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A'therys Aeons Beta Update


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A'therys Aeons Beta Announcement

Ready to Launch: The A'therys Aeons project is nearing it's completion, and we need the help of the A'therys community once again! The A'therys Aeons Vanilla Beta will be launching December 18th, 2021.


Beta Tester : As we near the beta launch, we are looking for those who wish to help us off the start. The beta will be a lot of bugs, for sure, as well as tons of experimenting and changes, so those wishing to sign up for the beta should be ready to give feedback whenever possible on their experience!

Apply Below: Below, you will find the application, if you're interested, please fill it out! There will be rewards for those who complete the beta test, such as in-game cosmetics or titles that no one else will be able to receive except those exclusive beta testers.



Click Here for Beta Tester Application Link


Beta Structure: The structure and timeline of the beta is as follows:
 - Beta Applications open and are accepted (Dec 14-Dec 18)

 - Beta Opens for applicants only (Dec 18-Dec 26)

 - Beta Opens for all A'therians (Dec 27-Jan 2)

 - A'therys Aeons Launch (Early 2022)

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I'm actually so old its disgusting, look forward to it! 

8 hours ago, Quid Accidit said:

Wow it's been a while. I don't think I've even played Minecraft since the last time the server was up. I can't even remember when that was but I'm happy it's back! 

Best be seeing you! 

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