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A'therys Horizons: Korth, Capital of Kilnholdt

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Korth, Capital of Kilnholdt

"When the gods settled A’therys, none would have imagined the small landmass to the south to amount to anything at all. Even today, the Kild bicker amongst themselves over land, resources, and titles. Tempered by the flames of strife, the Kilden people have been refined to a sharpened edge. Defined by their history and transformed by experience, they are perhaps the most mastered of all nations in the gruelling affair of war. While periods of anarchy and conflict may grip the nation, the Kild work tirelessly to become recognized as the world’s dominant power. Agavres’ domain of strife may have tainted the Kild, but in them he also instilled a sense of courage and resolve that few can match."

No single location could testify to the strife and resolve that defines Kilnholdt as much as its capital city, Korth. Korth is a city that in time has been built again and again, always persevering and rebuilding from the ashes of battle. This is certainly reflected well with the build team’s lengthy construction of this city. Let’s take a look through the archives, of some pictures taken from the beginnings to the final construction.

Below is a map by Cicetil of a potential layout of major structures of Korth based on topography. Much of this layout was unchanged and can be seen in the final product. For orientation, the bottom of the map is North.



Now, a pleasant before and after image of the main city of Korth, behind the fortress.


As all things, we have to start somewhere. Here’s the start of what’s been dubbed the “Cultural Castle” internally (and by internally I mostly mean just myself, still trying to get the name to stick).



And here, we have it placed on the map.



These were the original walls to defend the city, they did not make it into the final cut.



And now, a look at the waterfall sentinels which are still proudly standing guard of the North West corner of Korth, one of them has since lost their noggin.



Bringing it all together, we have this early view of Korth from the North West. There’s a suspicious village outside of the front wall in the left of this image.



Here’s an overhead journeymap look at the front of Korth at an early time in development.



The old village in front was removed in favor of a siege scenario, with a change of wall as well.



Here’s a look at that new wall, which is still standing with some additions.



Now let’s take a look at the backside of Korth, this image was taken facing what is now the rear entrance to the fortress on the left, the bank in the middle, and a tower up to the palace on the right. This was from a far woolier time, as are the next few pictures.



This next image is positioned facing the “graveyard district” back when it was the only thing completed in the rear of Korth.



Next, we see the beginnings of a city taking form. This layout was not to be and replaced during the summer of 2020.



Here’s a top down look at the initial wool layout for the factory district. The pink wool pieces jutting out of the side of the cliff were intended to be stairs leading up, these did not make it into the final cut.



In July 2020 there was a massive push to finish Korth, which we mostly met, here’s a mid-month picture of the progress that was made. Note the many floating pieces, these were primarily from the old rendition of Korth from before the creation of a flowing layout by one of our master builders, Fujiro. As many buildings as possible were salvaged and placed back into the current version of Korth.



A look at the market district wool just south of the entrance to the fortress. The stairs up to the bank are seen pictured on the right.



Here is another look at Korth from above. This time, a “finished” capital.



”Finished” to most of us that is, until Skillet went back through after our end of July wrap-up to add another castle.



Building in Conquest can sometimes have perks. Here’s a lovely picture taken of all of the conquest blocks in a missing texture format. Beautiful isn’t it?



Prior to July this house was missing something to make it stand out in what was intended to be the upper class housing, so we put some bling on it, as all upper class houses require.



Skillet’s original setup for Korth was removed in favor of the more tightly packed version that exists today. Pictured below is a copy of that old setup.



Early rendition of the entrance district to the main city of Korth, the Raging Crow tavern is pictured on the left.



Initial interior of the Lord’s Rite and Agavres’ Glaive.



The final version of the Lord’s Rite has seen the offering pile taken below ground into the “Glaive Cave” along with the creation of a far larger glaive to match the might of Agavres.


Now finally, let’s take a look at this from a video perspective. We are proud to present this long in the making look at Korth, please enjoy.



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