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A'therys Crafting Guide

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How to custom craft on A'therys!

We use a plugin called Craftbook; which helps us create custom items for you to craft with, this guide will show you to use it to the best of your ability so that you and your friends will have knowledge on how to craft custom food and items on A’therys.


There are two types of crafting on A’therys, they are either shaped or shapeless recipes, shaped recipes will be noted to be made in a certain way.


Item Crafting Recipes:



Enchanters Dust- Lapis Lazuli (x1) & Gold Nugget (x1) & Redstone Dust (x2)


Chain Links- Iron Ingot (x5)


Leather- Rotten Flesh (x9)


Web- String (x9)


Slimeballs- Dirt (x2) & Cactus (x2)



icon_new.gif Food Crafting Recipes:



Loghec Stew - Mushroom (x1) & Spider Eye (x1) & Bowl (x1)


Itheri Chowder- Raw Fish (x1) & Bowl (x1) & Potato (x2)


Cactus Juice- Cactus (x3) & Water Bottle (x1)


Vronona’s Spiced Pork- Cocoa Bean (x2) & Sugar (x1) & Raw Pork (x1)


 Yolu’s Garden Salad- Oak Leaf (x4) & Apple (x2) & Lily Pad (x2) & Bowl (x1)


 Alor Duck Kebab- Raw Chicken (x2) & Stick (x1) & Carrot (x2)


 Steak Kebab- Potato (x2) & Carrot (x2) & Steak (x2) & Stick (x1)


 Dorrod’s Bread- Wheat (x3) & Rotten Flesh (x1)


 Pirate’s Parrot Yarr- Chicken (x1) & Feather (x4)


[Shaped] Wheel Of Cheese- Rotten Flesh (x4) & Spider Eye (x4) around Milk Bucket (x1)



icon_new.gif Dessert Crafting Recipes:



Carrot Cake- Carrot (x3) & Wheat (x2) & Sugar (x1)


 Apple Pie- Apple (x3) & Wheat (x2) & Sugar (x1)


 Milk and Cookies- Milk Bucket (x1) & Cookie (x5)


Chocolate Milk- (Not Working) Milk Bucket (x1) & Cocoa Bean (x3)


Chocolate Ice Cream- Snowball (x3) & Cocoa Bean (x3) & Sugar (x2) & Bowl (x1)


[Shaped] Flax Cookie- Seed (x8) around Cookie (x1)


Coal Cookies- Wheat (x2) & Coal (x1)



Soup Crafting Recipes:



Selukkite Curry Soup- Blaze Powder (x1) & Gun Powder (x1) & Bowl (x1) & Cactus Juice Bottle (x1)


Watermelon Soup- Watermelon (x5) & Bowl (x1) & Water Bottle (x2)


Dandelion Soup- Bowl (x1) & Dandelion (x3)


Tomato Soup- Seed (x3) & Redstone (x1) & Bowl (x1)



Drink Crafting Recipes:



Sweet Tea- Water bottle (x1) & Sugar (x3) & Vine (x1)


Morning Glory Tea- Sunflowers (x3) & Water bottle (x1)


Jungle Fever Tea- (Not Working) Vine (x2) & Rotten Flesh (x2) & Water Bottle (x1)


Fish Oil Tea- Salmon (x2) & Raw Fish (x1) & Water Bottle (x1)


Cactus Bloom Tea- Cactus (x2) & Dandelion (x1) & Water Bottle (x1)


Frostbite Tea- Snowball (x3) & Water Bottle (x1)


Gritty Tea- Gravel (x3) & Water Bottle (x1)


Bookworm's Tea- Sugar (x3) & Feather (x1) & Ink Sac (x1) & Water Bottle (x1)


Carrot Juice- Carrots (x4) & Water Bottle (x1)


Berry Iced Tea- Snowball (x2) & Sugar (x2) & Spider-eye (x2) & Water Bottle (x1)



Reverse Crafting Recipes:



Wheat- Seed (x9)


Seed- Wheat (x1)



Thanks for reading the crafting guide, hope this helps you on A’therys!


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Lacks Pictures, my brain needs pictures...... :D 

Good Job otherwise,

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It would be nice if you could add the food saturation values, but this is still really really helpful.

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Make pictures for the recipes!

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Pictures would be nice

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Missing a few recipes, the Wheel of Cheese, Coal Cookies, and maybe a few others.

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