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What you wanna see from the Combat Plugin?

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Just wanted to see what people want to see from the Combat Plugin. Personally, I just want my Dscott Buff Bot and 'Hellknight' back.

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The Combat plugin has gone through several iterations at this point. Some of which testable, others not. It's been a genuine process of trial and error, trying to figure out how to code a plugin flexible enough to account for the oh so many different playstyles we've seen over the years. I don't like promising anything, because I'm of the opinion that no matter how far into a project you are, you can always scrap the whole thing and start from scratch if you start noticing flaws in the fundamental mindset of your design. 

So far though, this is what I can hint at:

1. A skil tree-based approach to progression

- Just as it says on the tin, you will be able to make your own path through a skill tree. Nothing and nobody will limit you in which route you will take, and with this there will obviously be some choices which are better than others. But then again, that's always been the case.

2. Skills ( duh )

- I liked Heroes skills. There was nothing wrong with the way they worked on a fundamental level. What I didn't like was the complete and utter reliance on that dreaded macro mod which forced you to bind every single key on your keyboard to a skill. This was only made worse by the fact that you had to twist your hand into all sorts of horrible positions to set off just the right combination of skills, in just the right timing. While the skill system itself will not be limited in any way, shape, or form ( intend for it to provide the same sort of functionality as the Heroes skill system ), I hope that skill designers will take into account the fact that at the end of your skill tree, you do not necessarily need to have a dozen different skills in order to pull off the damage you need. I've always been of the opinion that at the end of the day, one should have no more than 4 or 5 skills which synergize well with each other.

3. Armor and Weapon stats ( I call them attributes, though they're a far cry from the traditional RPG meaning of an attribute )

- There was always a fear in the Heroes era of armor contributing too much to your fighting ability. Yes, the armor you wear and the weapons you use either make you better or worse for your class. That's prevalent in just about any RPG I know of. In fact, it's something of a staple. I want to see this in A'therys, and I hope that these "attributes" might result in players being more selective/careful about the items they use. This is the most experimental feature of the entire plugin, so while I talk about it here, I don't know how deep it will go when the plugin is finished. I hope I can figure out some of the kinks I have with it, because I believe it would be an excellent addition.


I hope this satiates your curiosity. Take what I've written here as a general guide to my thinking and approach to the plugin, rather than concrete facts or features which are going to make it into the final product. They might not, but this is my mindset and I hope it's a good insight.

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On 12/29/2018 at 12:05 PM, Tirz said:


We talking some V1 diamond helmet everyone played it mayhem maker or the original tank killer?

Either way PvP better still handle decently well anything I have played in recent times seems like a botched version of the original with either no skill or an unlimited skill cap where players become unstoppable overtime. Progression should be a thing but, to an extent in my opinion either way I am actually interested to see what comes out.


9 hours ago, HaedHutner said:

Armor and Weapon stats

Is this more like a OS Runescape thing where it just determines your stats or is this more a GW2 where it entirely changes your optional abilitys, playstyle and status effects?


And @HaedHutner You should make updates more often I like to read them and hardly see anything about the combat. Thanks Mate

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So far I have no intention of making armor and weapons which give you special abilities. It's all about modifying stats at the moment.


As for more updates, I've known this is a problem for a while now ( and @Rynelf has tried to fix it with his Dev Log ), but I just never considered it that important to give updates that often. Fact is that very little changes in terms of our overall design strategy for Horizons, and Sellt's diaries touch on that part of our development plenty. The rest is just boring technical details.

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I'd really enjoy a combat plugin that performed equally well in all situations and locations. Look back at the myriad of salt videos on YouTube of team fights (#Nostalgia) and you'll see what I mean. There always seemed to be serious latency in all the earlier combat plugins, whenever you actually fought in a larger group, the server often couldn't keep up. Perhaps that was the way abilities worked and the fact that every class had ten of them or perhaps this is was hardware limitation that simply has to be lived with. Either way I'd love to see bigger fights where the server doesn't lag to 1000ms and I thought it might be relevant to bring it up. Finally, thank you to @HaedHutner and @Rynelf for coding and doing these dev logs. Also resurrect Trueshot.

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