WARNING: The following thread can contain graphic descriptions as well as the occasional curse word. If this is not to your liking, please turn back now. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You... You would enter my world uninvited?   Such arrogance. It is nearly unacceptable. Though I suppose I can’t blame you. The spoils are greater then they have ever been, what mortal soul could resist attempting to pilfer the riches of my realm? I’d cast you out into the endless reaches of the void without a second thought... but, it would seem that luck is on your side.   It just so happens that I find myself in need of a number of subjects.   You see, my world has gone by godless and dark for countless centuries, decay has spread like a disease across the land and I am powerless to cure it. A pestilence of demons feeding off the heart of this world while the great husk looms in the sky, the cannibalistic horrors of grimnight whose origins are unknown to even me, and the last inkling of humanity clutching at strings far too thin and tattered. Of power there is plenty, but this is all that remains of life. I believe you can change this.   I believe you can become the God of my realm and remake it.   For better or for worse. Unfortunately, there can only be one, and there will be many vying for this right. I can offer you few boons, my friend. Freedom from the fear of death, a drink from the sap of my Genesis Coppice, and maybe a vague answer or three. This is all I can provide and be well aware that this will be provided to all who seek to rule. You must be the maker of your own advantages. When you awaken, you will forget about this little conversation of ours. That is simply the nature of these things. However, I hope that maybe, if you somehow hold even the vaguest recollection of this little parley, you will recall one piece of advise...   Do not shy from risks. For there are many others who will gladly take them in your place. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the role-play adventure Möbius Requiem. Allow me to drop a few facets of this role-play before we begin.   Player VS Player is enabled and encouraged: Due to the nature of death in this world you can kill and be killed regardless of a role-players wishes.   Death is not the end: If you are slain, you will simply ‘respawn’ in your Requiem safe-hall, all your items and powers mostly in tact. Your original body will turn to ash and two new options will open to continue your adventure.   Combat is Role Based: I will role a D20 and it will determine the luck of your attack. If you have the ability to destroy a building in a single touch, you will not magically lose this ability on a low role. It will simply have an effect more advantageous or disadvantageous to your situation depending.   Astral Decay: If you fail to respond to a players interaction over an extended period of time, you will be turned to ash and sent back to your Requiem so that other players may continue their adventure unhindered. However, in this case you will be able to ‘respawn’ right back to the spot where you decayed once you return.   My World: This will not take place in a world even remotely related to Atherys lore. However, your characters from Atherys will be gladly accepted.   ENDGAME: This specific role-play will not go on forever. I will say no more on this, as this subject involves HEAVY spoilers. Even though you need not fear death, the stakes have never been higher.   All rules of this forum apply, aside from those associated with death due to its differing nature.   With that out of the way, I offer you the character application. Please post yours below. There are very few reasons why one will not be accepted though I do reserve the right to deny applications. Applications will be accepted at any time regardless of how far in this role-play has gone. There are always ways to catch up and just as well plentiful ways to make an impact.     Name*: (Anything you please.)   Interaction Level*: (1 if you would like to interact with other role-players.) (0 if you would like only None Player Characters as company.)   Physical Description*: (Will be given to other players if they encounter you.)   Metal Description: (Will be used to design a start fit for your character.)   Backstory: (Will be used to design a start fit for your character.)   Inventory*: (Items carried over on your person, if any.)   Powers: (All mystical/supernatural powers, even if you had them before, will be stripped from your character upon entering this realm. There are bountiful ways to gain power in this world, you will have to make use of them.)   Additional Information: (Anything you would like to include not part of the above options)   *NECESSARY   You will enter this realm during your sleep, and awaken with all your memories in tact except those of how you got here. I will make an additional forum post when I am ready to begin Möbius Requiem in its entirety. When, exactly, it begins will depend on the amount of people ready to join and my readiness to accommodate them. Rest assured responses from me will be daily unless circumstances do not allow it, in which case you will be informed.   Just as well, please write any queries you have below. I will answer them to the best of my ability. I am purposely being obscure on the lore of Möbius Requiem as I would prefer to keep it a surprise. I have been working on it for some time and am eager to put it into use.   Thank you for your time and have a marvelous day! When this all kicks off, the main role-play page will be located at the following link     Please follow the next link if you would like additional information on the world of Möbius Requiem.