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The Great A'therys Flag-Creation Contest!!!!

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Please listen to the following music while reading this.

Good day A'therians! Today I come with fantastic news. 

As you all know, the years of A'therys have seen some impressive flags:

From the glorious Vrovonic Sun to the randomness of egg-plant and duck flags.

This month, we challenge your artistic talents and ideals to suggest national flags for each of the five new nations!


What We're Looking For

Please submit the following for your entry to be considered:

Nation : The most important thing to know; we obviously can't judge criteria unless you tell us which nation you're submitting for.

Flag Design : What is your intended design for the flag; this can include the emblem, color scheme, and even how it is carried (Is it a pennant, a battle standard, or does the flag have a unique shape to it?)

In-Game Appearance : Please include a photo of an in-game appearance of your flag. As Horizons will be using Conquest, please send a photo of your flag In-Game.

What Your Flag Represents :  Every flag's symbols mean something. For example; the United States has 50 stars representing the 50 states; and 13 stripes to represent the original 13 colonies.

Optional ) Artistic Render : Do you have artistic talent, or know an artist who's willing to help you out? Feel free to shoot along an out-of-game artistic render!

* Optional ) Bribe the Judges : We accept Cash, Check, Gold, Bitcoins, and your parents' credit cards ;) 
                        *  DISCLAIMER : This last one is a joke...




You may submit entries until December 31st, 2017.
Limit 1 Flag Entry per person, per nation (You can submit 1 flag for all 5 nations , but not 5 flags for 1 nation)
Winners will be announced January 14th, 2018!





Sample Entry:

Nation : Vrovona!

Flag Design : A glorious red cloth, with a golden sun on it ; carried as a battle-standard.

In-Game Appearance : 


What Your Flag Represents :  The golden sun represents Vrovona in all his glory. Praise be to Vrovona!

Optional ) Artistic Render




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I just got the note that this might be asked; so I'll answer this in advance.


- The new nations do not officially have colors assigned to them; but in the Nations Color-Coding Draft (for documentation and ease of vision purposes) the following base colors were used :

Purple  for Atvoria

Red for the Gennaian Isles

Green for Daidama

Gold for Dalkun-Tir

Blue for Kilnholdt


- We do not plan to limit players to these color choices; but if this helps steer players with no concrete ideas in a direction, I hope it helps :)

- Re-iterating: You are NOT limited to these color bases. If you feel that a nation is more suited towards a color pattern you have in mind; please use it!

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Here's one just to get things rolling...

Nation: Kilnholdt
Flag Design: Simple, torn cloth with blue painted streaks.
In-Game: (I can't make the flag in-game without commands as there are more than 6 layers)
Meaning: The flag is supposed to represent the conflict between settlements that are within the nation. Whilst different sides may want to stay clear of other settlements for their own various reasons, all of them are drawn towards each other for help, when necessary, and it shows their overall aim to try and make the nation prosper as a whole.


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Nation: Dalkun-Tir

The cleavers, raised to the sky, represent the belief that one day they will destroy the Daidamese; Orvesu will make the skies and rivers turn red and lead them to the mountains of Daidama. The orange/beige represents the great dust fields of Khoro-Ter.

In game without Conquest:



In game with Conquest:






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Nation: Gennaian Isles

Flag Design:



Yellow saltier over a red cross with white fields; flown as a flag.

In-Game Appearance:



What the flag represents: The white represents the People and their freedom, the red cross represents Gennaios' bloodline which runs through and across the Kingdoms, and the yellow represents Sjilea that once more bound the people together.

Edited by raxiam
Updated flag colour
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Nation : Kilnholdt

Flag Design : A green top which fades into blue. Lighter gray triangles protrude from the top, and a dark emblem sits on the border between the blue and green. The flag is usually ceremonial, but legends tell of it being carried into battle on the spears of Agavres and his comrades. In more loyal Kilden settlements, the flag is dyed onto whatever cloth can be found.

