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Hey Guys,
I thought it would be cool to see a thread dedicated to photos from A'therys Evo of our towns, events, or really anything related to Evo for keeping your memories and experiences alive here on the forum. So share your photos and stories from Evo.


*will add my photos later*

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A few group photos from the Rise of the Nether's first instance :)








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I have quite a few! 




The Halion Bank of Commerce springs up mysteriously overnight! Little did we know a portal to Astor's Vault lay in the basement...


An expeditionary ship waits for adventurers to join them on their way to Llan Ruth.


The Christmas Village was home to sweatshops,  capitalist agitators working against the proletariat, chavvy elves, and of course, Satan Santa himself!


Raiders loot a hidden tomb full of treasure!

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Never realised how many I had but I picked out the best ones :)

Me @Jynxi and @LogiMadZ making fun of 2016 in Ninjn


Me and @Dani making Raviyna look ugly


@Sellt doing something weird with @Jestefer @AkilaTajar and @OnyxOwl11


Stumbled on @yukicutie and @Aurek doing something weird...


Most inappropriate family on A'therys @AkilaTajar @Lockuto


Soon after A'therys update we were pretending to be flying warriors with horns xD 

@OlleNyman @Saven @HaedHutner @Sellt @Chronus



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Here is when redninja found me going around Halion with Harambe



And our majestic Lord fishing from the shores of unbuilt Clearwater



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@Velkas and I looking at our predecessor @Roselis on new years. 



Me looking into the loving eyes of the babe @Velkas.



The rigged beauty contest, just saying @Dan The Derp shoulda won.



Caught @CarterJennings and @GoddessSekhmet having a moment on one of my random roams.



@Gamma_Byte last words.



Me engaging in some hardcore rp with my boys @Lockuto and xxxxFatalizexxxx @Valaen



Me hiding in my sand squatting spot at @the_KINGsRansom town.



Finally the place I was proud to call home for evo, Harvikir. 

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      Coding by @Rynelf (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript!)
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      Small Governmental Update put in today!

      Added Government of the Gennaian Isles

      Governmental Concepts originally by @Xathas

      Very long-winded Isles Chat with @Foe, @Tristan_vr, @raxiam, @Dani, and @redninja685 . Fortunately there were no casualties. 🤯

      Compiled by Xathas; Edits and Revisions by @Foe
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      This week marks a return to new nation info, specifically: Dalkun-Tir

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      Added Marao's Fall to the Wiki

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