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Hey all. Hope you're having a good week :D I just wanted to ask you all, "How did you find A'therys?" Where did you find it? Perhaps you found it via PMC, a youtube vid or word of mouth. Below, just comment where you found out about A'therys. It doesn't matter if you joined 3 years ago we are still interested in how you found out about us :D

I think this will be of great value to us to expand the media that really works / has worked to gather the audience.

Thanks in advance!

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i originally found it in v1 because I was playing hypixels herobrine's mansion map with the texture pack, and googled "atherys ascended texture pack" and found the server

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Word of mouth. Friend was on a LOTR PVP server and somebody there mentioned A'Therys. He subsequently punched the name into PMC (I think), got the info, and told us after that. This was sometime around 2013

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I saw Block Fortress's Rist Nuin cinematic on May 22nd 2012  and thought it was pretty cool. I'd say the underlying circumstances were that I actively followed the minecraft creative building community and the capitols looked especially cool. I also read the lore and it appealed to me. If the capitols weren't as cool and if the lore wasn't as good I don't think I would have bothered making an application.

On 11/25/2017 at 9:06 PM, Brady1233 said:

I heard someone yell "wee woo" and followed the sound of ducks back to its source. 

Some say the wee woo will call out to those in need, leading them to a land of dank memes and duck-based cuisine.

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Mr. BdoubleO100 showed off this place in an epic building rpg tour back in June 2014.


Took a few maxed out days before I could finally get on, but gave me a good chance to check out the intro lore and forums.  Bdubs even teamed up with the Gazamo build team for some cool modded stuff later, but unfortunately never ended up playing on the server.

Stuck around to do my own thing though (still think I'm the only one of those 70k views who did).  It was slightly misleading in his advertising that he said he would play, but I didn't mind.

Unfortunately he and his family have been going through a really rough situation right now, which has led him completely away from YouTube and Minecraft for the foreseeable future.  Gonna miss his inspirations that he makes/finds, like this server.  Guess the epic builders here in this community will have to do for now. :P

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I was playing on another server and got multiple messages across a long period of time asking if I was Hyperion from A'therys. My name was Hyperion_The_II at the time.

So I was like what's that and googled the server and applied for whitelist. I think Hyperion used to live in Ithero but I never met him. 

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I was searching around for a RP server which would hold active factions each doing their own diplomacy, warmongering, building, etc. The server I was aiming to join petered out before their next cycle of whitelists and shut down. So I kept searching for similar servers until I reached A'therys and finally joined, at the end of V1, when the server was being abandoned. Derp.

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Old post, but PMC, in the 5th Grade, when it first came out. I am a Sophomore in High School now, Long time I've been here. 

Edited by Ishaan

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Friend was on the V1 server. Taught me how to play minecraft. Told me to forget everything that I just learned. Then I played Atherys Ascended. Then something something Daggerlands Julkisivu island last day problems something something never played after that.  

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Same for me:

The server looked very unique and got me hyped. This type of content has the best effect for presenting and gathering new players that are going to stay. On the other hand, server lists are just a way to grab someone's attention for 5 seconds to a few minutes at most and are bad for summarizing the unique elements (that u have plenty of and which are what makes people want to come back tomorrow) of each server imo.

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    • The Mortal Plane Awaits...

      v2/ Evo Monas Roth

      To honor the past versions of our amazing server and its legacy, we are returning the world of A'therys Ascended to your pleasure once more! Thanks to the tireless work of our beloved admin @Dannie, he has managed to pull my old build server from the depths of Minecraft limbo.

       V1 Calastore

      Whilst many of you use to use my build server, this will give you a chance to revisit your old builds on there. However beyond that, we have also restored the other worlds on there, including the A'therys v1 and v2 worlds. But to push the goal even further, we have also managed to bring back the A'therys Evo world. 

      v2/ Evo Vrovona (Capital)

      Unfortunately you cannot play on the world as we did once before. All of our main resources are committed to delivering A'therys Horizons. However, in the mean time, why not take a trip down memory lane? Or even better, introduce our new and upcoming friends to the world you once knew. 

      As we look beyond the Horizon, to a world we all do not know and adventures that await, we can treasure the past and the legacy of A'therys Ascended.

      v1 Qhul-Rahav

      You can connect to the server via the Conquest Reforged client OR with vanilla Minecraft 1.12.2. You can get to this server by running the command /server old. To get permissions just ask any fellow staff member, as the server is running off my original A'therys Evo build server set up with PermissionsEX. You can easily visit all of the worlds via multiverse by using /mv list and /mvtp <world name>. Any issues please contact us via the #support channel on our discord: https://discord.gg/b7HdQVN

      v1 Dorrod Muth

      We will continue to work on hard on putting together and delivering A'therys Horizons, but in the mean time we hope you enjoy this opportunity to revisit A'therys Ascended.



      -A'therys Horizons Staff Team


      Atherys v1 Map

      Atherys v2 Map

      A'therys Evo Map


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    • December 24, 2018

      So with the website returning to it's dark theme, we've made a bunch of improvements to the lorelanding!

      Added a MAP to the lorelanding!

      This map (see below for all 5 playable nations lit up) will light up a nation when you hover over it; and allow you to click into it to go to the nation's overview page!


      Original Map Artistic Render by @cicetil

      Overlay graphics and new HoriRule [the nifty divider in the lore sections] by @Xathas

      Coding by @Rynelf (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript!)
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    • December 22, 2018

      Small Governmental Update put in today!

      Added Government of the Gennaian Isles

      Governmental Concepts originally by @Xathas

      Very long-winded Isles Chat with @Foe, @Tristan_vr, @raxiam, @Dani, and @redninja685 . Fortunately there were no casualties. 🤯

      Compiled by Xathas; Edits and Revisions by @Foe
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    • Wiki Entry Wednesday - January 10, 2018
      It's that time of week again!

      Today we explore the city risen from seafoam, Glasscastle.

      Added the cty of Glasscastle to Atvoria

      Original draft by @Xathas

      Critiques and edits by @RuddyF , @Rynelf , and @Kmartinator
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    • Wiki Entry Wednesday: January 3, 2018
      Happy New Year, and Wiki-Entry Wednesday!

      This week marks a return to new nation info, specifically: Dalkun-Tir

      Added Technology of Dalkun-Tir to the Wiki

      Original draft by @Dani

      Second draft by @Xathas

      Critiques and edits by @Dani , @Foe , and @Kmartinator


      Added Marao's Fall to the Wiki

      Original draft by @Xathas

      Critiques and edits by @RuddyF , @Foe , and @Kmartinator
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