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Farewell from the Loremaster

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In little over a month, I'll mark the fifth anniversary of a harebrained scheme which saw the creation of this server and its community. If you'd told me then that all of this would've come from a university classroom idea for the replacement of then laid-low Shadows of Gazamo, I would've been thoroughly amused. If you'd said I'd spend five years alongside it, I would've probably laughed at you. But here we are. A'therys has become more than just a silly idea, more than I certainly could've imagined when I was some random guy trying to convince Vorske to throw common sense out the door and fund it. And it's because of you guys, veterans and fresh faces alike. Perhaps in no other game does the community define the experience quite like Minecraft, and it is to you all that I now say goodbye.

As Edd indicated in his own post, now is the time for other things. I have graduated college and successfully found a job, which will take up most of my time as it should. All the rest will be dedicated to various Gazamo adventures and other fun hobbies. Of course one of those hobbies will remain my version of A'therys, just as it always has, though now strictly as a personal project. How your stalwart crew of admins and staff steer this version of the world is now, of course, their prerogative alone.

Long-winded enough, I think, to resemble a News post from me. It's been a pleasure serving as your Loremaster these years, through times both tough and fruitful, and I've little doubt that A'therys will persevere in our absence. This place has given me opportunity in realms I never could've hoped for, and I wouldn't trade my time here for anything. Who knows what a breath of fresh air will bring? I hope you're anxious to find out.

As always, and finally, 



"I have done things in this life, Sunseeker, of which I am not proud. Abhorrent things, secret things. But in their doing, I know a million souls have been impassioned, have shaken loose the bindings of anguish and remorse. In my dreadful passing, I have given them a future, built in their image and not in mine. It weighs heavy upon me, and even in the teachings of the Twins I find no solace. I seek their balance for myself, that I might find answers, but they grant me no vision. Tell me, what must I make of this? How can I know that what I have done is right?"

"Those who watch, they see what they will, and are quick to judge.  A story must have its hero, its villain, that simpler minds might revel in its telling. But those who Do, who Did, to us the dust that rises from action is as gray as the winter mountain, and glints as brightly in the moonlight as it does beneath Vrovona's Eye. In the moment, the passion of an actor is his only guidance. We hope the world is ready for what we bring."

"How then can we be sure?"

"We cannot."

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Thanks for everything you've done for A'therys, and for us the community - your excellent lore writing, worldbuilding mastery and great dedication really brought A'therys to life.

It's sad to see you go from us here, but as you said - we'll be anxious to see what comes next!


A bit of a cheeky question - any chance you could release more that you've written for A'therys? Anything, from half-baked ramblings to unpublished tomes, canon or not, might help ignite a spark to help keep A'therys alive and developing.

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Thank you for the great creation of Lore that many have enjoyed, and the wonderful world that it has spawned. A'therys would be a truly different experience without it. Much appreciate your dedication and love to the A'therys world. Hope you create many other great stories in your future.

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Your lore has been some of the most interesting fantasy works I have read to date and you have influenced me on my path to becoming a writer; it is a sad thing to see you go. But I would like to remind everyone, that lore is of the past, it is history that guides our reasons for being today. If OA is no longer here to write our future then it must be us who carve out a place for ourselves among the heroes. Perhaps we will hear legends of Galindaan Thewisy's rise to power in a series of clever alliance deals, or perhaps we shall be regaled with tales of raids of Vrovona led by players that we know. The future is ours, we have only to reach out and grasp it.

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    • A'therys Evo Returns (Plugins and Player Data Included!)
      Hello everyone, new and old! 

      As you may or may not have heard, we have brought back a functional build of A'therys Evo onto the server. We've noticed that a lot of people have been wanting a taste of the A'therys experience and having a place in-game to relive some of your favourite memories will go a long way towards achieving that. 
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    • December 24, 2018

      So with the website returning to it's dark theme, we've made a bunch of improvements to the lorelanding!

      Added a MAP to the lorelanding!

      This map (see below for all 5 playable nations lit up) will light up a nation when you hover over it; and allow you to click into it to go to the nation's overview page!


      Original Map Artistic Render by @cicetil

      Overlay graphics and new HoriRule [the nifty divider in the lore sections] by @Xathas

      Coding by @Rynelf (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript!)
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    • December 22, 2018

      Small Governmental Update put in today!

      Added Government of the Gennaian Isles

      Governmental Concepts originally by @Xathas

      Very long-winded Isles Chat with @Foe, @Tristan_vr, @raxiam, @Dani, and @redninja685 . Fortunately there were no casualties. 🤯

      Compiled by Xathas; Edits and Revisions by @Foe
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    • Wiki Entry Wednesday - January 10, 2018
      It's that time of week again!

      Today we explore the city risen from seafoam, Glasscastle.

      Added the cty of Glasscastle to Atvoria

      Original draft by @Xathas

      Critiques and edits by @RuddyF , @Rynelf , and @Kmartinator
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    • Wiki Entry Wednesday: January 3, 2018
      Happy New Year, and Wiki-Entry Wednesday!

      This week marks a return to new nation info, specifically: Dalkun-Tir

      Added Technology of Dalkun-Tir to the Wiki

      Original draft by @Dani

      Second draft by @Xathas

      Critiques and edits by @Dani , @Foe , and @Kmartinator


      Added Marao's Fall to the Wiki

      Original draft by @Xathas

      Critiques and edits by @RuddyF , @Foe , and @Kmartinator
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