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Official Lore Changelog

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Hi all!
This is the Official Lore Changelog; where I try my best to track all changes in the Wiki. Originally started by @OccidentalAnvil and continued by myself after I took up the mantle of Loremaster, this is your go-to forum to find Canon Lore Updates!

Despite the recent Forum Wipe for A'therys Horizons, I've taken the effort to track and re-post the Changelog from Evo in this original post.  See Spoiler below for the old Changelog :)



February 6, 2016

  • First Launch, with 159 pages.

This is where I'll keep a running log of all changes made to the official wiki. This mostly means page additions and page replacement as proper content finishes, but may also include little tweaks here and there. It's also not limited to just content, but to bugfixes and formatting issues of the archives themselves.




May 17, 2016

  • Minor navblock updates to all nations

  • Daggerlands navblock updated to support addition of Political Parties

  • Selett Galewind character page added to Daggerlands, @Sellt's prize for EVO donations

  • Five major Daggerlander Political Parties added

  • Lots of little consistency changes and additions to the Daggerlander People pages, all but Kurrick Flint were affected

  • Current page total: 165

First update down the line, inexcusably late. We finally have the addition of our player lore reward page! Say congrats to Sellt if you see them.



 Posted September 24, 2016

So for those who missed the announcement. I'm Xathas, and I'll be your new loremaster.

I've been a part of the server since December 12th, 2012, and was a part of the original Scribes of Order back in V1. There's going to be a few stumbles as I work my way around the wiki, but I promise to do my best at maintaining the quality lore standard that OA set.

That noted; here's my first update :)


September 24, 2016




Posted October 3, 2016

Those who have been browsing the wiki should notice a few changes slowly coming up.

First: in People and similar subtopics (Organizations, etc.), I'll be adding a "Back to ____" at the top, in order to navigate one category up, hopefully improving your ability to navigate within a single nation's category without having to use a browser Back button, or restart using the Home lorelanding :)


Secondly, I've started adding bullets to each topic within a sidebar; particularly to assist in differentiating in areas like Ar-Selukk where character names take up multiple lines



These changes are slow to implement, partially due to the forums' present instability - but I'll post another notice when this process is completed :)




As of October 12th, all pages should have a -Return to ___- at the top; be it either the wiki home or their nation's main sidebar.

Please let me know if I overlooked a page! :)

Also, this is a test : but I added name-linking to Clan Tovikh as a test. Please let me know what you think in my status update!



October 30th, 2016 : The Halion Update


- Added Halion

- Updated Oriane Nicodon

- Added Isemeine Castano

- Added Venuts Bevinatore

- Added Valbert Moscriefe

- Added The East Halion Mining Company

- Added Steele & Grim

- Added The Winnow & Sons Research Firm



A special thank you to @Rynelf @Chronus Blazebringer @Aerun and @Dreyethel for all your help in the editing process; I know I put you guys through a ton of drafts to get this on par with wiki standard!






November 5th, 2016


* Added the Bestiary to the Lorelanding.  This update re-adds Kajrohim, Pulpyrtho, and Wolrhythen to the wiki!

* Added a new category: Landmarks, into the national tabs of Ar-Selukk, Ithero, Roreg Logh, and Vrovona




November 6th, 2016

* Added Calon Gwyrhelm to People of Roreg Logh

* Re-added Ebonmire Glade to Landmarks of Roreg Logh




November 20th

Small, but important update!

Re-added Selukkite Caste System to the Wiki!  - Sorry guys, I didn't know it hadn't transferred over from v2 to evo, or I'd have done this sooner!




December 12th, 2016


* Made geography updates for Ithero and The Daggerlands

* Updated Ritrak

* Added Breseisk to Vrovona Cities

* Added Ydhevas to Ar-Selukk Cities

* Added Baile Caislean to Aloreh Cities

* Added Ironfen to The Daggerlands' Cities




December 18, 2016

This update was a long time coming; has gone through about twelve revisions (and I'm still not fully happy with it); and has a ton of hidden lore behind it - a lot of which I probably won't release until the summer. BUT I've released two important pieces of information for the purposes of setting the stage :)



  • Small, unrelated update: changed Oriane Nicodon's quote and moved the old one to Halion


As always; feel free to message me with comments, questions, and critiques.



December 19, 2016




January 7, 2017

All of the wiki pages in Aloreh should now have linking names!!!

If anyone finds a broken link, or a page I've missed - please inform me!




