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I decided that id like to show you some ships that ive made here. There is not many to show now since planning and building even small one takes hours. I build mainly 17th century inspired ships, such as galleons, fluyts, pinnaces and ketches.


But i build one ship today, which i liked alot. Small full-rigged pinnace, light merchantship which i armed with 6 cannons. Mainly intented for shorter distance voyages but it can make longer trips if it doesnt have to transport large quanity of goods, since its hold is quite limited. Hold is used to house both cargo and sailors. Captain has luxury of his own room bellow quarterdeck.


In the pictures i attached, light blue wool means waterline and it helps to give image what that ship would look like while its in water. I didnt use actual water since adding it in creative is too slow. In survival i build ship straight into water.


My next project is either race built galleon, larger pinnace or 70+ gun regal galleon.


Feel free to give feedback.














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Excellent work!

These are quite nice. I always like small ships, they're tough to do without much space.

You can also use half-slabs and vertical half-slabs in conquest to get some more angles going, especially with the bowsprit.

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Thanks all.

I have used half slabs here and there, but it becomes complicated if there is much of those.

Here is some pictures of galleon that im working on right now. It has 78 cannons, 18 small iron cannons, 26 "medium" bronze cannons and rest are "heavy" bronze cannons. Most of the guns are on two gundecks and rest are on quaterdeck and forecastle. There is still lot to be done inside ship and im not happy with quaterdeck yet, and i dont even want to imagine making rigging for this ship.




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Ship building is one of the harder things to get right in minecraft, it's up there with the likes of high-detail organics and terrain. These look quite good, and as someone who has experimented with ship building in the past, your skill makes me envious. Good job!

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Thanks alot!

It would be nice to have my ships on server, and it would be awesome to see them used more than as simple decoration.

Galleon has now some rigging and sails. Now there is mainly just interior and details to be done.






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