...) I don't even want to start on the wood they had to cut. 

@Gressy for being the best yeti we could ask for, pumping out builds in town, being the luckiest with the loot caches (triggered) and bringing a fun, chill vibe to town. Epic cave up in the mountains, some say the former Vizier once found himself in there ;)

@Nulgrum Everyone knows that Nulgrum has been with Harvikir since the very beginning, and we have been great friends since early V1. Without Nulgrum's push, and his administrative personality I'm afraid Harvikir might not have even been a thing today. From Valinta, to Harvikir, love you man. 

@ALLOFHARVIKIR! Thank you all for contributing to our town, and making it to what it is today.

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Woot first we win for Isteroth and now for Harvikir! If v4 ever comes out we will definitely be gunning to continue the streak :D

(Much much more to come for Harvikir first though)


Going town raiding back when we had nothing but a small shack in the snow<3

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3 hours ago, Aronbear said:


Congrats guys. Well deserved

Lol, savage.


Well deserved award Harvikir scrubs! You guys are great especially Velchi @Velkas, Childrian @Chadrian, Nulgy @Nulgrum, and Grechi (For inspiring me to play urthkeep) @Gressy.


Course theres Magni but... ya.....

Other then that, Great town! (Donate some yora to me, I'm poor, )

Jk magni, ur a great guy, just......  a tid bit crazy when it comes to killing ppl :D


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1 hour ago, Chronus Blazebringer said:

well we have 3 towns that have won town of the month, i think that is enough to form a town of the month club right?

At the 6th month mark, I'm thinking of introducing a short segment that briefly revisits a previous TotM winner in a "Where Are They Now" sort of series. So like it'd start from the first winners, and every month (which would be 6 months from when they won) do a check in with previous winners. Still figuring out things about that though, so its not a for sure thing yet :P

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15 minutes ago, threesevens said:

What a beautiful town! I can only hope that what I build for my town is of comparable quality. Seriously, well done!


Poor magni, seems to get a lot of hate....

Lol there might be reason for the hate?xD

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You guys seriously seem to have that midas touch, everything you endeavor turns out great - last it was Isteroth, now Harvikir. Whether it be building, forging a great town community or fighting in PVP you excel in all. Big ups!

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