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Hello and welcome to the new iteration of atherys.com, extremely different right? Well we do hope you like it and please do be sure to thank Nathan and Joebricksy for all of their hard work and effort that has been put in.

We are sorry that this took longer than we said it would, a series of technical problems created a backlog but that’s all done and dusted now, its back, your addictions can be fulfilled once again.

Couple of notes as there are or will be a few things that need cleaning up or fixing:



Perfecting the front part of the website (the image slides)

Bug fixes (if any)

Making sure everything is to our liking.

Lore Pages (these are being added by Anvil as we go, ready for launch)

Guide Pages (being written up as we piece together the server, edited for new content)

Various bits and bobs as we see them. Small details.


Other than that, you have at your disposal full functionality, new things to play with, very customizable profiles including section for RP characters etc.


I hope you enjoy this new site, lets get to populating it!

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Finally I can stop manually DoSing the page. Website looks great so far, looking forwards to A'therys Evo and all related future A'therys ventures! Good job guys and thank you for maintaining this amazing community and the server it's built upon.

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