January 8, 2017


All of the topics in Ar-Selukk should now have linking names!!!

In addition, one of the pages has a little easter egg and preview of an unreleased wiki category! See if you can find it ;)

As with Aloreh, if anyone finds a broken link, or a page I've missed - please inform me!




January 9, 2017



As with Aloreh and Ar-Selukk, if anyone finds a broken link, or a page I've missed - please inform me!




January 11, 2017


  • All of the topics in Roreg Logh and The Daggerlands should now have linking names!!!

  • City of Gravenquay ((quay is pronounced as "key")) added to The Daggerlands

  • Several geographical directions and date consistencies corrected.


As above, if anyone finds a broken link, or a page I've missed - please inform me! Thank you @Aerun for pointing out I'd missed namelinks in Theobald Whistwallow's page!!!




January 12, 2017


Okay! I've got a few fun changes today!

  • All the pages in Gods and Planes now have linking names

    • Speaking of Gods; you've seen him mentioned a few times now in the forums - Ghaskel-ves has been added to the wiki.

  • Ages of A'therys has been moved into "Major Events" as its Title Page

    • All pages in the "Major Events" category are now in relative chronological order, rather than alphabetical

    • In addition, all pages in "Major Events", minus the War of Eventide and Summer Rime, have linking names.

      • This is, in part, because these two pages I discovered were left incomplete.

      • Needless to say, this will be fixed as I compile what notes I have!

  • Humans have been moved from "Mechanics" to "Bestiary"

  • Another hidden Easter Egg is lurking somewhere in the updated pages. See if you can find it ;)


As above, if anyone finds a broken link, or a page I've missed - please inform me!




January 14, 2017


The update that Xathas can finally take a nap after!!!


  • With the completion of Vrovona and Mechanics, every page in the Wiki should now have Linking Names!!!

  • Added Kolm, the Witted to Vrovonic People. Those of you who explored the Lore Shrines may recognize the name!

  • Added the Azdovikh Forest to Vrovonic Landmarks


As above, if anyone finds a broken link, or a page I've missed - please inform me!



February 15, 2017

Added one of the new Categories to the wiki: A'therian Tales!




Posted February 20

Small Delay With the Next Update

Due to an error with a theme update; all of the Lore.CSS files have to be reloaded individually in every lore page. ¬¬

Also - if anyone knows HTML; I need a fix to the Lorelanding so that the Other Categories are back into a pattern of 3, 2, 3; with the 2 centered in their row.

My intended update this week is going to be put on delay while I sort this out.



March 1, 2017

Mr. @Helious , who won the December Lore Raffle, now has his character entry in the Wiki!

Added Helghrian Toharus to People of Roreg Logh



March 2, 2017



March 10, 2017 : The Magic Update

That's right. The official lore on Magic is finally released!!!



Posted June 11


HUUUUUUGE thanks to @Razrivon, who search for a good four months to find it in Red's build server (finally found in V1 Altharia!!!)


Ten, by @Preselier Aervelion has finally been located and re-added to the Tales of A'therys section of the wiki!!!



Posted August 30

Tying up a few loose ends :)

- Edwin Pickston, Magister Elect as of 7C-268, has been added to the Wiki

- An old story, and even older plot from V1 and V2; The Sand Phantom has made his way into the Wiki.

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Happy Wiki Entry Wednesday!

In preparation for A'therys Horizon, I will be adding at least one new Wiki Entry every Wednesday! Most of these entries will detail information about the new nations. So keep your eyes peeled for incoming lore every week until A'therys Horizons opens (and of course, after)


  • The Lorelanding has been remodeled
    • Sections for the New Nations have placeholders - Including a few teaser images!
      • At the moment none of them link anywhere and will give you an "under construction" notice if you try to use them.
  • Added "International Waters" under Other Categories
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  • All namelinks in the main section of the Wiki will open a new tab, rather than redirect you. This does not affect sidebars.
  • Rearranged some sidebars for better clarity. Still working on it.
  • A backend glitch has lost the People folders for Aloreh, Ar-Selukk, and The Daggerlands. Systems Admins are aware of the fact and are working on recovering the site backup.
  • Added History of Kilnholdt to the Wiki. It can also be accessed by clicking the Kilnholdt icon from the lorelanding.


- History of Kilnholdt conceptualization by @Foe ; converted from bullet points to first draft by @Xathas
- Edited by @Foe, @Razrivon, and @RuddyF



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  • Added History of Dalkun-Tir to the Wiki. It can also be accessed by clicking the Dalkun-Tir icon from the lorelanding.