In-Game Appearance : image.thumb.png.e96b09066d21f7740fbef508db85c744.png

What Your Flag Represents :  While no one knows the exact origin of the flag, a common folktale is usually used to explain it. You see, when Agavres marched on the seven other kingdoms, he used the flag of Harugraun in battle. But, when he was preparing to attack Eztapaltl, his advisors pointed out to him that the nation  had expanded far beyond the small kingdom of Harugraun. So, they suggested the making of a new flag. Agavres, who was considered a supreme leader, was asked to create the flag with modern Kilnholdt in mind. So, the flag was born. Green for the forests and plains. Blue for the azure seas. At the top lay triangles symbolizing the massive mountains of Rasgald. On the brink of the land and sea, a dark emblem was placed to represent the grand fortress of Korth.

Edited by RuddyF
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Nation: Daidama

Flag Design: The Daidamese flag is a grayish banner, with a dark rim. At its center, a green and white symbol provides the only color throughout. With a lack of smaller settlements in Daidama, the flag is highly ceremonial, almost never carries into battle. Many cities produce a single copy of the flag on the best cloth available. They hang it in their center. No other copies are needed to express the purity of the nation.

Appearance In-Game:




What Your Flag Represents: While many would consider Daidama to be one of the richest nations on the continent, their flag does not reflect that. Instead, coined by an ancient Imperator, the Daidamese flag lacks color or grandness. At its center sits a green and white symbol, representing the Mosaich Obelisk which sits at the center of the nation. The gray surroundings represent the purity of Mosech-Tan and Daidama. Around the flag, a darker border envelops the blank canvas, symbolically increasing the focus towards Daidama while disregarding the other nations.

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The flag is a purple and pink banner with a magenta paly separating the two. Along the sides of the purple pale is a wreath (which may or may not feature common long weeds added in, hanging off the sides) from a topside view, behind a pink background. The purple pale splits off the sides, and in some depictions, entangles with the wreath.



It is a matter on contention on whether the flag is an analogy, and what exactly about: the purple and magenta represents the quest; the wreath represents the reward or the end of the journey, the wreath also represents death; the pink represents, depending on who you talk to, a plethora of different things with each guild in Atvoria declaring a different interpretation (usually regarding their craft).  The wreath is a traditional funeral wreath for the soon to be buried, though in recent times this has started to become out of practice, and is now more associated with wild Kiinfolk who have begun wear them in increasing numbers.



Gennaian Isles

The flag is red, with a black bordure along its sides, it has four golden inlays which is sewn sewn into a orange design, and is separated by a red cross which splits through the bordure.



Through folktale it is said that Siljea had made comment on the beauty of the roses along the cliffs of Falkynthos. The passing comment was interpreted (or given, or taken as a self act of devotion) as orders to Theoros who had every rose, save few, taken and had each sail of every ship painstakingly dyed the deep hue. Regardless of the validity of the tale, red has been the color of the kings of Falkynthos since Theoros (and Siljea once she had taken reign of the nation). The gold inlays varies on design and quality flag to area (some with small iconography detailing small parts out of the "The Restless Journey", others with just gold embroidered into the surface), and invokes the authority of the High King themselves; woe betide any knave caught cutting out the thin layers of gold which line such banners.




The flag is green, with a brown fess (unique to them and Dalkun-Tir), with a prominent peak in the middle, and a white looming form of a dragon rising above it. There are three smaller black peaks coming from the base of the mountain.



The peak represents The (or a) Great Mountain near Ryang Tal Shii; brown represents the land Daidama inhabits; the green represents its prosperity; the black peaks represent three separate great walled cities, and the people of Daidama; the great white dragon represents Mosech-Tan's gaze above all from the cosmic mesh, searching and no doubt recording those who seek no penance nor atonement for their crimes, towering over both the Great Mountain of Ryang Tal Shii and its people. The looming figure is no reminder to Daidama and its peoples, it is a absolute and unyielding certainty, a feeling which cannot be so easily attained elsewhere.




