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[Discussion] May 16, 2018 Lore Update : Atvoren Guilds

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It's been pointed out that players have been hesitant to start and talk on these; so I'm opening up a Discussion Topic on the latest Lore Release, and will be making these threads for feedback / discussion / player theorizing / and general excitement :)

This week's Lore Release was the Guilds of Atvoria!

4 hours ago, Xathas said:

May 16, 2018

Everything technically went up about 12 hours ago last night; but I hadn't had time to get all the Namelinks and such in yet. Here's the official post with credits; there's a lot of them ❤️



A huge thanks to everyone that worked on this project! With 13 articles posted; it's our most ambitious project since The Magic Update; but we wanted to release all the guilds in one go to give a solid frame of idea for player characters to work with! :)

Presuming all goes well, we'll have another articles coming out next week as planned. If the team's a bit burned out after this one, we might delay a week; I'll update in either case!  


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"The Twelve Guilds are listed below, organized by Role in the Quest."

They are actually listed to the left side, or on mobile, above the actual article.


Also I think it may make more sense to compare the guilds to the governments of the new nations, not the old ones. The old ones are kinda irrelevant now.


What I find a bit weird is how it is written "guilds are listed" yet the entries on the list only say "The Minstrel", "The Pouch" etc. I'd change it to "Minstrels Guild" or similar.

(using the actual guild names could work too, perhaps a bit confusing for new people though. Including both like "Verdent Lamplighters (Ministels Guild)" proably is too long.) 


Edited by Lord Ferol

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4 hours ago, Lord Ferol said:

 "guilds are listed"

the very next line is: " organized by Role in the Quest. "

Also because the Sidebar looks really awkward when it double-lines per entry; and I've been trying to avoid that last part.

4 hours ago, Lord Ferol said:

 They are actually listed to the left side, or on mobile, above the actual article.

Adjusted to
"The Twelve Guilds are listed in this section", instead of below. Should resolve a bit of confusion. I think the term below initially spawned from debating doing them in Block sections, rather than individual pages; but changed my mind on that early in.



In this case; comparing to the cultures of nations with distinct record of caste and class was necessary, as few of the new nations hold such systems. The closest otherwise is how Dalkun-Tir's caravans are closer to familial units than anything; but it didn't really work in the same context.

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