- History of Dalkun-Tir original conceptualization by @Rynelf ; concept re-imagined and drafted by @Dani First draft by @Dani
- Edited by @Xathas and @Razrivon
- lore team destressing provided by occasional jokes and trollery from  @Aerun


  • Thank you to @Sanders efforts and @Dannie's WYSIWYG backups for restoring the missing People pages! :)
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  • Added History of Atvoria to the Wiki. It can also be accessed by clicking the Atvoria icon from the lorelanding.


- History of Atvoria concept by @Xathas ; Original draft by @Xathas - Lore Train on Fire edits by @Dani and @Razrivon
- Additional consistency and grammar checks by @Kmartinator and @RuddyF


- Zenith Break pulled from original History draft by @Xathas ; Edits by @Dani and @Razrivon
- Kiinfolk original concept by @Aerun - original draft by @Xathas ; editing by @Razrivon and @Kmartinator

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November 29, 2017

So today is a 5-parter :D
One person from each nation, with hopes to give an insight towards themes and ideals!


  • Added Ascurilles to the Wiki under Notable Gennaians

- Concept by @Xathas ; Original draft by @Xathas - Edits by @Kmartinator and @Dani


  • Added Ura Ji to the Wiki under Notable Daidamese

- Concept by @GodOfGales; Original draft by @Xathas - Edits by @Kmartinator and @RuddyF


- Concept by @Foe; Original draft by @Foe - Edits by @Xathas


- Concept by @Rynelf; Original draft by @Xathas - Edits by @Dani and @RuddyF


- Concept by @Aerun Original draft by @Aerun  Edits by @Xathas and @Razrivon

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December 6, 2017

Today's update gives you a new piece in regards to the Gennaian Isles!


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December 20, 2017

 It's the last Wiki-Entry Wednesday before Christmas!

Enjoy the holidays, and be glad the only person watching if you're good or bad is Santa Clause, and not the Daidamese Government  :D

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December 27, 2017

This week, the Lore Team was enjoying a nice holiday break. We'll be back to weekly nation info releases next week; but for now please enjoy an A'therian tale :D 

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January 3, 2018

This week marks a return to new nation info, specifically: Dalkun-Tir
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January 17, 2018

Today is a bulk bestiary Entry; Part 1.


Current page total: 233

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January 25, 2018

Bestiary entry part 2!



Current page total: 237

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February 29, 2018 [ :ph34r: ]

  • Added Technology to Kilnholdt
  • For those who missed the note on Discord; the old nations' [Non-Playable Nations] section has gotten a rework! Hover over the nation to see it's subcategories!
    • I'll be taking the time to update the main Lorelanding as well with a similar update as soon as I can :)

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      Happy Wiki-Entry Wednesday!
      Well, presuming you're all still excited about new Wiki Entries, we're at my favorite day of the week again!
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    • Wiki Entry Wednesday - January 10, 2018
      It's that time of week again!

      Today we explore the city risen from seafoam, Glasscastle.

      Added the cty of Glasscastle to Atvoria

      Original draft by @Xathas

      Critiques and edits by @RuddyF , @Rynelf , and @Kmartinator
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    • Wiki Entry Wednesday: January 3, 2018
      Happy New Year, and Wiki-Entry Wednesday!

      This week marks a return to new nation info, specifically: Dalkun-Tir

      Added Technology of Dalkun-Tir to the Wiki

      Original draft by @Dani

      Second draft by @Xathas

      Critiques and edits by @Dani , @Foe , and @Kmartinator


      Added Marao's Fall to the Wiki

      Original draft by @Xathas

      Critiques and edits by @RuddyF , @Foe , and @Kmartinator
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    • A'therys Build Team... Gennaian Sneek Peek!
      Hey guys! 

      I am conscious about releasing more sneak peeks of the build teams progress to the public to keep people interested! In the future you can look foward to seeing more sneak peeks on current build projects. Below you can find a picture of the main feature of Falkynthos, the Gennaian capital. As stated in the lore, this is the great Temple of Sjilea comissioned by Theoros in the Goddess' honour. 

