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Public Test Server - Whitelisting for a Better Tomorrow

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For a brief message…


We are shutting down the Public Test Server at the end of the week for quality control purposes, as this update does not meet the standards we as a staff are hoping to provide for you, or ourselves who make up our community. From the product itself, to the communication that was given last minute on how to access the testing server, as well as orientation to the plugins and new additions to the island of Soltair, we failed.


    To make this right, the Public Test Server will have the whitelist reinstated and we will be announcing a re-release when we are comfortable with having tested properly, and with having communicated properly. To you, we apologize, but we are not defeated. To the fifty-two (52) of you that joined us this weekend to play, thank you for your feedback and taking the time to login and interact with us, the time spent with you was greatly rewarding and has given us new hope and a drive to do better, not just for us, but for you, as you deserve better.


    Thank you for your time and helping to make us strive to do and to be better. More communication will come as we are able to share words of substance. We hope to see you soon.


For more detail to the above, please see below.


    In comparison to our public announcement of goals for this update, the Towns Update, we fell far short in both testing, and feature setup. General guides were not created for release, informational packets were not sent out. Shops, quests, and a functionally updated conquest system all failed to be created in the way we had hoped.


This update release was rushed in hubris and sleep deprivation, being marred by errors and major issues that had to be addressed non-stop overnight before release. Notable, comical errors include, but are not limited to the following…

- NPCs vanishing in Korghor, having to be replaced.

- ALL NPCs vanishing and having to be recovered.

- The world we initially had setup for survival being found to not have ores or any form of conquest resources underground.

- Not being able to craft recipes for Conquest Reforged.

- Not being able to craft simple crafting recipes in the survival world, such as planks from conquest logs or torches.

- Players not spawning at the intended first spawn location.

- Shop NPCs being replaced with villagers in the last half hour before release when CustomNPCs decided to strike against their creators and not sell items anymore.

And many, many more…


Many of the above issues came up in the last three days before release, while others were not noted until players began hopping on and asking “Hey, why can’t I make tools?” which was a complete oversight, because it’s Minecraft, why wouldn’t you be able to craft tools, but looking at ourselves, why didn’t we test to see if we could. It’s that failure to give adequate testing time and to hit all of our goals of this release for which we are reinstating the whitelist and giving ourselves time to do this update correctly.


Again, to the fifty-two (52) and counting of you who have joined us and taken a look despite these clear shortcomings, thank you. This downtime is for you especially, so that we can do better, and so that we can provide a better system to gain knowledge of the systems and how to use them for the future of A’therys as a whole leading into A’therys: Horizons. 

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On 11/18/2020 at 3:38 PM, bobsaget said:

How many more years we gotta wait? I'm gonna be in my death bed by the time A'therys officially releases. 👴

If you think that this is anything but a scheme created by the Chinese Communist Party to steal user information and influence our elections then you're naive. Rise up, demand transparency from the undemocratic Chinese Communist shills! We will no longer be taken for a ride! Is it any wonder that they are using a game created by Notch, who is a Swedish developer?

I think the connection between Socialist Sweden and Communist China speaks for itself, and I think the A'therys "Devs" (Read: CCP Plants) connection to both Socialist and Communist governments also speaks volumes of their true goals. These updates just Happening to release around the time of The United States election where we know for a fact that Minecraft server Devs working in tandem with CCP  operatives influenced the election outcomes in the states of Virginia, Kentucky, and Alabama, all of which would have gone blue if not for the blatant Communist Misinformation campaign spread lies to the single largest voting demographic in those  States, which is 13 year old Minecraft Conquest server users. 

Do not be fooled by their statements claiming that mistakes were made and that they will do better, it is all a smokescreen by foreign actors to not only undermine our democracy, but To outright destroy the West and it is being carried out by people who want nothing less than the complete capitulation of the Freedoms we enjoy in the west to the Tyranny they "enjoy" in their eternal oppressive authoritarian regimes.

Demand answers, never settle for these vagaries and smokescreens! Gamers rise up! We are the most oppressed minority and we won't take it anymore! We want the truth!

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