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A'therys Horizons: Monthly Update - June 2020

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Hello, A’therys!

I welcome you to the first of our new monthly posts on the development of A’therys Horizons! I hope that it will better inform you about our active development and changes of the project!


Build Team

Firstly, we would like to announce that three new members have joined the build team over the past month: @Erik_2000, @Lizard and @Havald Carn. Give them a big welcome! We also have a returning build member from the Gazamo Build Team, @TheTazHD!

And with this I want to encourage builders of every stripe to join our build team and help us make this beautiful world of blocks. We have a new easy way to join, you just have to log onto our build server “Horizons Build Server” where you can work on a plot of your own, show us your best work and then after you are done you can contact @skillet52 , @Altairas , or @InsanibleLector on Discord, in which they will review your build and see if you have what it takes to join our build team.



Development Team

We've also had a returning member to the development team: @Aoiley (Kaltiz)! He has already been doing work on the chat system.

Along with the chat system, we’ve also been hard at work on the towns plugin. It underwent a massive refactor to support roles (mayors, citizens, assistants, etc) which is now reaching completion. After that, several major features will be implemented:

  • Town protection
  • Player town creation 
  • A town raid system (click here if you want a preview)

Here are a couple examples of the town UI. Towns, nations, and residents can all be hovered over and clicked on.



Finally, we’ve been working on adding sound and particle effects to the skills. All of them should have effects by the release of the first major update of the PTS.

For a quick glance at what we're working on, you can look here. If you'd like to join the development team, contact @Rynelf on Discord!


Community/Media Team

We have also updated the layout of our Discord, please feel free to hop in and check it out!

There will also be changes to the Community/Media Team and the things they will do in the future, which I’ll explain in an upcoming post! 


And as always be sure to follow and join us on

Discord , Twitter , YouTube , Twitch , Instagram , and Planet Minecraft 

with more to come, so you’ll be able to see and share more about the A'therys Horizons development.


Thank You for reading this post, there will be more to come in the future!


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