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A'therys Horizons: Weekly Update November 9, 2020

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Hello, A’therys!

This past week has been solely dedicated to getting things prepped for this coming Friday, 13th of November for the release of the towns update to the A’therys Horizons public test server.


Play Test Server Q&A

Q: When does the whitelist get turned off?

A: November 13, 2020 at 4pm EST Here’s a wonderful countdown! https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20201113T16&p0=179&msg=A%27therys+PTS+-+Towns+Update&font=serif

Q: Once the town update goes live, how do I go to the new world?

A: From Korghor, capital of Laghur head straight North, there you’ll find a boat and a captain that will take to the new land. From Sharra, capital of Mahkri, head straight West, there you’ll also find a boat and a captain that will take you to the new land. Each captain will take you to a different camp, one specific for either Laghur in the North or Mahkri in the South.

Q: Taxes scare me, I lose my town if I don’t pay them?

A: Don’t be afraid, taxes are just a way to automate a system that was always in place in past A’therys versions, if players are inactive and not contributing to the server for three+ months, the town is disbanded and the land is unclaimed for others to pick through the ruins. If you’re an active leader, with an active town full of thriving members, you have nothing to fear.

Q: I saw a lot of different taxes on the last post. Why so many and how do they really get calculated?

A: Let’s go for a full breakdown here.

Base Tax (+500): The amount to be taxed regardless of town population or size. 

Population Tax (+100 x Town Member Count): A set amount of additional tax for each active resident.

Area Tax (+0.2 x Block): A set amount of additional tax for each block of town claimed.

Oversize Tax (+1 x Block Extra): An extra tax paid on town area that goes over the maximum size, if players leave your town or go inactive, your town’s maximum size decreases. The plots used over the new maximum area do not disappear, however they will be taxed in excess until either your active population increases to re-allow those plots, or until the plots are returned to the wilderness. 

No-PVP Tax (Above x1.5 Multiplier): If your town has pvp disabled, they will be taxed an extra tax multiplier.

Nation Multiplier Tax (Above x 0.5 - 1.5 Multiplier): Nation heads can set an additional tax multiplier between 0.5 and 1.5. 

Now, let’s look at some examples created by Jownky and Cicetil.


Starting Town Example (Default Nation Tax Multiplier):

(500 + 3*100 + 0.20*3200)*1 = 1,440 sickles

Tax per Resident = 480 sickles/week (~70 sickles/day)


4 Residents with Starting Area (Including 3 Resident Areas):

(500 + 4*100 + 0.2*3200)*1 = 1,540 sickles

Tax per Resident: 385 sickles/week (55/day)


4 Residents Maximum Area Claimed:

(500 + 4*100 + 0.2*3840)*1 = 1,668 sickles

Tax per Resident = ~420 sickles/week (60/day)


15 Residents Maximum Area Claimed:

(500 + 15*100 + 0.2*10880)*1 = 4176 sickles

Tax per Resident = ~278 sickles/week (40/day)


4 Residents Maximum Area Claimed + Non-PvP:

((500 + 4*100 + 0.2*3840)*1)*1.5 = 2,502 sickles

Tax per Resident = ~625 sickles/week (89/day)


15 Residents Maximum Area Claimed + Non-PvP:

((500 + 15*100 + 0.2*10880)*1)*1.5 = 6264sickles

Tax per Resident = ~417 sickles/week (60/day)


Remember, as is everything on the public test server, these values are subject to change and can be edited in the future based on your feedback.


Dev Team

Bug squashing, refactorization, and the joyful sounds of developers finding solutions has been the name of the game this week. If you are, or if you know someone who is proficient with, or learning Java and would like to help out, please contact Rynelf on Discord about how you can be of assistance. And as always, our Github is hosted on the top bar of our website and open if you’d like to peek around.

Build Team

Thanks to Dannie we have a beautifully layered Conquest Reforged survival map to build, craft, explore, and survive on for your enjoyment. Thanks to Zoktobian and Fluffy we have some interesting ruins that have been added to the map. Feel free to claim these as part of your town, or just disassemble them for parts. This world is and has always been intended to be yours to play with as you see fit.

    That’s all for now but as always, be sure to follow and join us on

    Discord , Twitter , YouTube , Twitch , Instagram , GitHub , and Planet Minecraft



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