      We knew when attempting Falkynthos and Gennaia that ancient Greek themed builds were going to feature prominently. However, we wanted to move it beyond its stereotype of pillars and great buildings and introduce a fantasy feature to the mix. In order to achieve just that, we decided to explore the idea of placing the temple of Sjilea upon a great cliff with a cascading waterfalls all around. "Those travellers who often sought comfort in the thought of paradise or heaven often allured their dreams to images of the Temple of Sjilea and its gardens, an area of outstanding natural beauty." - Some lore person I just made up.


      We need you!

      I want to take this chance to thank everyone on the build team who has assisted in the project so far, though there is plenty still left to do. This moves me to my next point, we need you! Have you ever wanted to try your hand at building? Join with a team that encourages self-value and respect for one another? Amongst our current builders, we have an accolade of creative vision and an ambition to deliver for what the community expects of us. As such we recruit builders who are knowledgeable of Conquest Reforged, and though we may not be the best, we drive ourselves to deliver and not compromise quality with a bespoke building structure. Whether you're a new or existing community member, I encourage you to apply today!




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    • Good day A'therians! Today I come with fantastic news. 

      As you all know, the years of A'therys have seen some impressive flags; From the glorious Vrovonic Sun to the randomness of egg-plant and duck flags.

      This month, we challenge your artistic talents and ideals to suggest national flags for each of the five new nations!


      **** What We're Looking For ****

      Please submit the following for your entry to be considered:

      * Nation : The most important thing to know; we obviously can't judge criteria unless you tell us which nation you're submitting for.

      * Flag Design : What is your intended design for the flag; this can include the emblem, color scheme, and even how it is carried (Is it a pennant, a battle standard, or does the flag have a unique shape to it?)

      * In-Game Appearance : Please include a photo of an in-game appearance of your flag. As Horizons will be using Conquest, please send a photo of your flag In-Game.

      * What Your Flag Represents :  Every flag's symbols mean something. For example; the United States has 50 stars representing the 50 states; and 13 stripes to represent the original 13 colonies.

      * ( Optional ) Artistic Render : Do you have artistic talent, or know an artist who's willing to help you out? Feel free to shoot along an out-of-game artistic render!

      * ( Optional ) Bribe the Judges : We accept Cash, Check, Gold, Bitcoins, and your parents' credit cards  
                              *  DISCLAIMER : This last one is a joke...

      You may submit entries until December 31st, 2017.
      Limit 1 Flag Entry per person, per nation (You can submit 1 flag for all 5 nations , but not 5 flags for 1 nation)
      Winners will be announced January 14th, 2018!

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    • Looking for Real Estate? (Town Info Post)
      Are you looking to buy a prime piece of property this side of the Stormwall?

      Well have I got a deal for you!

      Today we have a special post for you as a small update, which will hopefully provide some insight into the functioning of towns in Horizons. As you know, towns are an important aspect of the server experience. They provide us with shelter, community, and inspire us to build and immerse ourselves in the map. However, some changes are important to know for the release of Horizons.



      - Towns will no longer be purchasable with real money: all towns will be available within the game using in-game currency.

      - We will no longer be using Towny; a custom plugin is being developed for our specific needs.

      - There will be a minimum player requirement to start a town. No longer will one or two person towns be allowed to set up – our preliminary go-to number has been 10 people, but this may change (however it will not change drastically, so be prepared.) Without this minimum your purchase will be rejected by your nation head.

      - Each town will be required to pay a periodic upkeep through in-game currency. This will automatically be charged to your town bank; nonpayment will result in penalties up to eventual removal of your town. The upkeep will require that minimum of people to meet – extra hands will lighten the burden for you. Maintaining an active player-base will therefore be crucial to the survival of your town. We are aware that this number is high – it is meant to be. You may need to reach out to players you have not traditionally played with to meet the requirements. With this, new players will be valued as potential contributors to the towns upkeep and be welcomed everywhere.

      - Towns who keep their PvP status on (more on this later*) will be granted special privilege – their upkeep rates will be lower, allowing for less work to be spent mining and trading, and more time slaying and looting. This may not seem like much of a benefit at first, but players will quickly see the value in having to pay less tax. There will be more information on this process at a later date.

      - To facilitate players without a town, capitals will be livable – Considered a starter town, the nation head will be tasked with overseeing the running of their nation hub. In it you will be given opportunity for room and board in case you are unable to join a player-ran town. Your lodgings may not be as luxurious as if you were in a player ran town though.


      More information will be released later, and all above is subject to change! This is the working explanation for the town mechanic – it may be tweaked, however the main points are relatively safe to assume as true unless stated otherwise.



      (Just an example  of a title deed given by a nation Head)
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