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These are our global service rules. Do note they may not apply for all services.

No Inappropriate Links in Chat

  • No Pornographic Links
  • No Violent Content
  • No Links to Competing Services
  • No Links to Illegal Content (Torrent Services, Illegal Downloads, etc.)
  • Do not link anything that would serve to violate any other rule
  • Do not link anything that is meant to compromise or otherwise harm the integrity of a person’s system (Ex: Phishing Links, Trojans, etc)

No Harassment

  • Excessive, bothersome acts which are meant to disrupt or otherwise infringe on another player's enjoyment of their time on A’therys. This can include excessive whispering or anything you have been asked to stop doing by the player in question.
  • Bullying will also fall under harassment and will not be tolerated. This means verbal bullying or severe harassment which seeks to ruin, or infringe upon, another players play experience.
  • If you feel you are being harassed, you need to ask the person harassing you to STOP. After this point, if it has not stopped, please report this to a staff member. Your request to STOP will be verified through our logs and dealt with in accordance to our violation guidelines.

No Excessive Language

  • Excessively profane language such as racist, sexist, homophobic, or sectarianism comments. Simply speaking, do not be horrible to other people (Cussing in general, keep the chats clean.)
  • English (UK/ USA/ Canadian...etc) is the main language that is used to communicate throughout all services of A’therys. You should not use any other languages to communicate particularly in public channels, and when prompted by staff you should stop.

No Hacking (Attempting)

  • While our system is in place, if you are caught trying to skirt this system and hack or otherwise cheat the system, it will result in instant removal across all A'therys services.
    • This also includes the use of AFK machines or any other ways to circumvent something which is within the server mechanics. (we do not have an AFK kicker for no reason.)
  • If you know of any person who is attempting to hack on the server or exploit in any way, please promptly report it.
  • If an exploit is discovered, and you are not sure if it is an exploit, err to the side of caution and report it. You will be informed if it is legit or not. It is best to check and see than to try it and end up banned.

No Scamming

  • This refers to players scamming other players out of materials, money or things of that nature in game. 
  • This does not cover real life money exchanges between players for materials or Yora in game.
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