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A'therys Horizons: Weekly Update - June 8 2020

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Hello, A’therys!

I welcome you to the first of our new weekly posts on things going on with A’therys Horizons! This week I will lay out our plan for our Community Team, which we have re-organized. I will also discuss new things planned for the community!


Community Team

So what I've started is the monthly and weekly posts to help show updates of the work we have been upto and to give some insight as to what we have planned in the future. I have made it my job to keep the community up to date on the latest information and what we have to show you about A’therys Horizons.

This is the current schedule we have planned:

  • Monday: Monthly/ Weekly Post - Each Monday we will have updates posted for the community on the forums, as well as on social media and PMC. The first Monday of each month will be a wrap up post for all of the new information for the month prior.
  • Wednesday: We will post on social media for Lore Wednesdays to highlight lore that is interesting and cool, hint, all of it is interesting and cool.
  • Friday: We will stream on Twitch for about an hour and take a look at our test server, build server, and codebase followed by another media post of images/videos we have.

One example above is the weekly streams for about an hour a week, that would show you what we have been working on. These plans are just a few for now, but will help me with the engagement I want with all of you!

Here's an outline of what you may see on stream.

  • Showcase of our test server
  • Which plugins we use and how we use them
  • Our questing system and how we make quests
  • Showcase of some of the builds from our fantastic build team
  • Lore chat as well as Q/A sessions


You Can Help

I'm usually available for most of the day on Discord, so if you have an idea or suggestion for things like Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Discord, or Planet Minecraft, I’ll be there to talk about those changes and to see if it is realistic for us to get those accomplished. I would greatly appreciate it if I could talk to the community and see what you guys feel about the current state of things and what we could do better!

We will also take suggestions about how our team operates or if you think we need to add something, like events or contests that we could have for our community, our team is open to your ideas that you may have. 




And as always be sure to follow and join us on

Discord , Twitter , YouTube , Twitch , Instagram , and Planet Minecraft 

with more to come, so you’ll be able to see and share more about the A'therys Horizons development.


Thank You for reading this post, there will be more to come in the future!


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