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A'therys Aeons Beta Notice


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A'therys Aeons Beta Launch Date Change

What's Changing: Due to a great deal more people signing up for the beta than we initially expected, we are going to be opening the full beta server Monday, 20th December. The delay is unfortunate, but due to scheduling conflicts with a majority of our available staff, the large number of those already signed up, and the infrastructure we need to upgrade to ensure the beta gets us the information we need to make the launch successful, we feel this delay is 100% necessary.

Date Changes: With this in mind, not too many other dates are being changed, however, we will continue to take beta applications until Sunday, 19th December. See our previous post for the beta application link. This likely won't move any other planned dates, and we will be opening the beta up to anyone right after the Christmas holidays. 

Some More Information: There have been a ton of questions asked about the beta, the full release, and all the features, plugins, and plans in place. For the sake of clarity, and to save everyone time scrolling through discord chats to find the answers, I'll post a mini Q&A here:

Q: How will player towns be handled?

A: Player towns will be available for players to lay down, so long as they have a few members in their party and enough Yora in their bank. The numbers of both players and Yora will be determined during the beta, as will the availability of players to self claim, however neither aspect has been 100% decided.


Q: Will there be a wipe?

A: Yes, the beta is a way for us to ensure there aren't any game-breaking bugs or economy-breaking exploits, and we will likely find tons of both. The day before the full server launch the map, player profiles, and towns will all be wiped fresh for the new release. There will not, however, be a bunch of wipes during the beta itself. Also, as previously mentioned, there will be permanent rewards given to those who partake in the beta!


Q: How will Heroes levels / exp be handled?

A: There will be some testing to be done on the beta server, but heroes levels will be fairly easy to acquire, and players can master as many classes as they like, allowing swaps ever 10 or so minutes (with an extended timer if in combat). Also, while darkrooms likely won't be of benefit to players due to mob spawning settings, there will be custom Dungeons that you can go to as a place to grind PVE experience and items. These dungeons are on a separate instance from the main server, so no matter how many people are in dungeons, there shouldn't be reduced mob spawning on the main world!


Q: How will the Nether / End be handled?

A: As previously mentioned, we have dungeon instances which will be accessible to all players. Some of these dungeons will take place in a Nether or End based environment. This solves a lot of problems we have had in the past, such as players being able to destroy towns by spamming nether portals, and the End dragon never being reset.



What you can do to prepare!

Join the Discord: In order to take part in this beta, there are a few things we recommend setting up on your end to be ready to partake. First of all, and most importantly, join the A'therys Discord! This is the location where we'll be assembling to discuss the beta, drop the IP, accept feedback, and give other announcements going forwards. Once you join the discord, go to the #rules channel and hit the A'therys reaction to accept the server rules and unlock the entirety of the server.

Reinstall Minecraft: A lot of those folks already in the discord have already mentioned needing to re-install Minecraft and get their profiles set up for the beta. The server will be releasing on Minecraft version 1.16.5, however you can connect on 1.16.5 or newer (up to 1.18). Prepare your Optifine, Maps, and Macros mods for exploring the server.

Optional: A'therys Aeons Curseforge: A member of the community has been spending time making a community-sourced Curseforge Launcher for A'therys Aeons, including some favorite mods such as a new Macros mod, a minimap, and the A'therys Resource Pack built in! Keep an eye on the discord for that link soon.




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