The flag is yellow with a fess tailing down, a similar style it shares with Daidama. It is adorned with a black and orange beetle in the center, its legs spread out.



The 'Skitterbugs' are supposedly common in Dalkun-Tir, though a rare sight. The insects keep hidden underneath the sand and light soil, and coming up under fresh 'matter' to eat. What makes the Skitterbug so unique is during the somewhat occasional flooding of Dalkun-Tir, the Skitterbugs wash out of the sands or soil, the hundreds of thousands of them (by some account millions during the catastrophic floodings which wracked Dalkun-Tir and its peoples in the past), and float above the crashing waves 'skittering' along currents which should be to fast to swim let along hop along upon. Where the thousands upon thousands of beetles come from is a matter of debate among scholars of every creed, the most prominent theory is that a majority of the beetles hibernate on a fixed schedule, entering and leaving hibernation in turn to maintain a stable food supply. How beetles are able to store food for themselves to somehow hibernate is not known even with the few rare specimens dissected, and many a scholar of the animal searching nature has searched dune, savannah, and steppe to find no nests or hibernating beetles of any kind.

The Skitterbug upon that plain banner represents the resilience Dalkun-Tir and her people who call it's open frontier home, and the perseverance through rigorous hardships which the floods pose. For no matter how hard the swarms upon the waves struggle, only a few ever are found drowned when the flood waters recede.




It is a black and light blue flag, with a blue paly, and a silver marking which represents a pendant in the very forefront.



Before the death of Agathe Bludvahn, she called upon a gatherings (no noble would congregate in groups larger than 10 since Arvin Schafer, and would instead have messengers travel miles to other meetings which would be held at the simultaneously) for creating a flag for her own united Kilnholdt instead of slapping her and her allies crests together. For months everything was argued as to whose crests, and where the area of the whose heraldry would adorn what, and with whose, and whose crest would get a thicker embroidery. Eventually exasperated messengers began relaying info about how many nudges too far a rival's coat of arms was, and how many stitches, and how thick the thread could be until Agathe Bludvahn called off the gatherings. They would all meet in person at Korth, any who did not attend would forgo their rights to have their heraldry of any kind included. To her relief only four called out in open rebellion for conspiring an assassination attempt against them, most simply wished to end the affair.

The largest gathering of nobles since Arvin Schafer managed to get through a closed meeting over who would receive the honor of holding a coat of arms or family crest, with only two fatalities (one from a paranoid noble stabbing a 'unfamiliar' servant who gave him white whine instead of red, and thought most definitely the differentiation of taste was certainly poison, and another noble who was poisoned). In a unexpected turn of events a compromise was reached, the gathering agreed that no crest of any family or heraldry would go upon the new banner. The flag would bear the ancient colors of Arvin Schafer, and in its center would be a silver pendant of Agavres, who handed them personally to his chosen officers during his campaigns before the second calling. The compromise was hailed as a sign of a new chance at unity, and that maybe Agathe Bludvahn may be the next chosen conqueror for its peoples; she was then on a unrelated note, pushed off a cliff.

Now the fate of the banner is up in the air, the city of Korth still uses it and so do Pro-Bludvahn cities and allied nobles. For now Kilnholdt bears the pendant of their god, but any new warlord eying the capital may wish to see it fly their color and crest instead of someone now long departed.



Note: If any of the images appear as gray text, just right click and select reload image.

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Makes readable.
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Hi all!!!!

So we had a vote at our staff meeting! As noted in the OP; the option to not select one if we felt none fit what we were looking for was put out on the table.


Winning entries :

Kilnholdt : @Kurgis
Dalkun-tir : @Dani
Daidama : : @RuddyF
Atvoria : None
Gennaian Isles : None



Thanks to everyone who participated!!!

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